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When it comes to providing clean, safe drinking water for you and your family, a Berkey water filtration system is an excellent choice. Not only do these systems effectively remove harmful contaminants like heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, and harmful chemicals, but they also retain beneficial minerals that improve the taste and nutritional value of your water. But with so many Berkey water filter systems available, it can be challenging to determine which size is right for you. In this blog, we'll help you navigate the different sizes and features to find the perfect Berkey system for your needs.


How Do Berkey Water Filters Work?

Berkey water purifiers use gravity filters with Black Berkey purification elements to remove harmful contaminants and inorganic minerals while retaining essential minerals for high-quality, clean water. These stainless steel chambers consist of an upper chamber where untreated tap water is poured, and a lower chamber where filtered water is collected. As water pressure pushes the water through the Black Berkey elements, harmful substances are removed, and the purified water flows into the bottom chamber.

Berkey Water Filter Models

Sport Berkey

The Sport Berkey is the perfect personal use filter. Small, lightweight, and portable, this filter is great for travel, exercise, and personal office use. Holding 22 oz, the Sport Berkey is the perfect bottle to take with you on the go. 

Travel Berkey

Travel Berkey System

The Travel Berkey is the most compact full filter system available. This system is ideal for trips away from home for 1-2 people and perfect for small families who mainly use water for drinking. Its small size means fitting perfectly on most countertops or even into suitcases.

Big Berkey

Big Berkey System

The Big Berkey is Berkey’s most popular water filter on the market. It’s slightly larger than the Travel Berkey, making it ideal for small families who also want to use water for cooking as well.  It is perfect for taking in an RV or placed in a cabin or tiny home.  

Berkey Light

Made from high-quality BPA-free food-grade plastic, the Berkey Light is a cost-effective and portable alternative to the heavier stainless steel models. One of it’s best features is being able to see how much water is left in the chamber at all times without having to lift the lid.  

Royal Berkey

The Royal Berkey filters water 14% faster than the Big Berkey and is quickly becoming a favorite in the Berkey Filter lineup. With a larger holding capacity and faster filtration time, the Royal Berkey is ideal for those with larger families, or who want to use their filtered water for pets, plants, and cooking.  

Imperial Berkey

Similar to the Royal Berkey but with even more capacity, the Imperial is great for larger families with high water consumption or businesses needing to accommodate the frequent drinking needs of multiple people. With space for 6 filters now, you can filter water faster than with other models.   

Crown Berkey 

The biggest Berkey filtration system yet, the Crown Berkey is capable of housing 8 filters for incredibly fast filtration. An impressive 6 Gallon capacity means taking care of water needs for dozens of people. The Crown Berkey is ideal for schools, large offices, community centers, gyms, and work sites.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Berkey System:

Big Berkey
  1. Flow Rate: The flow rate of a Berkey system depends on the number of Black Berkey purification elements installed. Larger systems with more elements will produce water faster, ensuring you have enough clean water for everyday use or emergency situations.
  2. Holding Capacity: Consider your peak water consumption needs, including drinking, cooking, and outdoor activities. A larger holding capacity ensures you have enough clean water on hand when you need it.
  3. Portability: Smaller systems like the Travel Berkey or Go Berkey Kit are more portable, making them ideal for outdoor adventures or trips to remote locations.
  4. Longevity and Maintenance: All Berkey systems require replacement filters and parts over time, so consider the availability and cost of these items when choosing a system.

What Is The Holding Capacity Of Berkey Water Filtration Systems?

The more water your Berkey Water Filter can hold, the more water you’ll have during peak time when you need it most. You need to ensure the holding capacity is enough to take care of all your water needs including drinking, cooking, or other uses.  




Travel Berkey

1.5 Gallons 


Big Berkey

2.25 Gallons


Berkey Light

2.75 Gallons


Royal Berkey

3.0 Gallons


Imperial Berkey

4.5 Gallons


Crown Berkey

6.0 Gallons 


What Is The Flow Rate Of Berkey Water Filtration Systems?


Flow Rate

Flow Rate (Additional Filters)

Travel Berkey

2.75 Gallons

2.75 Gallons

Big Berkey

3.5 Gallons

7 Gallons

Berkey Light

3.75 Gallons

7 Gallons

Royal Berkey

4.0 Gallons

8 Gallons

Imperial Berkey

5.5 Gallons

11/16.5 Gallons

Crown Berkey

6.5 Gallons

13/19.5/26 Gallons

Don’t Buy Too Small

Royal Berkey at Wild Oak Trail

When choosing your Berkey Water filter system, think about your water needs now and if your water needs might change in the future. What will your water requirements look like in 5 years or 10 years?  Will you be expanding your family? Will your living circumstances change?

If you’re having trouble deciding between two sizes, it’s usually best to go with the larger filter to future proof your needs and ensure you and your family always have enough water.  

To determine what size you need, you’ll need to figure out which of the following you’ll be using your filtered water for.  

  • Drinking-Water
  • Cooking Water
  • Hygiene Water
  • Pet Water
  • Plant/Garden Water
  • Berkey Water Elements

    All Berkey Water Filter systems come with 2 elements, but several can be expanded to 4 and even up to 8 elements. As each element can filter up to 3000 liters of water before replacement, you may want to have them installed now instead of having to replace them later.  

    The more elements your Berkey Water System has, the faster water flows through it and the less time it takes to get larger quantities of clean filtered water.  

    Berkey Accessories

    Berkey Primer

    A hand-powered tool used to prime your filters for cleaning and before initial use when there’s no access to water pressure from a faucet. 

    Berkey Glass Spigot

    The glass spigot lets you get an instant reading on how much water is left in your lower chamber without lifting the upper chamber. 

    Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

    The stainless steel spigot is an upgrade replacement for the standard plastic spigots. Made with food-grade stainless steel, features like faster flow rates and smoother valve design gives you better access to your water.  

    Berkey Stainless Steel Stand

    These stands raise your Berkey system 5 inches up allowing you to fill your glass, cup, or container from the spigot more easily.  

    Berkey Shower Filter

    Berkey has come out with high-quality shower fittings that reduce contaminants like bacteria, algae, and chlorine. The fitting is compatible with any shower head or water pipe and comes with a massage attachment.  


    Choosing the right Berkey water filtration system ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. By considering factors like flow rate, holding capacity, portability, and maintenance, you can find the perfect size Berkey system to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your loved ones. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable source of clean water, whether at home or during outdoor activities and emergency situations.


    Do you have any questions about Berkey Water Filters or other off grid, camping, or prepper supplies? At Wild Oak Trail, we’re here to help with all your questions. Give us a call or start a chat with us today!

    Saxon Funk
    Saxon Funk

    Saxon Funk, co-founder and driving force behind Wild Oak Trail, embodies the spirit of self-sufficiency and preparedness. Launching the venture over six years ago with his wife, Hailey, Saxon has steeped himself in mastering solar generators, heating solutions, food storage, and off-grid living essentials, becoming a veritable guru in the field. His expertise is more than theoretical; it's practical, as evidenced by his own home, equipped with the very products Wild Oak Trail proudly offers. Saxon's passion extends beyond commerce; he thrives on the assurance of providing for his family in any circumstance, fervently believing in empowering others to do the same through the quality resources and knowledge he shares through his business.

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