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Ecoflow Delta Max | A Portable Generator Every Home Needs

by Jefferson Ebasan October 08, 2021 9 min read

EcoFlow DELTA Max - Introducing another portable power station for smart energy management, home backup energy, decreased energy bills, and more. The EcoFlow DELTA Max is the latest generation of portable power station, providing you with power security and independence no matter where you are.

DELTA Max provides up to 25kWh of capacity for everything from tailgate power to long-term blackouts. With it, you're prepared for anything. That is the gold standard in the industry. A single DELTA Max unit can produce up to 2400W of AC power, which can be increased to 4500W using X-Boost. This enables you to run window air conditioners, washers, and other appliances.



When it comes to portable power station technology, EcoFlow has established itself as one of the top companies. Its portable power station are compact and practical, with completely integrated high-capacity deep-cycle batteries, efficient built-in charge controllers, high-performance power converters, and a variety of useful output ports.

We previously examined the EcoFlow Delta 1300b before ecoflow delta max and found it to be a very capable and remarkable unit. It's still one of our favorite solar generators, and it's still one of the best-selling models on the market.

We're really looking forward to checking out EcoFlow's revised and expanded version of the Delta 1300, the EcoFlow Delta Max. We'll look at some of the fascinating accessories EcoFlow revealed accompanying the Delta Max, in addition to reviewing the upcoming EcoFlow Delta Max.


What Does EcoFlow Delta Max Brings?

EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station

EcoFlow Delta Max has a powerful MPPT charge controller and a high-efficiency power inverter, we've grown to anticipate these features from EcoFlow solar generators. Some of the new features of the Delta Max pique our interest:

1. EPS Mode (Emergency Power Supply):

When your main power source fails, the Delta Max will automatically switch to EPS Mode. This is extremely useful for anyone interested in emergency backup power.

Whether you're worried about natural disasters or just want to make sure that power outages and grid failures don't disrupt your daily routine, this new feature is a significant upgrade over prior EcoFlow generators.


2. Expandability of the Battery:

As previously stated, the Delta Max has been built to accommodate two more batteries, bringing the overall storage capacity to 6,028Wh.

Given that the Delta Max's battery capacity would increase to roughly five times that of the Delta 1300, this is a very helpful feature!


3. Internet via Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Because the Delta Max is Wi-Fi enabled, it may be used with EcoFlow's easy-to-use mobile app. From the charge output and input information to the brightness of the LCD panel, you can monitor it all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

It also means that the Delta Max is compatible with the new EcoFlow Smart Generator, which can efficiently and automatically charge your solar generators using gasoline when they need a boost, as we'll discuss in more detail.


4. X-Boost Charging:

You can charge connected gadgets more faster with X-Boost than you could with a traditional solar generator. The Delta Max can also be fully charged quickly thanks to X-Boost technology and 3,600W dual charging capability.

Using a conventional AC wall plug-in, a full recharge may be completed in about 1.8 hours! These speeds are amazing, especially considering that generators with equivalent battery capacities can take up to 8 hours to charge.

Whether you use a wall outlet, a car charging port, or solar power to charge your Delta Max, it will do it swiftly and effectively.


EcoFlow Delta Max Description

The Delta Max is usually used as a backup power supply for emergencies, but it is very versatile, just like its predecessor, the Delta 1300, making it a viable option for anyone seeking electricity in off-grid scenarios.

Primary Use:

1. Home Backup Power (Expandable)

A single DELTA Max unit has a capacity of 2kWh, which may be increased to 6kWh with DELTA Max smart additional batteries. This implies that even if there is a blackout, you may keep running your essential home devices like your refrigerator and lights for hours.


2. Fast and Convenient Dual Charging

DELTA Max charges from 0 to 80 percent safely and quickly in under 65 minutes. It only gets better from there. If you want to charge DELTA Max even faster, you can combine AC with the smart generator for up to 3600W, AC with solar for up to 2600W, or the Smart Generator with solar for up to 2600W.

3. 99% of your Home's Electronics will be Powered.

DELTA Max can power heavy-duty devices up to 3400W thanks to EcoFlow's X-Boost technology. That means you can keep running your refrigerator, dryer, and other appliances even if there is a power outage or blackout. For a portable power station of this size and capacity, this is the industry standard.


4. Utilize the Solar Power.

DELTA Max may be connected to up to two 400W EcoFlow solar panel for a total of 800W Max solar charging. Other solar panel can be connected to your DELTA Max using the MC4 connector and a voltage range of 11-100V. Our clever maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system detects voltage and current in real time, even on cold or cloudy days, to provide you with optimal solar generation throughout the day.


5. Emergency Backup Power.

Disasters can strike at any time of year, and they might persist far longer than we think. When extended blackouts occur, the EcoFlow Smart Generator, which is compatible with DELTA Max, acts as a backup option. It auto-starts when your DELTA Max reaches a low charge level, recharges your DELTA Max, and shuts off the engine on its own when your DELTA Max reaches a full charge level. This gives you a dependable emergency backup alternative that uses a generator sparingly.


6. Control and Track your Energy Consumption.

The EcoFlow app allows you to control and monitor your DELTA Max. DELTA Max may be controlled remotely or you can customize your power usage by diving into the settings.


What You Should Know About Its Batteries:

Battery Capacity:

When we looked at the Delta Max, the first thing we noticed was its impressive battery capacity. The Delta Pro has a 2,016Wh deep-cycle solar battery built in, which is a major improvement over the Delta 1300's 1,260Wh battery.

While the larger battery is a significant improvement, EcoFlow has also made both the Delta Max and Delta Pro extendable.

