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Comparing the EcoFlow Delta 2 to the Delta Series

by Hunter Kissam November 11, 2022 3 min read

Solar generators are only rising in popularity, and for good reason. Among newer models, the new EcoFlow Delta 2 has taken the industry by storm with its user-friendly features, X-Stream tech, and its incredibly fast charging speed.

So, how does it compare to its siblings? Let's talk about the EcoFlow Delta 2 and how it compares to the rest of its series that set the new standard of battery-powered generators!

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Overall Specs

The EcoFlow Delta 2 was a remake of the original Delta 1300, and it certainly has greater output than the original model. However, it has a slightly lower capacity of 1024Wh, which is much lower than the Delta Pro at 3600 Wh capacity or the Max with 2000 Wh.

Still, it uses an impressive pure sine wave inverter and X-Boost technology to allow for impressively high outputs of up to 1800W of continuous energy. The smart algorithm allows for maximum power point tracking and optimization, making this an intuitive emergency power supply when you need it.

Moreover, this solar generator comes with several USB ports, USB-C ports, AC wall outlets, and more. Relative to the rest of the Delta series, it holds up, even at a much lower price point.

Also, the LFP battery chemistry allows for a long lifespan of over 3500 charges. This means it can last for ten years of regular use before reaching 80% of its original capacity. This is quite similar to the Delta Pro and Max, and much better than the original Delta!

The one factor that makes this stand out is the charge times. Even with solar panels, you can charge the system from 0% to 100% in 2 hours with up to 500W of solar input at a time.

EcoFlow Delta 2 power station

Home Appliances

Power failures are only becoming more common. For home appliances, the Delta 2 performs admirably for a coffee maker, small stove, CPAP machines, or other smaller appliances. However, if you are powering a refrigerator or water heater, you can't expect it to last for too long with a 1024Wh battery capacity.

To get through a storm safely, you shouldn't have to worry. For full home backup, it still doesn't compare to the Max or Pro.

On the Go

EcoFlow Delta 2 solar charging

In terms of portability, the Delta 2 is the obvious choice. It only weighs 27 pounds, which is far lighter than the rest of the Delta series. This is due to the use of LFP batteries, which have the best weight-capacity ratio.

Moreover, the more efficient charge and the 1024Wh capacity should be more than enough for your portable power needs, whether that's on the job or on a camping trip.

Beyond that, all of these systems can connect to WiFi and operate with the EcoFlow app for ease of use. The Delta 2 is just as user-friendly as the rest of the Delta series, only a little easier to carry around!

Try For Yourself

Now that you know how the EcoFlow Delta 2 compares to the rest of the Delta series, you can choose the EcoFlow Delta power station that meets your needs! There isn't a bad option to choose from, as they can all charge a wide range of devices, and they last for years while lowering your energy costs!

Keep reading our blog for our latest product advice, and buy an EcoFlow Delta 2 today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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