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Is the Nature's Generator Elite Worth It?

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If you are looking for portable energy that you can bring on your next road trip or camping trip, you may have heard of the Nature’s Generator Elite or similar solar generators. Solar generators are rapidly increasing in popularity, expected to reach a market share of over $900 million by 2030!

Well, if you want to try one for yourself, let’s review one of the more popular options. Here’s what you need to know about Nature’s Generator Elite to see if it really is the best solar generator for its price.

Nature’s Generator vs. Nature’s Generator Elite

Nature’s Generator is one of the best budget options for solar generators on the market. For capacity and price, nothing beats it. The only downside is that the lead-acid batteries don’t last quite as long as their lithium counterparts. However, you’ll still save plenty of money on the purchase and still receive solaror windenergy on the go!

The standard model comes with a 720Wh battery that can power up to 1400W at a time (1800W surge), making it one of the most powerful on the market. Conversely, the Nature’s Generator Elite has a 1200Wh capacity that can power up to 2880W at a time (3,600W surge). While it costs slightly more to purchase, it is undeniably a more powerful solar generator. So, is it worth it?

What Can the Nature’s Generator Elite Power?

Looking to keep the lights on? Nature’s Generator Elite should power an LED lightbulb for over 80 hours. Using 4 lightbulbs means you could easily power your lights at night time while recharging during the day! Here’s what else you can power!


If you have a refrigerator at home that needs backup, you should expect to power it for 13 to 20 hours, compared to 8 to 12 hours with the original model. For a camping fridge you bring with you, you should easily charge it for up to 30 hours without solar input.

With two 100W solar panels or wind turbines, you shouldn’t have a problem powering a large refrigerator for over 24 hours or a camping fridge for a couple of days!


This is a big one for summer camping trips! The Nature’s Generator Elite should charge an oscillating fan for 20 to 40 hours, depending on the size!


Laptop in the woods

Your WiFi modem and router should last for over 18 hours on a full charge. If you turn this off while you sleep or use a couple of solar panels, you should have no problem powering your WiFi and charging your devices indefinitely!


For a two-day camping trip, most solar generators should have no problem charging your phone. Okay, but what about everything else?

Newer smartphones should last for over 100 charges, laptops for 20 or more, and tablets for at least 50 charges. With even one solar panel or wind turbine, you shouldn’t have a problem charging cameras or other small electronics indefinitely.

Power Tools

You can even use your Nature’s Generator Elite on the job. Corded drills should last for at least 13 hours with normal use, circular saws for over 6 hours, and you can even keep the lights on while you use them!

Is the Nature’s Generator Elite Worth the Price?

Depending on your energy needs, the Nature’s Generator Elite is a great option for portable, clean energy. You can use wind or solar power, and the system will last you 3 to 5 years. Unless you’re living off the grid, this model comes at a reasonable price for all that it has to offer!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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