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Titan vs Ecoflow Delta Max: Which Generator Is Best For You

by Jefferson Ebasan October 15, 2021 9 min read

Have you heard about the energy crisis? The industrial sector is highly affected by the gradual depletion of fossil fuels. It is especially a concern as production consumes large amounts of energy.

With this progression, it won’t be long until households and public facilities are impacted by this crisis. In fact, you may notice how oil and gas prices have sharply increased lately. The world needs to start acting on renewable sources of energy before time runs out.

Luckily, solar energy is a great example of a renewable energy source. Since it draws energy from the light of the sun, it is inexhaustible and perfectly sustainable. 

Countries such as China, the USA, and Japan have increasingly been utilizing solar energy. The more solar energy usage becomes popularized, the more industries are lobbying to make it more affordable and accessible.

With that, now is a better time than ever to invest in a solar generator.

What are Solar Generators?

A solar generator is a compact device that runs on solar energy. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, it works with solar panels to provide an alternative energy source. It can also store solar energy for later use during the nighttime. It is a portable power source that works as a backup during power outages. 

Since solar generators have a high-capacity system, they are helpful for a variety of purposes. Solar energy has been known for electricity, water heating, ventilation, lighting, and transportation. Solar generators are also convenient to power campsites, recreational vehicles (RVs), trailers, lodges, and cabins. 

What are the Benefits of using Solar Generators?

Using solar generators has a wide array of advantages, not only for the industrial sector but also for regular civilians in their everyday lives. Here are 6 benefits to investing in a solar generator:

It is portable

One of the main selling points of a solar generator is its ability to power anything, anywhere. It is highly popular among individuals who enjoy camping because it can power devices in even the most remote areas. You can benefit from a solar generator practically anywhere the sun rises! 

A solar generator is also convenient because it does not require installation. Since it is affixed to any spot, you may bring it with you anywhere. Moreover, even some known portable technology such as cellphones, speakers, and tablets use solar energy.

It uses renewable energy

Since a solar generator draws on the light of the sun, it is renewable. You will never have to worry about running out of power as long as the sun rises, literally! While the power stored by your solar generator may deplete after a long night’s usage, it will be replenished the next day. 

It is low maintenance

Solar power systems rely on only four major components to function, which is why they are incredibly low maintenance. Using solar generators does not require much servicing, there is also a lower probability of needing to replace or repair any of its components. Since it also does not rely on moving parts, it will not wear down as quickly over time.

It incurs no extra fuel cost

After the initial expenditure on the solar generator itself, you need not fret about any additional costs. Unlike fossil fuel energy, there is nothing else to pay for, as solar energy comes free with the light of the sun. 

It works in various weather conditions

Solar generators come in handy in areas prone to thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other calamities that may induce power outages. Having one in your home is a backup to ensure everything is still running during natural disasters.

Furthermore, solar generators also work well in colder climates because the lack of excessive heat can help improve the quantity of voltage produced.

It is more environmentally friendly

For more environmentally-conscious individuals, you can sleep soundly knowing that your usage of solar generators is helping the earth. Solar energy is known to be independent of water usage. It also helps reduce air pollution and our carbon footprint by lowering gas emissions. By using a solar generator, we can avoid depleting our finite resources and help slow climate change.

Titan Solar Generator

Titan Solar Generator

The Titan Solar Generator is the most versatile portable solar generator currently available in the market. It is considered as one of the best solar panels in 2021.

The Titan Solar Generator is a large solar generator that can be charged via solar power, AC outlet, DC outlet, or a 24V battery expansion. With the Titan generator, the manufacturer assures it has only included quality and reliable components and could take up to 145 Volts other than most solar generators.It contains the 3000 watt continuous with 6,000 watts surge pure sine wave inverter which is extremely powerful — twice as powerful as comparable solar generators. It is capable of handling 2,000 watt hour lithium battery packs. The titan generator is not only highly compatible but also user-friendly.

The Titan Solar Generator can easily adapt to any kind of situation as it has a different variety of panels; the Flex, Rigid, or Briefcase Titan Solar Panels. It is best suited for a backup power solution for home. At the same time, it is strong and durable and could be used during extreme conditions. 

Titan Solar Kits 

500 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy

The Titan 500 Flex Kit is for those who need to run the absolute essentials for a long period of time. This kit includes  (5) 100-watt flexible solar panels and is great for running items such as the refrigerator, fans, lights, tv and other small electronics. Due to the large battery capacity that comes with it, there is plenty of stored power to run even when the sun is not out.Using all 500 watts in this panel means that this package can charge one Titan battery in 4 to 5 hours.

1000 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy

The Titan 1000 Kit is wherein you need to run the essentials plus some electronics for a long period of time.This kit includes ten (10) 100-watt flexible solar panels. With the added extra solar panels, it gives you greater power output and allows you to power everything. On cloudy days, the Titan generator will still produce a lot of power, but when the sun shines, you can definitely run most of the electronics and appliances without draining the battery. This package will charge one Titan battery in 2 hours.

1500 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy

The Titan 1500 Kit will run essentials and charge even more easily. This kit includes fifteen (15) 100-watt flexible solar panels. With the additional solar panels, you also receive an extra battery to take advantage of all of the extra power. Which means there is enough power stored up in the batteries to run all the essentials all day long as well as through the night. This kit comes with two Titan batteries and in ideal weather conditions, it will charge them both in 3 to 3.5 hours at most.

2000 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy

The Titan 2000 Kitis the ultimate setup for 110/120v power. This includes twenty (20) 100-watt flexible solar panels. Adding an additional 500 watts of solar panels will mean recharging the Titan even quicker and provide more power during cloudy days. This package comes with two Titan batteries and in ideal weather conditions, it will charge them both in 2 hours. The Titan 2000 Kit simply cannot be beaten with its flexibility and adaptability.

