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Berkey Water Filter: How to Assemble Your System

by Saxon Funk November 19, 2021 2 min read

Step 1: Clean Up!

We're talking about clean water here, so let's start clean! Wash your hands and sanitize your workspace before touching your Berkey system. You want to make sure harmful contaminants stay out.

Step 2: Prime the Black Berkey Filters

Take out the black Berkey elements from their packaging and place them on a clean surface. To prime the filter elements, attach the brown top to your tap water and turn it on. You'll see water coming out the sides. Continue this process until clear water is seeping out of the filters. It might take a few minutes, but it's worth it. You can also use a primer pump for faster priming.

Step 3: Insert the Elements

Insert the sealing washers into the threaded element section and fit them into place. Then, screw the elements into the upper chamber of the Berkey system using the wingnuts in the kit. If there are unused filter holes, put blocking plugs in them to keep untreated water from getting through.

Step 4: Attach the Spigot

Next, fit a rubber washer onto the threaded spot on the lower chamber of your Berkey water system. Attach the threaded section of the stainless steel spigot and secure it with another washer and a nut.

Step 5: Assemble the System

Now, place the upper chamber on top of the lower chamber. They should lock into place. Attach the lid knob onto the lid and tighten it. Place the lid on top, and voila! Your Berkey water filter system is ready to use!

Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filters - Cleaning your system

How Does the Berkey System Work?

The Berkey system works by gravity. Water from the upper chamber filters down to the lower chamber, removing harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogenic bacteria. Unlike reverse osmosis systems, the Berkey system keeps beneficial minerals in your water, improving the water taste.

Regular Maintenance for Your Berkey Water Filter System

Remember, regular maintenance of your Berkey system is important. It ensures the removal of harmful contaminants and gives you peace of mind. Plus, with the advantage of your lifetime warranty, any damaged parts or replacement filters can be taken care of.

Berkey Water Filter: Your Personal Protection

The Berkey water filter is more than just a water purifier; it's your ideal personal protection against untreated raw water, especially in emergency situations or natural disasters. So, whether you're in the United States or foreign countries, or even by remote lakes, enjoy the clean water from your Berkey water system!

Berkey Water Filters


Saxon Funk
Saxon Funk

Saxon Funk, co-founder and driving force behind Wild Oak Trail, embodies the spirit of self-sufficiency and preparedness. Launching the venture over six years ago with his wife, Hailey, Saxon has steeped himself in mastering solar generators, heating solutions, food storage, and off-grid living essentials, becoming a veritable guru in the field. His expertise is more than theoretical; it's practical, as evidenced by his own home, equipped with the very products Wild Oak Trail proudly offers. Saxon's passion extends beyond commerce; he thrives on the assurance of providing for his family in any circumstance, fervently believing in empowering others to do the same through the quality resources and knowledge he shares through his business.

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