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How to Set Up Your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

by Hunter Kissam November 20, 2022 3 min read

Having your freeze dryer at home can make a world of difference. You can keep your emergency food supply safe for years to come with top-quality freeze-dried products. Without a doubt, Harvest Right home freeze dryers are the best solution. To get your machine working, follow the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Setup guide below:

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Setup

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Use a 110 Volt Outlet

Harvest Right freeze dryers require access to a standard 110-volt outlet and between 9 and 11 amps (990 to 1220W) to run. This should be fine for most homes on the grid, just make sure this won't cause any power issues!

The drain plug is in the back of the unit and requires a 3-prong AC outlet, the same size as your commercial-grade vacuum pump. If you need access to that outlet, use a power strip to protect against surges.

Set Up the Pump

Your vacuum pump needs oil to run, which will come with your purchase of the freeze dryer. Insert the correct amount of oil (fill to the max line), screw the hose onto both the freeze dryer and vacuum pump, and keep the oil filter handy to filter oil after each use. Remember to switch the vacuum pump into the "on" position.

If your freeze dryer has an oil-free pump, you don't have to worry about this. Either way, plug in the pump and connect it to your freeze dryer on the back of the unit.

Set Up the Inside

Upon arrival, it won't hurt to wipe down the inside and give it a quick clean. Set up the stainless steel trays on the racks inside. Check if the drain hose is correctly positioned.

Next, wash and dry the door gasket before placing it back on the door. Ensure that the insulator door pad is tight and secure against the door and that everything is working properly.

How does the freeze-drying work?

A Harvest Right Freeze Dryer uses a combination of vacuum technology and low temperatures to remove moisture from food. The food is frozen and then placed in the freeze-dryer chamber, where a vacuum hose or pump removes the moisture from the food.

Start Freeze Drying

Harvest Right freeze dryer user guide

Once it's ready to go, get a few pounds of fresh food, insert them onto the surface of your stainless steel trays, control the settings on the touch screen, and press start! You can use up to 4 gallons of food in the large freeze dryer, including dairy products, meat, fresh fruit, and more!

Prepare your next batch of favorite meals and make sure that everything has space inside your freeze-dryer. Also, make sure the total weight remains under the fresh food capacity for your specific model. Place them in the trays, latch the door tight, plug in your freeze dryer, and press start.

Allow for the necessary dry time and remember to store your home freeze-dried foods in mylar bags or mason jars for the best preservation results. These are the best ways to keep your food safe for a long time!

Enjoy Your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Now that you've set up your Harvest Right freeze dryer, you can enjoy a long shelf life for as much of your own food as you'd like. The freeze-drying process is a great way to maximize your safe food storage and preserve it for emergencies, or long trips without changing the original flavor! Home Freeze Dryers are worth the investment.

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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