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Titan Boost VS Titan 240SP: What's the Difference?

Titan BOOST VS Titan 240SP

Let's discuss the differences between the two new and exciting Titan Solar Generators from Point Zero Energy: The Titan BOOST VS the Titan 240SP

In the realm of resilient and efficient quality solar power generators, the original Titan Solar Generator has long held its ground as a paragon of reliability and versatility.

We own a Titan and LOVE how powerful, expandable and modular it is. Our Titan has been an unwavering source of power, supporting various household needs as a backup power source and power on the go. The Titan's popularity stems from its groundbreaking features, such as a 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter, a modular battery system, and an array of output ports, making it an indispensable ally in energy independence.

As prepping enthusiasts, we've been thrilled by the Titan's performance. Now, we're even more excited as Point Zero Energy propels solar generator technology forward with the launch of two new innovative models: the Titan BOOST and Titan 240SP. These models are not just upgrades; they are redefinitions of portable power, tailored to meet diverse energy needs and scenarios.

Who will benefit from the new Titan Boost and Titan 240SP? 

The launch of the Titan BOOST and Titan 240SP is a huge gain for a broad spectrum of users. From off-grid living advocates, outdoor enthusiasts, and RV travelers to those seeking reliable backup power solutions for home and professional use, these generators are designed to cater to varying demands. Their enhanced features ensure that whether you're managing a remote workstation, embarking on wilderness explorations, or fortifying your home against power outages, there's a Titan model engineered for your situation.

Diving into the Differences of the new Titan Solar Generators:


Titan BOOST Solar Generator

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  • Enhanced Inverter Capability: The BOOST's 3000W inverter sustains longer surge periods, crucial for high-demand appliances, and offers a remarkable 5-second 6000W initial draw.
  • Adaptive Cooling: The variable speed inverter fan optimizes cooling, preserving system integrity during intensive use.
  • Expanded MPPT Voltage: With an input limit stretching to 240v, the BOOST accommodates a wider array of solar configurations.
  • Dual External Battery Ports: Flexibility is at the forefront with two ports, simplifying power storage expansion.
  • Swift, Versatile Charging: The inclusion of dual fast-charging USB-C ports caters to modern device compatibility.
  • Intelligent Energy Management: A Bluetooth-enabled app provides nuanced control over power consumption and system monitoring.


Titan 240SP

Titan 240SP

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  • Unprecedented Power Output: The 240SP's robust 4000W 240V inverter, capable of peaking at 8,000 watts, is a game-changer for heavy-duty electrical needs.
  • Unique 240V Split Phase Power: Standing as the sole standalone unit with this capability, it's a revolutionary presence in the solar generator industry.
  • Rapid Recharging: The system's ability to accept up to 2400W of solar input slashes battery recharge time to a mere two hours.
  • Modular Design: Retaining the Titan's hallmark feature, it allows for easy battery addition or replacement, customizing power reserves to user needs.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the differences between the Original Titan, Titan BOOST and the Titan 240SP

The Difference between the Original Titan Solar Generator, Titan BOOST and Titan 240SP

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can the original Titan batteries work with the new models? A: Yes, with both the Titan BOOST and Titan 240SP, NMC batteries are compatible using the Titan Battery Adapter. 

Q: Who should consider upgrading to the new models? A: If you require enhanced power output, faster recharging, or specialized power configurations (like the 240V split-phase), an upgrade could be a strategic decision.

Q: Are the new models suitable for off-grid living? A: Absolutely. Both the Titan BOOST and 240SP are designed with off-grid scenarios in mind, offering reliable, sustainable power solutions with advanced features for comprehensive energy management.

Q: How do the new models align with eco-friendly initiatives? A: Both models emphasize energy efficiency, with the BOOST notably featuring lower idle power consumption. They represent a commitment to sustainable, green living by harnessing solar power.

Elevating Energy: Titan's New Era of Solar Generator Excellence

The Titan BOOST and Titan 240SP are not mere successors to the original Titan; they are sophisticated evolutions, poised to redefine expectations of what solar generators can achieve. Whether you're an existing Titan aficionado or new to the world of solar power, exploring these new generators from Point Zero Energy could illuminate new horizons in your energy independence journey.  

For more details about these units, you can check out our Point Zero Energy Page that will provide all the information you need! And of course, if you have any questions at all, please reach out to Wild Oak Trail at 1-844-WILDOAK (1-844-945-3625), chat in at www.wildoaktrail.com or email us at customersupport@wildoaktrail.com our friendly and expert staff are always happy to hear from you!

Hailey F
Hailey F

Hailey Funk, co-founder of Wild Oak Trail, harmonizes the pragmatism of prepping with a mother's protective instinct. Her journey alongside her husband, Saxon, is fueled by a shared vision, yet as a mother, Hailey's approach is imbued with an extra layer of love and foresight. She cherishes the peace that comes from knowing her children are always provided for, reveling in the independence and security her preparedness grants her family. Hailey's passion extends to every client she encounters, driven by an earnest desire to nurture similar confidence and self-reliance in others. Her expertise and maternal insight make her not just a businesswoman, but a steward of care and empowerment in the prepping community.

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