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Nature's Generator Review: The Best Portable Generator?

by Hunter Kissam April 16, 2021 12 min read

There's nothing more exciting than spending your summer outdoors. You can throw various activities like a weeklong camping trip or a party in your yard. But whatever recreation you're down for, make the most out of it by inviting your family and friends over.

Having an outdoor activity this summer is a great way to catch up with your loved ones. So if you're thinking of throwing one, make sure to bring a portable generator with you.

In this guide, learn all the benefits of adding a generator to your outdoor recreation. We'll also list some of the best activities you can do. We will also review the three of the most reliable portable generators from Nature's Generator.

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Why Get Nature's Generator for Your Outdoor Activities?

Photo of Nature's Generator Elite in side view in a white background.

Many difficulties may happen in outdoor activities. One of the most common issues is a power outage in your area. Not only does this dampen your guests' mood, but it can also lead to accidents and injuries. So the best way to prevent this from happening is to keep your portable generator close and know what the Emergency Survival Checklist is.

This compact device provides you with a stable power source, ensuring that all your devices are running. Whether it be your phone, laptop, or speakers, your portable generator can keep them working for hours. Having one on your trips or parties can ensure a smooth flow without delays or problems.

But there are more benefits to having a portable generator for your outdoor activities. We've listed these advantages below.

1. It can keep your audience entertained.

No one likes experiencing inconveniences during an event. So it's best to stay prepared in case a power outage comes up. If not, your guests can get easily bored. It may also make you look unprepared, leaving you with a poor impression.

However, having a portable generator can ensure that your lighting and music system are running. Not only will this keep your guests entertained throughout the event, but it can also make them feel more appreciated. 

2. It ensures your devices are running.

Your devices are always at risk of running out of battery when you're outdoors unless you have extras in your battery storage. Without a power outlet around, it'll be nearly impossible to charge your phones or tablets. What's worse is that some medical devices also need a stable supply of electricity. On top of these, a sudden outage can also damage your devices.

But portable generators will save you from all the trouble. You can keep your equipment running even when a power outage lasts for hours. You can also prevent food spoilage and provide lighting at night.

3. It maintains your guests' security.

Your portable generator doesn't only keep your devices running. It also makes your guests feel safe regardless of the weather and the location of your event.  

Since we'll never know what can happen outdoors, we're more prone to accidents and injuries. For instance, having a faulty lighting system at night can make you stumble on rocks or fallen branches. Natural disasters like heavy winds and downpours may also happen while we're outside.

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4. It makes your outdoor activities more enjoyable and cozy.

The summer heat can be a bit too much for some people. But that doesn't mean you can no longer enjoy your outdoor trips. With a portable generator, you can keep your fans or refrigerator running to give you some peace of mind.

5. It's energy-efficient.

Finally, a portable generator is energy-efficient, providing you with a stable power source without wasting a dime. Because of that, this device is affordable and has a low maintenance cost.

What Outdoor Activities Can Benefit from Nature's Generator?

There's no better way to spend some time with your family and friends than by going outdoors in the summer. Whether it be an overnight camping trip or a simple family picnic in your yard, these recreations can help you make lasting memories with your loved ones. Below are some of the most exciting outdoor activities you can try out.

1. Go on a Camping Trip.

Outdoor campfire

The most exciting outdoor activity you can do with your family is an overnight camping trip. It's an excellent way to introduce your kids to various plants and animals. On top of that, you'll also get to appreciate nature's beauty more.

However, camping outdoors doesn't mean you'd have to limit your electricity usage. Your portable generator can power your appliances and make your trip more cozy and enjoyable. You can bring your coffee maker or refrigerator to ensure your food and drinks are fresh. You can also set up a small TV to watch movies under the night sky with your family or friends.

But if you want to spend more time in the wilderness, you can extend your stay for a week or two. You don't need to worry about anything because your portable generator is by your side.

2. Have a Family Picnic.

Outdoor picnic

If you're not into the wilderness, you can also throw a family picnic in your local park or even your backyard. But if you want to step it up a notch, you can also host a family gathering for you and your relatives. With a portable generator, you can supply power to your refrigerator, lighting system, and karaoke machines.

3. Join a Tailgate Party.

Tailgate party

Being a sports fan won't be complete if you haven't attended a tailgate party before the live game. This outdoor activity allows you to grill some meat at the back of your car. You can also chug beer and meet other people who share the same sports interests as you. You can do all these and more without using your car's battery storage as long as you have a portable generator around.

4. Throw a Barbecue Night.

Outdoor barbeque

You may be thinking twice about throwing a barbecue party in the morning or afternoon because of the summer heat. But you can always host it at night when it's cooler. Add some party lights and music to make your experience more enjoyable and memorable.

