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What Makes Martin Propane Heaters Different?

by Hunter Kissam October 07, 2022 3 min read

With the winter months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about heat. If you want a cleaner, safer, and more efficient heater, you may have looked at propane heaters. However, they aren’t all created equally!

Let’s discuss the features of Martin propane heaters and break down how much they cost to run through the colder months of the year.

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The Unique Features of Martin Propane Heaters

Martin propane heaters have a lot of unique features that set them apart from their competitors. Here are a few key examples.

Piezo Ignition

The Piezo ignition allows you to use your heater during a power outage or even while living off the grid. No electricity is needed to start or run your Martin propane heater.

Tip-Over Safety Switch

Martin propane heaters are extremely effective at removing the exhaust from your home, reducing the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, there’s another threat for wall heaters, and that’s if they tip over.

Cats, children, or poor installation can cause a wall heater to tip over. Fortunately, Martin heaters come prepared with a tip-over safety switch that cuts the supply of propane if the system is disconnected. This feature saves lives!

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing your Martin heater yourself is not too difficult. You will have all of the equipment you need in the package, as long as you have a drill and a saw, and you can read our installation guide for a reference if you need it. Measurements and everything else you will need come with the package!

How Much Do Martin Propane Heaters Cost to Run?

We’ve explained before why Martin propane heaters are slightly more expensive than some of their competitors. They last longer, they’re more efficient, they have plenty of built-in safety features, and they don’t require electricity to run or start. 

However, the real cost you should worry about is lifetime costs. These include fuel, maintenance, and replacement costs. Essentially, the longer it lasts without calling an HVAC technician or replacing the system, the less you’ll spend overall.


If you have a tiny house or one specific room that needs heating, fuel costs are negligent. Martin has won awards for their efficiency, and propane isn’t as expensive as electric resistance heat, space heaters, and many other fuels. It’s also more accessible for off-grid dwellers, and you can save money by picking it up yourself.

Now, if you use it for heavy-duty heating beyond its recommended area (see chart below), it could cost a little more than propane. Fortunately, fuel costs are declining as we speak, and it largely depends on your area. Still, compared to other propane heaters, it’s a lot more efficient.

Martin propane heater size chart


In terms of maintenance, you shouldn’t have to spend a dime for several years if your system is installed correctly. If you’re handy, you can easily fix most issues yourself. 

At worst, something may clog a vent, which means you will simply need to remove the clog. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about the system failing, as they are built to last.


With proper care, Martin heaters can last fordecades with minimal upkeep. This dramatically lowers replacement costs relative to other home propane heaters. If something is wrong with your system, you will have a free 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

See For Yourself

Now that you know what makes Martin propane heaters different from their competitors, you can see why they’re so popular. They are the some of most powerful, safe, long-lasting, and efficient propane heaters on the market, so choose the right model for yourself and enjoy!

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and buy a Martin propane heater today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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