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Nature’s Generator Review: Everything You Need to Know

by Hunter Kissam March 31, 2022 8 min read

Nature’s Generator is one of the most popular clean-energy generators on the market, used for camping, job sites, and even home backup. Since gas generators kill over 500 people a year, more people are looking for clean-energy alternatives!

Of course, there are many solar generators to choose from, but unlike its competitors, the system offers some unique charging abilities and strong output for a low price. Here’s everything you need to know about Nature’s Generators.

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Nature’s Generator Features

There’s a reason why Nature’s Generator has been so successful in recent years. It has one of the best price/performance ratios on the market. Here are some of the features the basic package offers.


The reason Nature’s Generator is so popular for anybody camping is because of its portability. While the system weighs 90 pounds, it is small enough for easy storage, and it comes with a long handle and wheels to act as a cart.

Assuming you don’t have an elevator at home, we’d recommend storing the system on the same floor where you intend to use it to avoid wheeling it up and down the stairs!


Nature’s Generator uses a 1800w pure sine wave inverter (continuous), known for providing the least energy waste, allowing for optimized charging. The system also has the option for AC, solar, and even wind charging!

On the front of your Power Pod, you’ll find:

  • 3 AC outlets
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 DC outlet (clearly labeled)

This way, you can charge nearly any device you need to power on the go, either one at a time or simultaneously, up to 3,600W.

User Features

Using your Nature’s Generator is a lot simpler than you may think. Here are some of the most important features for usability:

  • On-screen LCD display
  • Bluetooth-powered app (iOS & Android)
  • Wheeled cart for portability
  • Charge controller (Built-in)

The app will allow you to monitor your system’s input, output, battery life, and anything else from your display screen without having to check the system. This is a helpful feature for home backup or when you’re away from your campsite!

Overall, for the price you’re paying, the amount of features Nature’s Generator offers is quite impressive. So, how does it perform?

Battery Performance

Camera 100+ Full Charges
Smartphone 60+ Full Charges
Tablet 30+ Full Charges
Laptop 12+ Full Charges
LED Light Bulb 50+ Hours
Camping Refrigerator Up to 24 Hours
Home Refrigerator 10 to 12 Hours
LED Television 12+ Hours
Power Tools (Drills, Circular Saws, etc.) Up to 8 Hours

When buying solar generators, the battery will make or break your decision. It’s the maximum amount of power you can bring with you on your travels or use on the job, so it needs to be able to charge within a reasonable amount of time and offer enough power for your needs.

Nature’s Generator’s sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery is designed to reach 600 to 800 lifecycles before it reaches 60% of its original capacity. This means you can use it until the battery dies every day for two years before noticing a significant change.

Nature’s Generator comes with a 720 watt-hour battery that is easily expanded with other Nature’s Generator batteries. Chainable batteries are a major selling point, as you can immediately double your battery capacity

Charging Abilities

Unlike most solar generators, Nature’s Generator Power Pod can charge in the same amount of time with its state-of-the-art solar panels as it can with an AC wall charger. Under most circumstances, 10 to 15 hours should be enough for a full charge. For this reason, we recommend charging overnight before you need it.

Output Performance

The 3 AC outlets combined allow for up to 120V or 1,800W, and the one DC outlet will allow for up to 240W max. The 2 USB ports allow for up to 3A of power. 

However, this is the maximum at one time. So, what exactly can Nature’s Generator power in total?

Keep in mind, these numbers only reflect one full charge. If you’re using a battery expansion, wind turbine, or solar panels with your system, then you can expect to get more power out of it.

Solar Panel Performance

Nature's Generator and solar panel

Of course, we can’t talk about a solar generator without discussing its solar panels. You’ll find many bundle deals that include wind turbines and solar panels, and they’re far more affordable than most of its competitors. 

The most popular deals come with one large solar panel (Gold bundle) or three (Platinum bundle) with an expansion battery. Both will allow for much longer output while camping, working, or anything else.

If you’re using your system for construction projects, we’d recommend using at least one solar panel, as this will easily allow for use of power tools for over 8 hours.

Solar Panel Specifications

The Nature’s Generator Power Panels are on the larger side for 100W panels, but they are portable and perform rather well. Power Panels come on a wheeled cart for easy transportation and optimal sun angle.

You will need to use an MC4 cable, which will come with most solar bundle packages, and some are up to 120 feet.

Solar Panel Performance

100W of continuous energy from the sun will help extend the life of your battery, but it can take a while to charge. You can use up to 3 Power Panels at a time with your system, which will allow for much faster charging, similar to (or better than) AC charging.

