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Powering a Detached Garage With an EcoFlow Generator

by Hunter Kissam November 21, 2022 3 min read

Do you have a detached garage or other structure on your property? Unfortunately, if it doesn't have power, then you can't use it for much.

However, you can easily power your essential devices in with the right portable generators. Here's how an EcoFlow generator can help transform your accessory dwelling unit!

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Optimize Your Input

Of course, your portable power station can use solar panels, but that's not your only option. If your garage is close to your house, you can plug it into an AC wall outlet to charge in under 2 hours. For the lowest charge time, you can bring your Delta Pro to an EV station with fast-charging capabilities! The X-stream technology in the Delta Pro and Delta 2 allows for the fastest charge of nearly any EcoFlow smart generator, even with the 3600 Wh capacity.

However, with an EcoFlow Delta Max and other EcoFlow products, a portable solar panel setup is the way to go. Not only are they the cleanest energy, but sunlight is entirely free and accessible outside of your garage. This is much more affordable than running a traditional gas generator.

Consider Adding a Circuit Breaker

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

With the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, you can attach any EcoFlow generator to your home circuits. Buy adding them to your garage, this can make for seamless wiring and optimal energy consumption. The Smart Home Panel uses a battery management system that can maximize the use of your energy and offer an uninterruptible power supply during power failures.

Of course, you can also add it to your home for home backup during power outages, but if you need to convert your off-grid garage or cabin, this can make a world of difference!

Still, the EcoFlow power station will have plenty of AC outlets and USB ports, so you shouldn't have to worry about keeping it plugged in. Just remember to keep the system in the garage, and you can hook it up to outside solar panels with ease!

What Can My EcoFlow Generator Power?

The most common reasons to convert your garage is for a workshop or a home gym. Either way, you'll need some power.

Whether you want to run a sewing machine, woodshop, or just some lights and speakers, you may need more than one extension cord to do the job. The Delta Pro is the most powerful Ecoflow generator, which could power an EcoFlow Wave portable air conditioner for days.

For power tools, you should have no problem running saws, drills, and sanders for a full day, especially with solar input. LED lights, speakers, and other small appliances should have no problem. You can use the EcoFlow app to see how your battery performs!

If your garage is primarily used for storage, then your portable power generator may need to power small home appliances like refrigerators or freezers. These have higher energy demands and run 24/7, so we recommend using a higher battery capacity and a large solar array.

Regardless of your use, we definitely recommend solar charging. Having one or two portable solar panels can help keep your EcoFlow generator powered for the long run, keeping your garage in check. If you need a higher capacity, you can always add an extra battery pack!

Which EcoFlow Generator Is Right For Me?

EcoFlow Generators

If you're running multiple large power tools, small air conditioners, or a refrigerator, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is your best option. Alternatively, you could choose the Delta Max, but you may need some extra batteries.

Conversely, if you only need enough for some LED lights and speakers, the EcoFlow River should offer more than enough renewable energy!

Either way, make sure you use LED lights, as they run at up to 12x the efficiency of incandescent bulbs. Also, remember to keep your solar panels in direct sunlight!

Buy an EcoFlow Generator Today

Now that you know what an EcoFlow generator can do for your off-grid garage or shelter, choose the one you need to power your electronic devices today. The high power capacity can transform your space into a usable shop, gym, garage, or storage space!

Stay up to date with our latest tips for homeowners, and buy an EcoFlow generator today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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