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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Inergy Apex Portable Solar Generator

by Cherry May March 15, 2019 3 min read

Still unsure if you need the new Inergy Apex Portable Solar Generator? Let me put your doubts to rest.

Nobody wants to be in the dark. Most especially in an emergency situation or even in any situation for that matter, having no access to power is the last thing that people need. It makes us more vulnerable and can induce a great deal of anxiety. Not to mention the imminent dangers that interrupted power can bring to those who are fully dependent on electrical medical equipment. These are only a few solid reasons which makes a portable solar generator such a perfect investment.

Currently, the solar power industry offers a variety of options at your disposal. The innovation and technology behind most of these products are quite impressive. Take the new Apex Portable Generator for example. This updated version of the famous Inergy’s Kodiak generator is very much capable of satisfying every possible demand when it comes to juicing up your electronics.

Inergy Apex boasts its combined versatility and power. It definitely means business. Which is why it is deemed as one of the ultimate self-sustaining power sources you can find in the market.


To convince you further, here are 5 more reasons why you should get one for yourself:

1. User-Friendly

When disaster strikes, we need to be well-equipped with power. Inergy Apex can provide what you need and more. Inergy Apex is very easy to use. With the aid of the comprehensive manuals and proper guidance from your friendly and supportive staff at Wild Oak Trail, you can easily make this product work. You can even help out other members of the family to do so. In that way, anybody can operate this product in case of an emergency.

2. It can be charged in three different ways

You can conveniently charge the Inergy Apex using it's wall-charger, the car charger or attach solar panels for even longer sustainability. This means you've got power whenever and wherever you need it.

3. Ultra-lightweight

The Inergy Apex is quite portable at 25 pounds. Just conveniently place the Apex Generator on top of any flat, sturdy surface and you are good to go. Since the Apex is not as heavy as the traditional generators, you can easily haul the Inergy Apex Generator wherever your thirst for adventure takes you.

4. High-Efficiency Inverter

In choosing your generator, you have to know how important the Inverter is. If a generator has a lower rating, it simply means that you may not be able to power devices and appliances that require higher wattage amounts. Apex uses 1,500 watts of continuous pure sine wave with a 3,000 watts starting surge. With this rating, you'll be able to power the following:

5. Good Battery Capacity

To follow the rule of thumb, you have to consider that the higher the battery capacity is, the longer your generator will work in between recharges. The Lithium-Ion (NMC) battery of Inergy Apex has a capacity of 1100w with a battery life expectancy of 2,000 cycles or 10 years. If that's not enough, Inergy also allows battery expansion with their own Inergy external Lithium-Ion, 12V lead acid or AGM deep cycle battery. 

Ensuring your power in any kind of emergency is a wonderful way to be prepared. Choose a dependable solar backup generator that can keep the essential components of your home running all throughout an outage. This will not only help you save money from buying extra fuel and dealing with the noise but also, this can even keep you safe from unhealthy fumes or carbon emissions. 

With a basic knowledge of electricity and a few high-powered, well-placed panels, you can have the comfort and security that comes from knowing that you will always have power in your home, regardless of how your power grid is functioning.

Their original generator, the Inergy Kodiak was very well-received by people who love the great outdoors, preppers and families who just want to be ready when disaster comes knocking on their front door. Their positive reviews are overwhelming and so people are already lining up to get their hands on the improved Inergy Apex. If you would like to get yours too, click here.

Power your life, choose Apex.

If you need more convincing, or if you have any questions regarding the Inergy Apex, don't hesitate to reach us here:

Call 1-844-WILDOAK (945-3625)
Email info@wildoaktrail.com


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Cherry May
Cherry May

Cherry May, the heart of Wild Oak Trail as the Store Manager, brings an unmatched dedication to customer service enriched by six years of hands-on experience and learning. Her journey with Wild Oak Trail has seen her evolve into a cornerstone of the community, renowned for her expertise in off-grid living, solar generators, and comprehensive prepping. Customers and colleagues alike applaud her for an impeccable service ethos, effortlessly blending profound knowledge with a genuine commitment to meeting every individual's needs.

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