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If you’re looking to buy your first solar generator, then you’ve probably noticed that the Nature’s Generator is one of the most affordable on the market for its value. It’s one of the only systems available with both wind and solar charging options.

However, you may still have some questions about the system that you can’t find answers to, but we can help you with that. Let’s do a brief overview of each of the features of a Nature’s Generator so you know if it’s right for you!

Nature’s Generator Battery Performance

The Nature’s Generator uses a lead-acid battery similar to what you’d find in a gas-powered car. The battery is geared for 1.2 kilowatt-hours, which is quite a lot for its small size. 

However, it can still take a little while to charge. In terms of input, you have the option to use any of the following:

Input Time to Fully Charge
100W Solar Panel 10 to 15 hours
100W Solar Panel x 2 5 to 10 hours
Wind Turbines 10 hours @ 27 mph
Wind Turbine + 100W Solar Panel 4 to 6 hours @ 10 mph
AC Charger (wall outlet) 10 to 15 hours (overnight)
Car Charger ~10 hours

The battery is designed to last for up to 800 full charges, known as lifecycles. If you’re using the system for camping or for backup power in case of an outage, then the system should last for at least five years. Combining charging methods (wind and solar, etc.) will not cause overcharging as the system has built-in safety measures to prevent this from occurring!

Battery Output

For output, the Nature’s Generator uses a pure sine wave inverter, allowing you to power up to 1800W continuously using:

  • 3 AC outlets
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 DC outlet

All of this comes with a built-in charge controller and an LCD display screen to allow you to track energy consumption. While in use, here’s what to expect with one charge:

Output Energy Consumption Duration/Charges
iPhone 5.45 to 10 Watt-hours 100+ charges
LED Lightbulb 10 running watts 120 hours
Refrigerator 120 running watts ~8 hours
Camping Refrigerator/Cooler <60 running watts 20+ hours
Laptop (MacBook Pro) 60 watt-hours ~20 charges
Toaster Oven/Air Fryer 1500 watts 45 minutes
Electric Chainsaw (or equivalent) 1100 watts >1 hour
CPAP Machine 30 to 60 running watts 20 to 40 hours
Cochlear Implants Minimal 100+ charges

Of course, if you’re using solar panels or wind turbines while powering these items, they will run for significantly longer. If you intend to use your system for home backup, you willneed wind turbines, as the sun will be unreliable in a weather emergency. As you can see, one charge won’t last very long for a refrigerator.

Buy a Nature’s Generator Today

Now that you know what the Nature’s Generator is capable of, you can see that for one of the cheapest options on the market, it’s surprisingly powerful! If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself, then why wait? Shop with us for free shipping and a price match guarantee, and feel free to read our full review for more information!
Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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