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Is Nutrient Survival actually the most nutritious Emergency Food Supplier?

There are a lot of emergency food brands on the market today, and Nutrient Survival claims to be the best nutrient-packed survival food in the world. Let's dive in to see what they offer, and how they compare to a few other brands.


Nutritional Standards of the US Military

Nutrient Survival is unique in the way they approach freeze-dried foods. They use Special Ops grade Nutrition standards to prepare their recipes to make sure you receive all of the essential nutrients and no empty calories. So what does this mean? They have a patented process that ensures every one of the nutrient survival meals will provide you with 40 essential nutrients including 14 minerals, 14 vitamins, Omega-3s, 9 Amino Acids, Fiber and Omega-6s. The human mind and body need all of these to function properly. Having all of these essential vitamins and nutrients in Nutrient Survival's products will ensure you will operate at your best, especially during challenging times.

Nutrient Survival Food

Nutrient Survival

So how do other brands compare?

Lets compare Nutrient Survival to another fantastic food storage company that provides great freeze-dried meals, Numanna.

Numanna prides themselves on making great tasting food while being preservative and GMO free. They also provide gluten free and organic options. Lets compare each companies Macaroni and Cheese as an example:

Nutrient Survival VS Numanna Food Storage

As you can see, Nutrient Survival does indeed have more nutrients added. There are a few things you may want to consider, as Numanna has significantly less cholesterol in their cheese mac, but more sodium, so really depends on your needs and what you're looking for.

Let's compare one more emergency food company with Nutrient Survival’s Food. ReadyWise food storage. ReadyWise offers gourmet tasting meals at an affordable price. Let's compare ReadyWise's and Nutrient Survivals hearty lasagna options:

Nutrient Survival VS Readywise Emergency Food Storage

These two were pretty close on Calories, Fat, Cholesterol and Carbs, however Nutrient Survival has a lot less sodium. They also have more Vitamin D, Calcium and Potassium.


Overall when compared to the other companies, I'd say it's fair to say that Nutrient Survival foods go above and beyond to make sure their emergency meals and packed with as many extra nutrients as possible. The other brands that we compared, Numanna and ReadyWise still provide great high nutrient foods and are all good choices, but if it's the most nutrients that you are looking for, Nutrient Survival is a great option.


How does Nutrient Survival provide such nutrient-dense food?

They use a patented process of preparing the food to ensure it includes all of the essential nutrients and maintains it's delicious flavour. They are then tested by WiseCode to ensure the nutrition information they are providing is accurate.


Ok, so it is nutrient dense, but does it taste good?

Yes! We (Saxon and Hailey) at Wild Oak trail did a taste test of a few of their awesome products and thought it was fantastic. Nutrient Survival’s Homestyle Scramble was my personal favourite! If you'd like to try out some of the Nutrient Survival products that Wild Oak Trail offers, click the link below or give us a call, email or chat! Our friendly customer service reps are standing by to help you choose from the best survival food companies out there.

Nutrient Survival

Nutrient Survival

Check out our personal review of some of the Nutrient Survival Emergency Foods so you can see for yourself how to prepare it, and what we think about the flavour!

Saxon Funk
Saxon Funk

Saxon Funk, co-founder and driving force behind Wild Oak Trail, embodies the spirit of self-sufficiency and preparedness. Launching the venture over six years ago with his wife, Hailey, Saxon has steeped himself in mastering solar generators, heating solutions, food storage, and off-grid living essentials, becoming a veritable guru in the field. His expertise is more than theoretical; it's practical, as evidenced by his own home, equipped with the very products Wild Oak Trail proudly offers. Saxon's passion extends beyond commerce; he thrives on the assurance of providing for his family in any circumstance, fervently believing in empowering others to do the same through the quality resources and knowledge he shares through his business.

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