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Nature's Generator vs Titan Solar Generator: Which Is Better?

by Hunter Kissam June 27, 2022 2 min read

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Thanks in part to the pandemic, more people are experiencing the great outdoors than ever before. Camping in the US has hit record highs, and is expected to flourish again this summer, with 57 million households flocking to the outdoors.

Fortunately, those families don’t have to worry about bringing their noisy generators with them anymore. Now, with the rise of solar generators, we can use solar energy to fuel our trips.

Let’s compare two of the most popular solar generators on the market; Point Zero Energy Titan and Nature’s Generator!

Point Zero Energy Titan Specs

Point Zero Energy Titan

Point Zero Energy is a very popular brand for solar generators, mainly due to their most popular product; the Titan. Titan solar generators offer 2000Wh of electricity with up to 3000W of continuous output, making them one of the most powerful portable power stations on the market.

The Titan uses a lithium-ion battery, which tends to perform much better than alkaline or lead-acid batteries. With proper care, you can keep your Titan solar generator running for ten years or longer, even with moderate to even daily use. That’s because the Titan battery is set for over 2,000 lifecycles, making it one of the longest-lasting models on the market.

Titan Price Per Watt-Hour 

Have you ever heard the expression “good things come at a price”? Well, that applies here. For a whopping 2000Wh of storage per battery (batteries are stackable), you can expect to pay $3,395. This boils down to $1.70 per Wh, which will last for up to ten years with proper care.

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Nature’s Generator Specs

Nature’s Generator is known as one of the best budget options for solar generators on the market. The system comes with 1800W of continuous output respectively, and up to 720Wh of power with one battery and one charge. However, these are compoundable, much like the Titan.

Also, Nature’s Generator uses a lead-acid battery. While these aren’t as long-lasting as lithium batteries, they are far more affordable. Read our full review of Nature’s Generator for more information!

Nature’s Generator Price Per Watt-Hour 

With 720Wh as the starting point for a system worth $749.99, you will be spending $1.04 per watt-hour. However, if you upgrade to the Nature’s Generator Elite, which offers 1200Wh for only $499.99, you’ll only spend $0.41 per watt-hour, making it the most affordable on the market for its value. See our collections for more information on pricing!

Generate Clean Electricity Where You Need It

Now that you know the difference between the Point Zero Titan and Nature’s Generator, you can see that they both have a lot to offer. Nature’s Generator and its Elite model are two of the most affordable options on the market, but the Titan is one of the most reliable! Whatever you choose, feel free to shop with us for free shipping and our price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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