So, by adding two small and inexpensive battery packs, you can boost the Delta Max's already amazing battery capacity to a whopping 6,028Wh! The Delta Max can charge and run several fairly demanding electric equipment even without extending the internal battery.

A Delta Max could run a 32-inch LCD television for over three days, power a full-sized refrigerator for nearly two days, charge a normal laptop over 60 times, or power a full-sized refrigerator for about two days. Furthermore, increasing the battery's capacity might potentially triple these values!


Battery Life Expectancy:

Given that EcoFlow built the Delta Max to provide stable power during crises such as grid breakdowns and natural disaster-related power outages, it's no surprise that the battery has a long shelf life.

Simply said, shelf life refers to the amount of time a battery can be charged before it loses its charge due to natural draining. While all batteries lose power over time, higher-quality batteries can maintain their charge for longer.

For those who want to use their generator as a source of emergency or backup power, shelf life is critical, as you want a unit that can charge your appliances and electronic gadgets when you need it.

With a shelf life of over a year, owners can store the Delta Max for a year and expect the unit to still have a charged battery if their home's power goes out.


Battery Life Cycle:

The Delta Max's internal battery is rated for over 800 life cycles, in addition to its exceptional capacity and shelf life. The total number of times you may charge and discharge the battery before its storage capacity begins to deteriorate is calculated by the life cycle rating.

When compared to the industry standard, the number of life cycles of 800+ is quite excellent. Before reaching 800 charge cycles, most solar generators begin to lose some of their storage capacity. It's also worth mentioning that a cycle refers to a complete charge followed by a complete discharge, so partially discharging the battery won't have the same effect as a full cycle.

You could only utilize a portion of the battery rather than completely draining it, and the difference in battery life would be negligible.


EcoFlow Delta Max Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the Weight EcoFlow Delta Max?

The shipping weight of the EcoFlow Delta Max is 55 pounds.


What's the difference between a delta 1300 and a delta max?

DELTA Max has a larger capacity (2016Wh) and a higher overall AC output (2400W) than DELTA (1260Wh). DELTA Max also has Wi-Fi and dual charging capabilities, which means you can use the EF app to control it and charge it faster using two separate input ways. DELTA, on the other hand, does not offer Wi-Fi or dual charging. DELTA is smaller and lighter than DELTA Max, which makes it easier to transport. NCM batteries are used in both the DELTA and DELTA Max, with 800 cycles to 80%+ capacity.


Is there anything included with it?

An AC charging cable, a car charging cable, a solar charging cable, a DC5521 to DC5525 cable, and a user manual are included with every DELTA Max.


For the Delta Max, how many solar panels would you recommend?

We recommend using two sets of EF 400W panels for the fastest charging time, since they will charge it in 3.2-6.3 hours. Using one set of EF 400W panels, the time will be increased to 6.3-12.6 hours.

However, you can charge the power station in 5.6-11.2 hours with three sets of EF 160W, or in 4.2-8.4 hours with four sets of EF 160W.

You can alternatively use three sets of EF 110W panels (7.5-15 hours) or four sets of EF 110W panels (5.6-11.2 hours), although charging the power station will take longer.

You can select the solution that best suits your requirements and budget.

The EcoFlow App

The new EcoFlow app places control in your hands. It provides you complete control over DELTA Pro parameters, including charging and discharging levels, AC charge speeds, and more. In an emergency, you can alter the battery level at which the EcoFlow Smart Generator switches on using the app. You may also switch DELTA Pro on with a touch of a button when it's in standby mode.


Initial Thoughts on EcoFlow Delta Max

Simply told, the EcoFlow Delta Max met and even exceeded our sky-high expectations. It has a remarkable weight-to-power ratio of just 48lbs and is still far lighter than the competitors.

It has some of the fastest charging times in the portable battery bank business, which we value. Aside from its big brother, the Delta PRO, the Delta Max is unlike anything else on the market.

Wi-Fi connectivity and the new EPS mode, as well as the possibility to expand the overall capacity with expansion batteries, are excellent improvements.

The Delta Max is so strong that it can readily power power equipment, including devices that are extremely demanding, such as an arc welding machine. You could even give an electric vehicle a speedy charge because the battery capacity is so vast and the interior components are so powerful. This is great news for Tesla owners because it allows you to keep an emergency power supply in your trunk in case your vehicle's battery runs out before you can get to an EV charging station.

The Delta 1300 is distinguished by its wide variety of charge ports, and EcoFlow built on this with the Delta Max. You get a variety of USB ports, including two of the latest USB-C 100W connections for fast-charging iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, and more, in addition to six AC wall-style plug-ins. The Delta Max even has a car-style 12V input and output, allowing you to connect it to your vehicle's battery.

One of the greatest portable power generators has recently gotten even better! We were already big fans of the EcoFlow Delta 1300, so hearing about a new and better version piqued our interest. Fortunately, EcoFlow has not let us down, and the new Delta Max is everything we thought it would be.

In general, it's a really capable machine. It is more powerful than a Honda EU 2200i gasoline-powered generator, with 5,000W of surge power and 2,400Wh of storage capacity!

It features higher energy capacity, more power output, faster charging, and more charging ports than anything else we've seen at this pricing bracket. The fact that the future Delta Max is also compact, lightweight, has Wi-Fi capabilities, can be used as a complete EPS for an entire house, and is extendable only adds to the excitement!


Final Thoughts

We were eager to see what EcoFlow would produce next after the success of the EcoFlow Delta 1300. Fortunately, we were not let down!

The Delta Max is quite powerful and fascinating solar generators, and the accessories that will be released alongside them are intriguing.

With these developments, it's safe to assume that EcoFlow will keep working toward its goal of revolutionizing how people obtain portable power station.

Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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