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EcoFlowDelta Pro: What Can 200W Solar Panels Power?

If you know anything about the EcoFlow Delta Pro, you know that it’s the most powerful portable solar generator on the market. The battery can power quite a lot on its own, but only for a certain amount of time.

While the system can handle up to 1600W of solar input at a time, carrying around all of those solar panels can negate the whole “portable” concept. Fortunately, the system can go a long way with only 200W of solar input. Let’s talk about what 200W EcoFlow solar panels can power with the EcoFlow Delta Pro!

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Why Do You Need a Delta Pro?

We use the EcoFlow Delta Pro as an example because 200W of continuous power can get you pretty far, but only during the day! If you want to keep that power overnight, you will need to have backup energy storage. For portable power, there’s no substitute for the EcoFlow Delta Pro, which has over 3.6 kWh of storage, far ahead of any other portable power station. 

This is perfect for camping, road trips, or even off-grid living! Let’s talk about what it can power throughout the entire day with only 200W during the day. With 200W, it would take 18 hours to charge your system fully, so you don’t want to completely drain your battery every night.


If you’re camping during the summer, then you’ll be very happy to run a ran overnight. A small fan may use anywhere from 10 to 25W continuously, which is insignificant for a 3,600Wh battery. Running a 25W fan at night for 10 hours would only use 250W, so feel free to run multiple if you need to!

For larger box fans, you can expect to use up to 100W at most when used on the highest setting. Still, that would only use around one-third of the capacity if you run it for half of the day. Assuming it’s a nice day, you will receive 200W from your solar panels, which means you can run your fan all day long and still see a 190W to 100W surplus to your Delta Pro.


At night, running lights instead of lanterns can make a world of difference in an RV or cabin. LED lights can run with 10W or less and provide plenty of light, so if you plan to run them for 2 to 6 hours at night before bedtime, you shouldn’t have any problems running 4 at a time. At most, this would be 240W of electricity each night, which is made up for in just over an hour of sunshine!

WiFi Router

WiFi routers and modems don’t use much electricity, and neither do mobile hotspots. Feel free to bring your internet with you on your next trip, especially helpful if you don’t have cell service where you camp. On average, WiFi routers only use 10W of electricity, so don’t feel guilty about running your system all day. If you’re being conservative with your energy use, unplug the router when you go to sleep!

Camping Fridge

A car fridge or minifridge may only require 60W of electricity. Assuming you’re powering a few items from above along with your smartphones or tablets, you should have no trouble powering a 60W fridge indefinitely. 200W for 14 hours a day is more than enough to power a fridge, even if you find a cloudy day during the week!

Hair Dryer

Ever thought about taking your hair dryer with you on these trips? For longer trips, it’s often necessary. Hair dryers can run between 800 and 1800W, with most around 1200W. The EcoFlow Delta Pro can power up to 3600W at a time, so this is no problem if you run your hairdryer for 10 minutes each day, as this will only cost around one hour's worth of sunlight!

EcoFlow Delta Pro charging chart

Buy an EcoFlow Delta Pro Today

Clearly, the EcoFlow Delta Pro can power a lot on its own, but with the help of evenonesolar panel, even in less-than-perfect conditions, it can last for even your longest trips! Keep in mind, that’s with WiFi included!

Keep reading our latest product tips, and buy a Delta Pro today for free shipping and a price match guarantee!
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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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