Here’s a fun fact you may not know; most people in the northern hemisphere assume you should face your solar panels south but that’s not true. The optimal direction is south and a few degrees to the west, which generates an average of 2% more electricity each day than south-facing panels. Remember to face yours the right way!

Wind Charging

One of the biggest challenges with solar generators for home backup is that if you need power when there’s no sun, you’re out of luck. Who knew that wind power could be portable?

Nature’s Generator is one of the only power pods on the market that offers wind charging, but how does it work? Well, you will have to buy the wind turbines separately, but you can attach them to your system and passively generate electricity.

If you are preparing for home backup, then wind power is your best friend. Storms can block significant amounts of sunlight, limiting your ability to power appliances or lights that you need in your home. However, storms may generate plenty of wind, even at night!

Wind Turbine Specifications

Each Nature’s Generator wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 51 inches and weighs 22 pounds.

The turbine comes with a 100-foot cable, allowing you to find optimal wind access near your system. 

You can use your wind turbines with wind speeds of up to 110 mph (177 kph) and operate them in temperatures between 32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C) and store them within 5° of operating temperatures.

Also, these wind turbines come with a 12-month warranty. If you plan to use them during a storm and they are damaged as a result, you’ll be able to get a new one within the first year!

Wind Turbine Performance

The charging speed will vary widely on the speed and consistency of your area and the placement of your wind turbines. However, the turbines are optimized for rotating with wind from any direction.

Generally speaking, 27 mph winds will result in 150 watts of electricity from these turbines. If you’re using it during a storm and averaging 150 watts, this could expand the life of your system enough to power a refrigerator for up to a day with one battery. With an expansion battery, you can expect even more power!

Review of Nature’s Generator

Overall, Nature’s Generator is the perfect system for clean energy on the go. If that’s all you want and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get started, then this is the right system for you. If you’re undecided, then let’s go over some of the pros and cons of Nature’s Generator to see if it’s right for you!

Benefits of Nature’s Generator

Like all clean energy generators, Nature’s Generator offers emissions-free, non-toxic energy that you can use in your home, on the job, in an RV, small enclosure, or anywhere you want. With wind turbines and solar panels, you can power your system 24/7 without interruptions.

However, the most notable benefit of Nature’s Generator is the price. If you’ve looked into other solar generators and power pods before, you know their costs can add up quickly. However, Nature’s Generator is an affordable way to take clean energy anywhere you want to go.

Well, that’s also because it’s so portable, allowing you to easily wheel it around. The system is very small, meaning that it’s easy to store at home, in an RV, or even in the trunk of your car.

Also, the options are one of the biggest benefits. Not many solar generators will allow for AC, solar, and wind charging, along with AC, DC, and USB outputs. However or whatever you need to charge, you’ll be able to do it from anywhere!

Downsides of Nature’s Generator

The most striking demerit is that lead-acid batteries don’t last as long as some others. Of course, this is reflected in the price, so if you don’t plan on using it every day for work or off-grid activities, then you won’t notice a difference in the first few years.

Also, the system doesn’t allow for long storage periods, as it will typically only hold a charge for 2 to 3 months. Remember, the lead-acid battery is similar to a car battery, so if it sits for too long, it will eventually deplete. If you plan to use it often, then this isn’t a problem, but if you’re using it to backup an appliance, you will have to charge it more often to keep the battery full.

Lastly, 90 pounds is pretty heavy. If you found yourself in a situation where you have to lift or carry the system, you’ll feel it. Of course, the wheels will make for easy transportation in most cases!

Nature’s Generators vs Nature’s Generator Elite

Nature's Generator Elite power pod

The two most popular models for Nature’s Generators are the original model and Nature’s Generator Elite, which was released at the end of 2020.

Nature’s Generator Elite has all of the same input and output features as the original model, as well as a 12V car charging input option. The system is also rated for up 7,000 surge watts and 2,880 continuous watts.

The system is also 120 pounds and uses the same, only larger, SLA battery as the original model, allowing for up to 60% more battery life. This means you can charge a smartphone over 100 times instead of 60.

If you’re using a system primarily for home backup, we’d recommend the Elite model. However, for most on-the-go power needs, the original Power Pod will do.

Try It for Yourself

Now that you know about Nature’s Generators, their performance, and our honest review of their systems, you can make an informed decision for yourself. The truth is that you won’t be able to find such a strong system anywhere else for such a low price.

Breathe easier at home with zero emissions and feel free to shop with us for free shipping and our price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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