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The EcoFlow Delta Pro and Van Life: What to Know

by Hunter Kissam September 06, 2022 3 min read

If you’ve heard of the EcoFlow Delta Pro, you’ve probably thought about taking it with you on your van life adventure. Everybody needs a power source in their living situation, so why not take one in your van? Here’s what you need to know about the EcoFlow Delta Pro for van life!

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Is the EcoFlow Delta Pro Enough For Van Life?

When you’re living on the road, you want to bring some of the luxuries of living in an apartment or house with you. So, what do you need to power to live the van life? 

Typically, you’ll need a source of income and entertainment, both of which require a WiFi router. From there, a laptop or desktop computer, maybe a small television, lights, and charging your electronic devices. 

On top of that, you may need something to pump water, heat water, or heat your van during the winter. So, can the EcoFlow Delta Pro live up to these demands?

Battery Capacity

With a 3.6 kWh capacity, you should have more than enough power for the bare essentials overnight on one charge. These include charging your computers, WiFi, television, and a couple of LED lights, which should last for several nights without solar power or other charging.

Unless you have to power heavy machinery on the road with you, a single Delta Pro unit should be more than enough to last overnight for most van dwellers!


With up to 3600W of continuous output (7200W surge), the EcoFlow Delta Pro will have no problem charging a CPAP machine, small heater, lights, and some electronics. You will have 5 AC outlets, 4 USB outlets, 2 fast-charge USB-C outlets, a car charging outlet, 2 DC5521 outlets, and an Anderson port. This is more than enough for most van lifers!


Let’s just say it; you can live the van life indefinitely with the EcoFlow Delta Pro. The system will last for over 6500 lifecycles without losing 20% of its original capacity. That means you can fully discharge and recharge the system daily for 10 years before seeing a substantial difference.


One of the best features for van life is that you’re either constantly on the go or you have access to sunlight. Either way, you can easily charge your system using a car charger (less than 3 hours to full charge), EV charger (1.8 hours), or solar panels (2 to 5.5 hours). This will allow you to keep your system running at full capacity for as long as possible.

EcoFlow Delta Pro using EV charger

Tips For Your Delta Pro System

If you plan on living the van life long-term, take good care of your Delta Pro. Try not to leave it stored while discharged by charging to at least 50% when possible, and try to keep the battery out of extreme heat or cold.

 From there, simply figure out the right solution for storing your Delta Pro in your van and securing your panels safely to your roof. After that, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Hit the Road With Your Delta Pro

Now that you know how the EcoFlow Delta Pro can work for van life, go see the world without any power constraints. There’s no reason not to live in the 21st century while traveling and seeing what nature has to offer, so buy an EcoFlow Delta Pro today and enjoy the open road!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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