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*Hysolis Apollo 5K ships in August 2023

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Introducing the Hysolis Apollo 5K, the world's largest LiFePO4 battery in any mobile solar generator but all fit in a compact design. With a seriously impressive 5,376 watt hour Lithium battery plus 6000+ life cycles in over 20 years of regular use, this all in-one solar power station stores more energy to keep you safe and powered up until the sun shines again.

Aiming to provide you with energy that you truly own, Hysolis is committed in making sure that with the help of their outdoor portable generator, you are able to create and generate your electricity perfect for off-grid living. With their Hysolis Apollo 5K Portable Power Station, you can now free yourself from the grid, basically attaining a profound independence. The Apollo 5K is designed to give you a reliable home backup power during power outages, making sure you are safe. Hysolis made sure that you can lean on the Apollo 5K in charging even your most sensitive electronics. You can ensure that your medical devices will run without a hitch along with your small fridges, lights, and any other appliances that you may have in your off-grid cabin or tiny homes. With the use of your solar panels, you can now harness unlimited power! Not only will you have an emergency backup but you can now rely on solar energy to give you an uninterruptible power supply.

The Hysolis Apollo 5K Power Station is a competitive portable solar generator that is easy to use, powerful and all along cost-effective! Not to mention that it also features a rectangular cell geometry, which means it can withstand more charge and discharge cycles than other generators. So not only will it keep you powered up for longer, but it'll also last you for years longer than other generators.



• It has an amazingly powerful and efficient pure sine wave inverter that can let you run small portable electronics to even the heaviest power tools! The Apollo 5K’s indestructible inverter can give you 3 kW continuous power with a 6 kW watt surge!

• The Hysolis Apollo 5K features an exceptionally fast solar charging with its incredible 4kW solar charging capacity. At present, the Apollo 5K is leaving its competitors behind with its blazing fast AC charging speed when plugged in your standard wall outlet.

• Maximize your Hysolis Apollo 5K by linking two units together. With two Apollo 5K’s Split Phase 240V power, you can easily power any appliance or device that requires 240v power. This may include your stoves, electric dryers, large motors, and other power tools.

• Need more power? Don’t fret. Hysolis created the Apollo 5K Portable Power Station to be both modular and expandable. You can link up to 9 Apollo units giving you a total of 27kW of continuous power with 54kW of surge! What’s more? You can even add up to 8 units of battery to each Apollo unit for 48.4kWh of battery storage per Apollo unit providing you with much power and a beast of a solar system. This particular setup can be for either be a full-time power source for a mini off-grid set-up or small commercial use.

• The Apollo’s recent development in battery and the 5K Expansion Batteries feature a new improvement in LiFePO4 battery technology, rectangular cell geometry, which boasts greater thermal efficiency, better cell uniformity, and higher energy density than cylindrical cells. Rest assured – this is an investment in top-of-the-line battery technology that will securely last for over 20 years of use.

• The Hysolis Apollo 5K has tons of outputs for all the flexibility you need. This portable generator can offer you a wide-variety of AC and DC inputs and outputs for powering a range of devices and charging from different sources. USB ports, solar input, RV name it!

• Keeping up with the modern times, Hysolis has added a built-in, removable wireless, touchscreen. This LCD screen can control and monitor your Apollo from any corner of the house or even from up to 60 feet away. Not only that, the phone app can also be used to control and monitor your Apollo 5K. Less hassle way to manage your pure sine wave inverter and your smart fan control.

• Your Hysolis Apollo 5K does not only give you and your tiny home power or off-grid power, it also looks good doing so! Intentionally designed to look Powerful and elegant,  yet made sure to keep the functionality unaffected.  Made with steel and aluminum, you are guaranteed to have a durable AC Inverter Generator that will stay safe even when stored in your small storage shed for periods of time.

• Lastly, the Apollo 5K is for everyone. With the removable batteries and heavy duty wheels, anyone can now move it with ease. The wheels are able to reduce the weight by half for a much easier transport!


Features & Specs: 

  • 120VAC (240VAC with 2 Units) 3,000 W Continuous /
          6,000 W Surge (6,000 W Continuous / 12,000W Surge w/ 2 Units)
    • AC Charger: 3,000w
    • Solar Charger: 4,000w
    • Car /DC Charger: 240w 
    • AC + Solar: 6,000w 


      • Voltage Range: 120 V AC +/- 5% (Inverter Mode)
      • Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave
      • Efficiency: >94%
      • Frequency: 60 HZ +/- 1% (Inverter Mode)
      • Transfer Time: <10ms


      • L 23.1 in x W 14.7 in x H 18.6 in (L 586mm x W374mm x H472mm) 


      • 132 lbs (60 kg)




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