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EcoFlow Delta Pro & Medical Equipment | What You Need to Know


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Some things you can’t go without, and it’s too risky to rely on the grid for consistent energy. If you have life-saving medical equipment that requires consistent power, then it’s important that you always have it available to you.

Whether you’re using your EcoFlow Delta Pro for home backup or taking your medical equipment camping with you, let’s see how well the system can keep your equipment running smoothly.

How Long Can the Delta Pro Power My Equipment?

Keep in mind, these are averages, so it's best to look at your specific model. However, on a full battery, here’s how long you can expect to power each device.

System Average Consumption Duration Special Requirements
CPAP Machine 30 to 60 Running Watts 60 to 120 Hours Smart Home Panel (SHP)
Vitals Monitor (Aneroid) <100 Running Watts 36+ Hours SHP, Smart Battery (SB)
Ventilators 70 Watts 51 Hours SHP, SB, Solar Panel
Oxygen Compressor 600 Watts 6 Hours SHP, SB, Solar Panel
Nebulizer 65 Watts 55+ Hours SHP
Cochlear Implants Minimal 300+ Recharges None
Insulin Pump Minimal 300+ Recharges None
Stair Lift (Wheelchair) 250 Watts 14.4 Hours of Use None

If you don’t already have an EcoFlow Delta Pro, there is no better portable power station for home backup. Read more about the battery performance for more information, but we assure you that no other portable power station will live up to these standards.

The system is geared for 3,600W of continuous output and 7,200 surge watts, which is higher than any other system and is enough for most at-home medical equipment. 

Special Requirements

Unfortunately, no battery lasts forever, so you may require some special equipment with your purchase for extra safety. Let’s talk about who needs what and why!

Smart Home Panel

For at-home use, we recommend storing your Delta Pro with a full charge, which can last for over a year, just in case the power goes out unexpectedly. 

If the medical equipment you need requires consistent power, then you will need to purchase the Smart Home Panel separately, as these have a near-instant switchover time of fewer than 20 milliseconds, allowing for uninterrupted power. 

Smart Batteries

For a power-hungry machine like an oxygen compressor, we’d also recommend a spare battery, just in case of longer power outages. It will cost you less than one ambulance trip if you need it!

Solar Panels

If you plan to go camping, live off-grid, or if you’re worried about longer outages, then having some 200W solar panels can help increase your battery life significantly, even on cloudy days. You can use up to 1600W at a time, which should be enough for consistent power for most equipment, including oxygen compressors.


It’s likely that any medical equipment will come with the cords and cables you need to plug it in. Check and ensure that it’s AC before plugging them into the AC cables, and either uses an inverter or plug it into the one DC plug on your Delta Pro if not.

Your solar panels will also come with the MC4 cables you’ll need, so see if there are any other accessories you’ll need for your system.

Stay Safe

No matter what type of equipment you’re using, it’s critical that you keep a consistent flow of power. If you’re worried about the price of these systems, remember that it could save your life and that we offer monthly payment plans for anybody in need, along with a price match guarantee!

For more information, take a look at our EcoFlow Delta Pro review, and stay safe!


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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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