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The Humless 6.5 - Your Quiet Generator

by Jefferson Ebasan January 15, 2021 3 min read


Solar power is a wonderful source of renewable energy. In a world where almost everything becomes destructive to mother earth, going solar is definitely a great way to go. Over the past years, more and more households have converted into solar for various reasons, whether to go reduce electricity bills or in order to live efficiently off the grid.

As beneficial as solar power is, we cannot deny that setting it up initially is not cheap. Because of that, you have to ensure that you get the solar generator system that’s perfect for your needs. That is where Humless comes into play. Humless Solar Generators started off as a company which is initially into creating quiet and environmentally safe solar generators. After two years of intensive research, Humless developed an intelligent system called the ESS which stands for Energy Storage System. This smart system is said to be able to handle every electronic device or appliance on the market.

Reliable off-grid power generator, cost-efficient, and energy-saving solutions have always been part of the Humless' core missions. One of their most promising products includes the Humless 6.5KW that can also be dubbed as the “Home Battery Bank”. A laid back household would certainly be enticed with this product because you’re free from that unnecessary noise that can wake the kids up!


The Humless 6.5KW generator has an LCD panel which features a touch screen display that allows you to check how your batteries and solar panels are doing. In addition, this panel can also detect and show any problems or issues that you might encounter while using the generator. With a 3KW inverter, Humless 6.5 weighs 355 pounds and includes the following dimensions: 30.7 x 13.7 x 35.8 inches. With that being said, the generator has 14+ hour essential loads.


Humless 6.5 is an on and off-grid solution with automaticsolar and wind charging. This definitely makes it a great idea to bring with you for a hassle-free camping day and nights! The built-in 6-12 solar panels are convenient to be inside your RV or cabin. It is so easy to use and it can function for up to 10 years, now that’s a lot of camping dates or bonfires with family and friends! 


Aside from being the “quiet generator” that's perfect for camping or an off-grid family adventure, its initially used by reserved households in conserving their electricity which would, in turn, result in a cheaper utility bill. The Humless 6.5 can power a small house up to a week. This is also a wonderful backup in case you need an energy source in times of emergency or any issues with power interruption. As we all know, having no light or power does not only compromise our family's safety but can make everyone anxious as well.


We already know that the “Quiet Powered Generator” is on and off-grid ready, but on top of that, this is also truly essential for tiny homes that have enough consumable power. Aside from the easy and convenient use of Humless 6.5, its energy solution is clean because of its solar power option.


Simple, it’s portable and with enough power charge, you can use it for days enough to recover while waiting for the power to be restored. This would ensure that your communication devices, CPAP and other necessary equipment are all ready and functioning whenever you need them. This product from the Humless Home Series enables everyone in the household to access some of the common appliances anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, this solar-powered generator is completely safe!


No harmful gases are needed to power up the Humless 6.5 meaning no chances of harmful propane fumes leaking out. The Reliable Quiet Generator can be as functional as it is without the gas. 

No matter how complex your power needs are, the Humless Universal will definitely work for you. Humless is very much suitable for powering anything you can think of. As a matter of fact, it can even power large off-grid commercial businesses. And if you are looking to power off your small home, then choosing Humless is an investment you definitely won't regret.

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Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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