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What Is the Best Solar Generator on the Market in 2023?

2 min read

Nature's Generator

If you’re looking to switch to clean energy on the go, then you’ve probably seen plenty of solar generators marketed by your favorite social media influencers, YouTubers, and travel blogs. 79% of Americans want to switch the clean energy, and there’s no easier place to start than with portable power.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable off-grid power source or to charge your phone while camping, there’s an option for you. Let’s talk about the best solar generators on the market today for each category!

Best for Overall Performance: EcoFlow Delta Pro

For all-around charging options, output, lifecycles, charging time, durability, and more, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is the winner, hands down. It allows for EV charging, up to 1600W of solar input, home backup, compound power with up to two extra batteries, and up to 7,200 surge watts of output. 

It’s the only portable power station on the market capable of powering a dryer through a full cycle, earning it the top spot on this list.

Best Battery Life: EcoFlow Delta Pro

The Delta Pro allows for up to 3,600Wh of power per charge, and 6,500 lifecycles before seeing a drop in battery capacity. When combined with two additional smart batteries, it will have up to 10,800Wh of battery life, which could charge a large refrigerator for three days. When combined with up to 1,600W of solar input, the battery life extends even further.

As a runner-up, the Point Zero Energy Titan offers a similar battery of 2,000Wh with 3,000 continuous watts (6,000 surge).

Best Budget Generator: Nature’s Generator

If you’re on a budget, there’s no better option than Nature’s Generator, which will hold a full charge for over two years of daily use and still power nearly any of your electronics!

Also, Nature’s Generator allows for wind charging, with extremely durable wind turbines that can passively generate up to 150 watts, allowing for clean energy during a storm or even at night.

Best for Portability: Bluetti

For outdoor lovers looking for some spare power, portability is the key. While there are many small, portable solar generators from all brands, Bluetti offers a wide variety of options weighing anywhere from 4 to 57 pounds. 

If you’re looking for a portable station for your smartphone or CPAP machine, you can easily take a Bluetti Maxoak K5 on a backpacking trip with you.

Best Solar Panels: EcoFlow Delta Pro

If you’re noticing a pattern here, the EcoFlow Delta Pro really is that far ahead of the game. It’s not the most affordable option to purchase up front, but it’s undoubtedly the best model. The Delta Pro solar panels will essentially last forever, and the 200W panels can operate at over 50% capacity even on the cloudiest days.

Choose Wisely

Taking 3 of the 5 categories, you can see why the EcoFlow Delta Pro has been so successful. Without a doubt, it’s the best performing solar generator on the market, and while it may not be as cheap as Nature’s Generator, you can still purchase it for $100 a month and free shipping when you shop with us!

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