5. Organize a Charity Fundraiser.

Summer is the best time for your kids to do fundraisers for a charity of their choice. You can help them set up a lemonade stand or bake sales to raise money. With a portable generator, it's a lot easier to power your equipment to ensure that your drinks and sweets are fresh.

6. Arrange a Community Festival.

Outdoor party with Nature's Generator

You don't have to settle for small gatherings with your portable generator. You can also organize festivals like an art fair or a farmers' market showcasing various goods. You can also set up other community and church events for a larger group of people.


Pros and Cons of Nature's Generator

Nature's Generator won't break your budget for an emergency supply of backup, renewable electricity for under $1,000 for only the unit. However, because it uses ancient, out-of-date AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery pack technology, Nature's Generator is far less expensive than other solar generator solutions available today (more on this later).

Nature's Generator Pros

Nature's Generator power pod offers a 100 Ah sealed lead acid battery, which can offer up to 720Wh of electricity.

Perfect Emergency Power on Wheels

First and foremost, Nature's Generator's rolling cart is a significant plus. The device's robust wheels and product casing make it easy to carry in a home, RV, or anywhere else where energy is required.

While the cart is handy, it is also necessary. This entire system weighs 90 lbs out of the box, twice as much as similar solar generators from other brands.


Power Output

The internal battery then puts out the electrical energy using an 1800-watt pure sine wave inverter makes up most of the weight of Nature's Generator. With this much power, you may utilize the three AC outlets without worrying about overloading the system. The DC outlet is also a nice feature that can bypass the inverter and allow for longer electronic runtimes.

Aside from that, with only one type of USB connector, the Nature Generator's output interface is quite limited. So before purchasing a generator, double-check the USB type for your phones, tablets, cameras, and other gadgets. A range of USB solutions may work well for many folks.


Solar and Wind Input Charging Feature

Nature's Generator also has wind and solar panel input capabilities, which is an excellent feature. While some high-capacity generators (such as the Titan) can handle wind and solar, most green generators in Nature's price range cannot.

Wind-powered charging may be the only method to keep this device alive off the grid if you intend on doing a lot of traveling or reside in a region with minimal sunlight. Even though charging speeds are sometimes slow and inconsistent, wind power can keep your batteries going all night.


Expandable Batteries

Finally, one of the main selling aspects of Nature's Generator is its chainable battery capacity. This system makes it simple to charge multiple battery banks for backup power for emergencies. With this in mind, the device's 720 watt-hour capacity can be increased only within budgetary constraints. It's also feasible to link together numerous Nature's Generators.



This portable solar generator has an LED light fuel gauge on the front of the unit, allowing for easy use and monitoring of your system. This will help you understand your input and output to get the most out of every charge!



Nature's Generator emits no toxic fumes or health hazards, unlike standard gas generators. You won't lose any options for charging either, with plenty of USB ports and AC outlets to choose from!


Nature's Generator Cons

While Nature's Generator has several positive features, it also has several negatives that go beyond its obvious flaws, as we discovered in our review. Given the expenditure, it's critical to grasp Nature's Generator's shortcomings while calculating its return on investment.


Technology for AGM Batteries

Nature's Generator AGM battery is an immediate red signal if you're experienced with off-grid electricity storage. Lithium technology, which is lighter and more efficient than AGM batteries, is used in most modern solar generators and off-grid storage systems.

Lithium-ion batteries usually are more expensive upfront, but they also have longer and more productive lives. With this in mind, the cost of installing lithium battery-powered solar generators often outweighs the cost of replacing lead-acid batteries with shorter lifespans.


500-800 Battery Lifecycles

This means that the battery will need to be replaced within two years of purchase if used daily. Although the battery can be replaced, this adds additional expense and time that superior (lithium-based) generators can avoid.


Solar Charging Is Slow, and DC Input is limited.

Nature's Generator's poor charging speeds are another disadvantage. This device can charge using solar panels in 10-15 hours under optimal sunlight, implying that it cannot be fully charged in a single day. Although you can set your batteries using the wind 24 hours a day, the highly fluctuating charging speeds make it difficult to charge them or estimate when capacity will be achieved fully.

The built-in charge controller is designed for Nature's Generator limit solar input and wind power inputs to 200W and 300W, respectively. This solar-powered generator is on the low end of high-powered devices compared to other solar generators, making it challenging to gather enough sunlight to maintain energy use in vans, RVs, or off-grid cabins.

If you want to charge your solar-powered generator at home before going on camping vacations or other outings, Nature's Generator AC charge period of 10-15 hours is not perfect. However, many solar-powered generators can charge their batteries (sometimes considerably more significant than the ones found in Nature) in a fraction of the time.