Pros and Cons of Titan Solar Kits 


  • Eco-friendly: Charging this product with solar power helps reduce carbon footprint and help the environment.
  • Flexible Batteries:The Titan allows you to stack multiple lithium batteries which increases the battery capacity every time. 
  • Ventilation System: The Titan has special fans to pull air in and push air out, keeping the product nice and cool. 
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for charging: The Titan has 6 smart USB output ports, 2 type-C USB ports, 6 standard outlets, 4 12V ports, and a 30amp rv plugs which can help you run any appliance effectively.


  • Noisy Ventilation:The titan generator is quite noisy due to its fans and ventilation system. It may not be an issue to some but most would probably be bothered by it during a blackout.
  • Weight and Size: The weight and size of a solar generator vastly impact its portability. It is very heavy, weighing 31 lbs but with adding a single battery it could weigh around 66 lbs and, therefore, difficult to carry along for outdoor purposes.
  • Price: The price point of the Titan generator is quite expensive for most, depending which kit the buyer will be availing, it will cost roughly almost 3,000 to 7,000 USD, it could create a strong reaction among customers.


Ecoflow Portable Power Stations

The Ecoflow Portable Power Station is a portable unit that provides power to other electronic devices using a rechargeable battery. Due to its accessibility and flexibility, it has been largely promising as a power provider in 2021. 

The Ecoflow Portable Power Station is a power station that creates energy similar to a solar generator. It stores power for your usage at any time, but power stations connect to solar panels through an XT60 port. Its capacity is able to handle 1260 watt hours that is able to power a 50 watt bulb for days. It also has a cycle life of 800+ Solar with an input of 400 watts and 6 AC outlets. 

The Ecoflow Portable Power Station can handle big appliances when there are instances of power interruption. But, it can also be used for worksite activities, which makes it perfect to bring around when you are on a boating or RV activity. Its massive capacity and easily identifiable controls also make it user-friendly and multi-purpose. So, by having an Ecoflow generator, you are definitely winning in life.

Ecoflow DELTA Products

EcoFlow DELTA Portable Power Station

EcoFlow DELTA Portable Battery Generator

The EcoFlow DELTA Power Station is the brand new standard when it comes to generators that run on battery. It is pairable with a vast range of devices, and all of these can remain powered up for hours on end wherever you are. With patent X-Stream Technology, EcoFlow DELTA can recharge to 10 times faster compared to other power stations. It also has (6) AC outlets with 1260 watt-hours capacity that can power several home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools under 1800 watts. You can also use the EcoFlow DELTA to power up to 13 devices at the same time because of the several ports it offers.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station 

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Stationhas a battery capacity of 3600 watt hours. It runs on a LFP battery with a voltage of 3.2 volts. Its battery capacity is so strong that you can use it to charge a Tesla with. It is the world’s first-ever portable home battery that has an expandable ecosystem that can be used for backup power at home. It also has smart energy management and revolutionizes power security and independence, as it offers the world’s fastest charging at 6500 watts. You can achieve a full charge in just 1.8 hours and enjoy up to 6500 cycles. 


EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station 

EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow DELTA Max provides you with home emergency power up to 6 kilowatts per hour thanks to its smart extra batteries. It can also cater to rapid dual charging which can charge your device from 0 to 80 percent in 1 hour and 5 minutes. You can also power up multiple devices such as your fridge or dryer due to its X-Boost technology that can handle devices up to 3000 watts. The Ecoflow DELTA Max also connects up to 2x 400 watt EcoFlow solar panels to deliver 800 watt Max charging speeds.

EcoFlow DELTA mini Portable Power Station

EcoFlow DELTA Mini Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow DELTA mini Portable Power Station is the lightest DELTA model yet that you can take anywhere and store anywhere. It has an output of 1400W that allows it to handle 9 out of 10 electronics. It can also power up to 12 devices with USB outlets, DC outlets, and wall-type outlets. You can also experience being fully charged in 1.6 hours, as it is 3 to 4 times quicker with X-Stream on.  

Pros and Cons of EcoFlow Portable Power Stations


  • Renewable: Using this product is helpful for the environment because it runs on solar energy which means that it only uses renewable energy.
  • Fastest Charging:The EcoFlow Portable Power Station allows you to charge multiple devices at a quick speed because of its high output and battery capacity. It also has a heavy-duty system that can handle high requirement devices. 
  • Portable power: The EcoFlow Portable Power Station can be literally brought everywhere to be used any time at all. You can use it as back up power at home, or during your outside activities to power up larger devices. 
  • Long lifespan: The EcoFlow Portable Power Station also has a long lifespan, reaching up to 800 cycles before it decreases in quality, and up to 6500 cycles in some of its variants.


  • Temperature issues:The EcoFlow Portable Power Station has had issues with overheating at times due to long and large usage.
  • Voltage Limit: The voltage limit of EcoFlow Portable Power Station has also been observed. Its capabilities cannot be abused even if it is able to handle several devices at once.
  • Price: While the price point of the EcoFlow Portable Power Station is fairly affordable compared to the Titan generator, it is still quite on the steep side, ranging from over 1000 US dollars to almost 4000 dollars, depending on the type you buy.


Key Takeaways

Investing in a solar generator is a highly beneficial and cost-effective way to utilize cleaner, renewable energy. Compared to fossil fuel-powered energy sources, it is more convenient due to its portability, low maintenance, and ability to work in different weather conditions. By using a solar generator, you are not only helping yourself but also the environment with its reduction of harmful gas emissions. What are you waiting for? Start your solar energy journey now.

Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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