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Comparing the Best Portable Solar Panels for Solar Generators

Solar generators have had a fascinating history since their start in 2012, and they’ve come a long way. Most consumers only pay attention to the battery itself, but with the right solar panels, you can extend battery life for hours of home backup or for days while camping!

Based on reliability, longevity, input, and portability, let’s talk about the best solar panels for portable power stations on the market.

1. EcoFlow Solar Panels

EcoFlow has several different solar panels to choose from, all between 100W and 400W. On the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station and a few other models of theirs, you can use multiple solar panels at once. On the Delta Pro, their most powerful model, the max intake is 1600W at a time. Let’s compare the different panels.

On their base models, the 100W solar panels, they’re comparable to many other panels you can find on the market. The magic happens in their larger ones!

EcoFlow 200W Panels

While not their strongest models, these panels received plenty of recognition from blogs, news outlets, and social media accounts in the tech and green energy sectors. Product review videos online have shown that these panels can still pull over 100 watts at a timein the rain. If you don’t know much about solar panels, pulling in 50% of their max capacity during a rainstorm is quite impressive.

These particular panels are also very portable, as you can easily fold them up and fit them into your car or even some luggage! They’re compatible with the EcoFlow Delta Pro, Delta Max, Delta, and River. If you get a bundle deal with any of these systems, you can potentially save on solar panels!

EcoFlow 400W Panels

Again, another portable option from EcoFlow at only 16 KG. One would imagine these would be twice as good as the 200W panels, and one would be right!

This may be the most economical solar panel for any portable power station, and we don’t say that lightly. If you’re on a budget but still want to maximize your clean energy input, the EcoFlow 400W panels are your best bet. Yes, they are on the pricier side per unit, but you may only need one!

The only downside of these panels is that they are water-resistant but not waterproof. They can handle moderate rain but they cannot be submerged in water or left out in extreme rain for long periods.

2. Nature’s Generator Panels

Nature’s Generator is a unique addition to the portable solar generator industry. They have some of the most affordable models available, they have a decent output for a lead-acid battery, and they allow for both solar and wind charging. This can easily be done with their portable wind turbines or their power panels!

For that reason, it should come as no surprise that their 100W solar panels are also some of the most affordable portable solarpanelson the market. Combined with the original Nature’s Generator, you purchase these for around $1,000 for everything you need.

Okay, but are they just cheap solar panels that won’t last long? Well, no. For the price, they perform admirably, and you can still compound them with other solar panels, or use a larger solar panel that is compatible with your system.

Downsides of Nature’s Generator Solar Panels

The main downside of Nature’s Generator solar panels is that they aren’t quite as portable as others on the list. Even the 100W panels are on the larger side, but they do come with a handy wheeling cart which is perfect for flat surfaces. 

Also, with only 100W of input, charging your system using only solar will take a long time. However, if you charge your system another way, using one or two 100W panels will still increase the battery life substantially.

3. Point Zero Energy

Point Zero Energy makes everything from lightweight, flexible solar panels to large rooftop panels for home use. With all of that experience, they’ve gotten pretty good at it! Their best-selling models for portable power stations are their 200W foldable solar panels. Let’s talk about them.

Foldable Panels

Point Zero Energy’s foldable solar panels are comparable in performance to the EcoFlow’s in the sunlight, and they’ll only need an MC4 connector and no charge controller to work. While they may not draw as much wattage in harsh conditions, you will find these models for a better price than similar models. The only challenge is that they can be heavy and difficult to store.

Light & Flexible Panels

If you’re mainly plugging in your device at home and using it on camping trips or the occasional job site, then these could be perfect for you. They’re light and portable, weighing as little as 4 pounds for each panel while still drawing up to 100W at a time.

However, they aren’t the best option for regular use. Even the best flexible solar panels will not last as long as rooftop or foldable solar panels.

Choose Wisely

Now that you know some of the best portable solar panels to choose from, add them to your portable power station today and get the most out of your system! It’s never been easier to bring clean energy wherever you go, so now that you know some of the best options to choose from, choose wisely!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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