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6 Reasons Why you Need to Consider Having a Portable Generator

by Jefferson Ebasan April 23, 2021 4 min read

As homeowners, we are always searching for ways to secure one of the most important assets we will ever make – our house. Using a portable generator to protect your home and loved ones is a brilliant idea and a wise investment for any homeowner. With changing weather patterns from season to season and sometimes volatile circumstances, getting a generator on hand can be a huge help in an emergency.

Storms and unforeseen conditions will knock out power at the most inconvenient times. For sudden storms and weather conditions, a portable generator is the best option. If the area you live in is affected by frequent power outages, you may want to consider installing a permanent backup power source, such as a propane generator. While portable generators do not usually restore full power to your house, they will provide you with the energy you need to use and enjoy the appliances and facilities in your home during the most powerful storms.

What is an Emergency Backup Generator?

When the electricity goes out, an emergency backup generator provides power to the home. A backup generator can store a certain amount of electricity, while regular electrical lines supply power to homes indefinitely.

It's essentially a large battery that can fuel your entire home. Although portable backup generators are available, the majority are now more significant and permanently mounted. A-frame, rotating shaft, bearings, field windings, armature, stator, commutator, and brush assembly make up most generators.

The shaft works with a propeller to generate energy, while the frame keeps all of the components together. By rotating inside the stator, the armature, which is rotated by the propeller, induces electromagnetic induction, while the bearings act to minimize friction caused by the spinning.

The electric current travels through the field windings, then through the commutator, where it is stored before being sent out through the brush assembly. Most backup generators also have a sensor that detects when your main power supply is turned off and switches on the backup generator.

A Decision Based on Needs

To some extent, deciding whether or not you require a standby generator is purely personal. Even a single blackout might be enough to convince some people to invest in a generator. But, more often than not, the probability of a power loss determines the need. Suppose you live in an environment where blackouts often occur (more than three times a year) or over long periods (more than several hours). In that case, a backup generator becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. After you've settled on a standby generator, the next step is determining the appropriate capacity.

6 Reasons Why you Need to Consider Having a Portable Generator

Many people unfamiliar with generators are hesitant to consider making such an investment due to a large amount of incorrect information available. Portable generators are generally regarded as expensive investments that can be difficult to maintain and repair. But nothing could be further from the facts. Generators can range in price from $250 to thousands of dollars, depending on the size, brand, and model you're looking for.

When you consider the total amount of benefits a generator will offer you during a storm or other emergency, the total cost of a generator is meager. A state-of-the-art portable generator might be the perfect, reliable solution for you if there is snow on the ground, a loud thunder and lightning storm, or even a pesky critter that bites through the power lines.

1. Keeping Your House Safe in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Although electricity can go out on its own, numerous natural disasters can knock out your power. Wind and lightning are natural occurrences that can knock out your passion in most parts of the world. Earthquakes and storms, such as blizzards or hurricanes, are less common.

Earthquakes, flooding, and tornadoes will knock out your power lines. Although the weather can knock out electricity, small animals climbing up utility poles are responsible for a surprising number of outages. In such cases, getting a backup generator can mean the difference between life and death.

2. Prevent Food from Spoiling

Power outages are notorious for being unpredictably timed. When you've just stocked up your fridge, and the electricity goes out, you know you've wasted money and will be without meals for the week. An emergency solar generator  will keep your fridge and freezer running smoothly, avoiding this stressful situation.

3. Maintain a Relaxing Environment in your Home.

Although we can all survive without electricity for a brief period, the longer an interruption persists, the less comfortable your home would be without the usual—and necessary—amenities. No one enjoys sitting in the dark for long periods without heat (or air conditioning). Your family would be happy, relaxed, and calm if you have a generator.

4. Maintain the Functionality of your Critical Appliances.

Having an emergency generator would enable you to keep your home's essential appliances running, such as lights, refrigerators, and even medical equipment. That way, when the electricity is restored, your household won't be left in the dark.

5. Flood Insurance will Help you Protect your House.

Thunderstorms bring rain, which may result in flooding. Fortunately, your home's sump pump can protect you from flooding until the electricity goes out. Without power, an electric sump pump would not work. If you have a generator, you can use it to keep your sump pump going and prevent flooding in your basement during heavy rains.

6. Peace of Mind

Nobody enjoys feeling powerless in a crisis. One way to be cautious and prepared for the inevitable is to have a generator. You won't have to rely on the local power provider, and you can rest easy knowing that your home will keep running and your family happy until the power is restored.

Are you able to enjoy that sense of calm? To learn more about our emergency generator choices, contact Wild Oak Trail today! Our knowledgeable technicians will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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