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Hysolis Apollo 5K VS The EcoFlow Delta Pro: Which one can do More?

by Saxon Funk September 13, 2023 4 min read

The Ultimate Portable Power Duel: Hysolis Apollo 5K vs. EcoFlow Delta Pro

Hysolis Apollo 5K VS EcoFlow Delta Pro

In the world of portable power stations, two titans reign supreme: the Hysolis Apollo 5K and the EcoFlow Delta Pro. Both pack enough punch to power your offgrid lifestyle or act as reliable emergency backups, but which one can do more? Let's compare the two units together to see which one would work better for your set up: 

Hysolis Apollo 5K

The Hysolis Apollo 5K isn't just any solar generator; it's a powerhouse. Boasting a 3,000w pure sine wave inverter and a remarkable 5,376wh removable internal LiFePo4 battery, it's in a league of its own. Solar charging capabilities reach up to 4,000w, while the battery itself offers a robust lifecycle of 6,500 cycles. This generator can deliver 240v power when two units are coupled together, essentially doubling the continuous inverter output to 6,000w and peak output to an incredible 12,000w.

The efficiency of its inverter is an astonishing 94%, a figure that most brands can only dream of achieving. In comparison, other systems often hover between 85-90%. What this means for you is nearly 100% usable power from the Hysolis Apollo 5K's battery, unlike competitors such as Jackery, Pecron, and Inergy, which have lower efficiency ratings.

This device is impressively expandable and even allows for AC input charge speed customization up to 3,000w. The Hysolis Apollo 5K offers all these features at an extremely competitive price.  All things considered, the Hysolis Apollo 5K can accommodate virtually any power requirement as long as you scale it appropriately. Most users find that the 3,000w inverter is more than sufficient for their needs, making it a versatile and reliable option.

Charging Capabilities:

  • Built-in MPPT charge controller with up to 4,000W solar input.
  • Wide voltage range (120-500v and 80a) for versatile solar panel compatibility.
  • Expansion batteries can have their own MPPT charge controllers.
  • Wall charging speed programmable up to 3,000W.
  • Simultaneous wall and solar charging supported.

Output and Power:

  • Features a 3,000W pure sine wave inverter with 94% efficiency.
  • Can link up to nine units for 27,000W continuous and 54,000W peak output.
  • Supports both 120v and 240v power outputs.

Plugs and Ports:

  • Six 120v house-style outlets (NEMA 5-15).
  • One 30a RV plug (TT-30R) and one 30a output plug for heavy DC equipment.
  • One cigarette lighter-style 12v DC plug.
  • Three USB A fast-charging ports and one USB C PD60w port.
  • Two 5521 barrel ports included.

Usability and Versatility:

  • Highly expandable with up to eight additional batteries, reaching 48,348wh max capacity.
  • Easy battery removal for maintenance or shipping.
  • Battery cycle life of 6,500 cycles for long-term reliability.
  • Flexible setup options, suitable for minimalistic to extensive power needs.
  • Weight: 132lbs for the standalone unit, Wheel cart option available.

Hysolis Apollo 5K

Hysolis Apollo 5K

EcoFlow Delta Pro

Charging Capabilities: Quick as Lightning

The Delta Pro offers rapid recharge capabilities. With its Xtreme Charge Technology, you can charge the device from 0 to 80% in just an hour when plugged into an AC outlet.

Output and Power

  • 120V and 30A Output: Capable of a consistent 3,600-watt output, this allows the device to power multiple heavy-duty appliances simultaneously.

  • 7,200W Peak Output: With a peak capacity of 7,200 watts, the Delta Pro can handle appliances with high starting wattages like air compressors and water pumps.

  • 240V Capability: While a single unit can't run 240v appliances, pairing two Delta Pros with a 240v Connection Hub enables this function.

  • Auto Transfer Switch: This feature allows for seamless switching between grid and battery power, making it a reliable backup power source.

Plugs and Ports

  • Nema 5-15R Outlets: The unit comes with 4 house-style outlets, each rated up to 20A, ideal for running household appliances like fridges, microwaves, and more.

  • 30A RV Plug (TT-30R): Rated for a true 30A output, higher than many competitors.

  • USB-A and USB-C Ports: Four USB-A and two 100W USB-C ports are included for rapid device charging.

  • DC Ports: Standard DC outlets are available, plus a high-capacity 12V/30A Anderson Powerpole port for specialized needs like HAM radios.

Usability and Versatility

  • Compatibility: Designed to run various appliances, the generator is well-suited for both home use and on-the-go activities like RVing.

  • Extended Runtime: As long as the solar and battery reserves last, the generator provides a non-stop power supply.

  • Charging from EV Stations: Adding to its versatility, the Delta Pro can be rapidly recharged at electric vehicle stations.

  • Weight: 99lbs for standalone unit, wheels and handle built in.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro appears to be a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking a reliable, high-capacity power source for both emergencies and everyday use. With features like its unparalleled output and array of outlets, it raises the bar for what solar generators can offer.


EcoFlow Delta Pro

EcoFlow Delta Pro

Comparison: Hysolis Apollo 5K vs. EcoFlow Delta Pro

Charging Time and Efficiency

The Delta Pro wins when it comes to rapid AC charging, but if long-term sustainability and off-grid capabilities are your priorities, the Apollo 5K’s solar efficiency is unparalleled.

Expandability: The Sky's the Limit

The truly astounding aspect isn't even mentioned yet. While the EcoFlow Delta Pro boasts a 3,600-watt inverter and the capability to pair two units for a 7,200-watt output at 240 volts, the Hysolis Apollo 5K takes it to another level. This powerful station has the extraordinary feature of being able to link as many as nine Apollo units in tandem. When fully stacked in this manner, it can generate 240 volts but amplifies the output to an astonishing 27,000 watts of continuous power, and a peak output power that skyrockets to 54,000 watts. That means the Hysolis Apollo 5K can literally power your entire house no problem when they're stacked up like this. 


The Final Take: Two Titans, One Winner

Both the Hysolis Apollo 5K and the EcoFlow Delta Pro are excellent in their right, offering powerful, flexible solutions for a variety of needs. However, the fact that the Hysolis Apollo 5K has an inverter rating of 94% efficiency, can attach up to nine Apollo units together allowing for 240V power with an output capacity of 27,000 watts of continuous power and 54,000 watts of peak output power, meaning you can power your entire home NO PROBLEM if you pair enough Apollo's together for your needs, the expandability options for the Hysolis Apollo 5K make it stand out. 

So while both power stations are incredible feats of engineering, if you're looking for a unit that offers higher wattage, greater voltage output, and virtually endless expandability, your search might just end with the Hysolis Apollo 5K.

Hysolis Apollo 5K

Hysolis Apollo 5K

Saxon Funk
Saxon Funk

Saxon Funk, co-founder and driving force behind Wild Oak Trail, embodies the spirit of self-sufficiency and preparedness. Launching the venture over six years ago with his wife, Hailey, Saxon has steeped himself in mastering solar generators, heating solutions, food storage, and off-grid living essentials, becoming a veritable guru in the field. His expertise is more than theoretical; it's practical, as evidenced by his own home, equipped with the very products Wild Oak Trail proudly offers. Saxon's passion extends beyond commerce; he thrives on the assurance of providing for his family in any circumstance, fervently believing in empowering others to do the same through the quality resources and knowledge he shares through his business.

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