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Eliminating Carbon Monoxide Risks With Martin Wall Heaters

by Hunter Kissam September 01, 2022 2 min read

Carbon monoxide is a serious threat to every household with a fossil fuel heating system. You can take preventative measures to limit these threats, but they will always linger. Let’s talk about carbon monoxide threats in your heating system and how to solve them with Martin wall heaters!

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How Harmful Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the most common poisons that hospitalize or even kill people every year. There are an average of 430 deaths and at least 50,000 hospitalizations in the US alone from CO poisoning. This is because CO is difficult to detect, and it’s a common byproduct of many home appliances.

Most notably, CO is a byproduct of nearly all heating systems. Whether you use a wood stove, gas furnace, or most other heating systems, CO poisoning is a risk. You can limit your risk with a carbon monoxide detector and proper ventilation, but these aren’t perfect solutions. The only way to eliminate your risk is by eliminating CO altogether.


Most Dangerous Appliances

Burning oil, natural gas, wood, or pellets will pose carbon monoxide risks. If you have a gas stove, dryer, generator, or power tools, proper precautions must be taken. Generally speaking, we’d recommend using gas appliances outside or in a well-ventilated space when possible. However, this isn’t feasible for heating your home during the winter.


Safest Appliances

Heating systems that don’t emit CO are commonly associated with electric heat. This includes electric resistance heaters and heat pumps. However, electric resistance heaters are the most expensive way to heat your home, and heat pumps are quite expensive to install. For a cheaper option, both ongoing and upfront, we recommend a Martin direct vent wall heater.


How Martin Heaters Eliminate Carbon Monoxide Risks

Martin wall heater 20000 BTU

Let’s be clear and say that propanedoes produce carbon monoxide as a byproduct. Still, it’s the cleanest and safest fossil fuel for the environment and your health. However, that’s not why Martin heaters are so safe.

Martin propane heaters have plenty of built-in safety features to ensure that no CO or other harmful gases will ever enter your home. For example, the system comes with a tip-over safety switch that immediately cuts the input if the system tips or falls over. If you have exploratory pets, this will offer some peace of mind while you’re away from home.

Also, Martin wall heaters use direct vents that immediately dispose of any gases or exhaust. There’s virtually no way for gas to escape but through these vents.

Contrast this with a gas furnace with hundreds of feet of pipes spread through your house, and you’ll understand why Martin heaters are so safe!


Keep Your Home Safe With Martin Wall Heaters

Now that you know why Martin wall heaters are so safe for home use, you can see why they’re so popular for off-grid cabins and supplemental heating sources. They’re a step in the right direction for reducing our emissions, and they’re perfectly safe for the health of you and your family.

Stay up to date with our latest product reviews, and buy a Martin heater today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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