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Ecoflow Delta Mini Review | The Best Outdoor Portable Generator

by Jefferson Ebasan October 22, 2021 6 min read

EcoFlow's lightest DELTA is the EcoFlow DELTA Mini Power Station. It's a power you can pick up, carry around, and tuck away for when you don't have access to a wall outlet. The 1400W output of the ecoflow DELTA mini can handle 90% of electronic devices. When you increase that figure to 1800W, your oven toasters, table saw, and hairdryer become battery-operated. Continue reading for an in-depth EcoFlow DELTA Mini review.


Why Should You Purchase EcoFlow Delta Mini?

EcoFlow DELTA Mini Portable Power Station

Consider the EcoFlow DELTA, a portable off-grid power option for your next journey. The EcoFlow DELTA mini is a compact power source ideal for camping, road trips, and job site use. In addition, when there is a power outage at home, it works as a backup.

This portable power station has enough juice and outlets to charge up to 12 devices simultaneously. Furthermore, it can be recharged to 80 percent using electricity in under an hour. It can also provide a solar recharge while you're out in the field. In essence, the DELTA mini is capable of almost everything.


Perfect Companion for Off-Grid and a Home Generator in Case of Emergency

If you're not familiar with EcoFlow, you should be. In many outdoor circumstances, its DELTA small is an excellent solution for off-grid electricity. For example, a car camping essential like a mini-fridge can be powered by a mini power station, which can also recharge lanterns, headlamps, and cellphones.

Its capacity to charge cameras, drones and laptops may appeal to van lifers or people working on the go.

Anyone who works outside can take the DELTA mini with them on their daily commute. Electric tools, phones, and computers may all be charged simultaneously with the portable power stations. So maybe you'll be able to "work from home" in that isolated cabin or Airbnb now.

Of course, these identical applications might be used at home. When a storm threatens to knock out electricity, charging the DELTA mini will assist you in preparing for an outage and, hopefully, bring some relief. The power station may be recharged with sunlight utilizing EcoFlow Solar Panels even when no one is looking.

Key Features of the EcoFlow Delta Mini:

No more Noise and Smoke Pollution

The EcoFlow Delta Mini is the ideal buddy to bring along on your next excursion if you enjoy being outside. The Delta Mini is suitable for the outdoors because of its ultra-quiet operation and lack of harmful gases. Camping, caravanning, boating, fishing, festivals, or simply enjoying the great outdoors are all options. There are numerous USB ports for charging your electronic devices, as well as a few wall sockets to keep you connected to society. Not only that but there's more. WOW! The Delta Mini can power up to 1400W of household appliances. So during a power outage, this is ideal for keeping your home essentials powered (blackout).


Portable but Potent

EcoFlow DELTA Mini Portable Power Station

The 882Wh capacity of the DELTA small is enough to charge a vehicle fridge for 12 hours, a drone for 12 times, or an electric kettle pot for six times. In addition, you can use the brand's X-Boost mode to gain a bit additional power to run a more significant appliance. When both are used together, the capacity rises to 1,800 W, enough to run a table saw or a toaster oven, both of which are renowned for tripping breakers.

When hooked into a wall socket, the DELTA mini charges to full capacity in 96 minutes. EcoFlow claims this is the industry's quickest charging speed, citing competitors' charging times of 3-7 hours.

Solar charge periods vary depending on the amount of sunlight and the type of solar panels used. According to EcoFlow, the DELTA mini may be fully recharged in 4-8 hours when connected to three 110W solar panels (two 160W solar panels or one 400W solar panel) in ideal conditions.


Recharging in Three Ways

EcoFlow DELTA Mini Portable Power Station

Solar charging: Harness the sun's power by connecting two 160W solar panels, and charging in as little as 4 to 8 hours.

Car charging: Are you planning a road trip? DELTA mini may be charged while driving from a car outlet using the car charging cable.

Wall Socket: X-Stream charging allows you to charge from 0 to 80 percent in under an hour by plugging into any conventional AC wall socket.


Simple to Use

Thanks to the easy-to-read digital display, the Delta Mini Portable Battery Generator's numerous operations may be readily and monitored. Charge status, time to fully charge, run time when in use, and a timer is all included. As well as the unit's temperature.

The EcoFlow app can be used to control the Delta Mini; download it from your mobile device's app store. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. In addition, the Delta Mini can be remotely switched on and off and regulate other essential features, thanks to its Wi-Fi capability.


Testing EcoFlow Delta Mini

Testing Fast Charging of Delta Mini

The Mini was hooked into an AC wall socket and turned on rapidly with the best parameters applied. WOW – A charging rate of about 800 watts, and the DELTA Mini was up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Incredibly impressive. The fan noise is a significant improvement over the DELTA. Some users have complained about the DELTA's cooling fans being too loud. The cooling fans for the DELTA Mini were done exceptionally well by EcoFlow. This will be a game-changer for EcoFlow because they are so quiet.


Testing Delta Mini's Limits

Ecoflow needed to put the Mini through its paces, so they plugged in their portable air conditioner, ensuring it could handle the rated load first to avoid overloading it. Next, the AC turned on and began to cool at 1000 watts (maximum). The AC settled down after a few minutes, drawing 640 watts and providing 54 minutes of use.

EcoFlow opted to utilize the Mini to power a regular household kettle. Surprisingly, the average domestic kettle is one of the most energy-intensive equipment you'll encounter. Lower-rated kettles can be found that will work with the Mini; this was done for testing purposes.

You can even use the Mini to operate your household basics. For example, if you experience a power outage, you can use it to power your refrigerator or freezer.


Delta Mini Free recharging.

Recharging your phone on the fly using a 12V car charger might be a little tricky. In our automobile, getting the charging cord to reach the MC4 charging port was a challenge. The cable could be a little longer, in our opinion. However, rather than the one on the dash in our car, there will be 12V charging outlets in more handy places if you're in a campervan or motorhome.

The automobile charging line appears to be sturdy, but there have been reports of the DELTA overcharging via the 12V car connector, causing the lead to melt. EcoFlow appears to have addressed the problem. The Mini took little under 5 hours to charge at a rate of 106 watts (8 amps maximum).



If you're traveling in a camper or RV, or even if you need emergency backup power in your house, this is an excellent power station to have. However, if you're planning a lightweight adventure, its weight and dimensions make it impractical to utilize.

The main features distinguishing the DELTA Mini from the other solar generators in the crowded market are charging via AC on a rapid charge, silent cooling fans, and battery capacity. In addition, the construction quality is exceptional, and it exudes style in the design sector.

The various USB ports make charging mobile devices rapid and straightforward, primarily if a phone supports USB-C fast charging. During a power outage, the two 3-pin UK plugs are sufficient to power your basics while on the go, as well as your home fridge. The DELTA Mini is a game-changer in the mobile power station industry, even if it isn't the cheapest at £999.00. But, it's a value for the price, given its quick charging time, build quality and solar charging possibilities. The options for using the DELTA Mini are unlimited; let your creativity guide you on your next adventure.


Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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