Shelf Life Is Limited

Next, Nature's Generator's 2-3 month shelf life severely limits its usefulness as an emergency power source. The manufacturer suggests that this item be recharged every 2-3 months to keep its power reserve, which can be inconvenient 4 to 5 times a year.

Nature's Generator's restricted shelf life is, of course, due to the AGM battery. In more reliable solar powered generator, lithium-ion batteries with equal capacities have a shelf life of 6-12 months.



Finally, while Nature's Generator is on wheels, it weighs over 100 pounds, making it difficult to lift into and out of your home, vehicle, or RV. The AGM battery within Nature's Generator is the cause for its weight. Newer lithium-based generators, such as the EcoFlow Delta 1800, are lighter and have a larger battery capacity. As you can see, there is a significant weight difference between lithium and AGM batteries.


The Best Generators For Your Outdoor Activities 

When choosing the best generator of 2021, you'll usually come upon two types in the market - portable and standby generators. Although both kinds ensure a stable power source, they have their advantages and disadvantages. We'll take a quick overview of these pros and cons below.


Portable vs. Standby Generators

Standby generators don't offer much flexibility since you'll need to install them permanently on your house. Because of that, it's almost impossible to bring this equipment to any of your outdoor activities. It's also pretty expensive, especially if you're on a tight budget.

But with these limitations, is there any alternative to ensure a stable electricity supply for your outdoor activities?

That's where portable generators come into play. They're an affordable yet flexible and practical option for people looking for some outdoor fun. You can bring them with you whether you're going on a camping trip in the forest or simply a family reunion in your yard.

What Makes Nature's Generator Products The Best?

Photo of Nature's Generator Elite Cart extended in a white background.

Browsing for the right portable generator can be challenging. You'll have many options from various brands and stores. But today's your lucky day because we'll tell you one of the highly respected brands - Nature's Generators.

All Nature's Generator portable solar powered generator are budget-friendly and all-around. They provide you with clean and sustainable energy coming from the sun and wind. Although all their products are worth their price, we've narrowed down three of the most affordable and reliable Nature's Generator portable solar powered generator for your outdoor activities below.

Nature's Generator Elite-Gold System

Nature's Generator and solar panel


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If you've heard about the reputation of Nature's Generator products, then you'll enjoy the enhanced features of their latest addition. The Elite-Gold System comes with high-end electronics to give you the best outdoor experience this summer.

This portable Nature's Generator's features exhibit better output wattage and may convert up to 120V for your electricity usage. Unlike older gas generators, Nature's Generator Elite-Gold System is toxic-free, making it an excellent choice for indoor use. With it, you can get the best of both worlds while ensuring that you have enough power supply for your indoor and outdoor activities.

Their bundle comes with their Nature's Power Pod and a durable cart for easy movement to the yard or park. It also doesn't make annoying noises during transportation. On top of that, its polycrystalline Nature's Generator power panels enhance its energy production and storage.

Its 100Ah lead-acid battery also improves its battery run time, giving you up to 150 hours for routers and modems and over 100 recharges for your smartphone.

Nature's Generator - Elite Platinum System

Nature's Generator Elite with three solar panels


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The Elite Platinum System is the latest addition to the expanding Nature's Generator products and accessories. Like the Elite-Gold System, you can use this portable Nature's Generator's product for any outdoor activity you have in mind. It also doesn't need gas to generate free electricity, making it safe to use indoors.

This product prioritizes essential factors to improve your outdoor experience, such as enhanced run time. The Elite Platinum System comes with a 100Ah lead-acid battery for better battery use and low-cost maintenance. It also has a 3600-watt solar inverter for increased output and solar input wattage.

With its Nature's Power Pod, you'll only need to wait for 8 to 12 hours for it to finish charging. You can then get over 40 hours of run time for your refrigerator and other appliances. You also get more than 200 recharges for your smartphone and other gadgets.

Every Elite Platinum System comes with an LCD screen display to inform you about your battery usage, charging status, and other essential information. But what makes this product different from standard generators is that it's noise-free, easily movable with its heavy-duty cart, and most importantly it generate free electricity!

Nature's Generator Gold WE System

Nature's Generator with wind turbine and solar panel

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Last on our list is their highly competitive Gold WE System. Pairing their standard Gold System with their latest Wind Turbine does so much more for your energy needs. Not only will it produce and store more energy for future use, but you'll also have a backup power source in all weather conditions.

The Gold WE System is easy to use, especially for beginners. It has Nature's Generator power panels that are robust and anti-reflective to ensure a stable power supply to your devices. It also comes with an LCD display to show essential information about your device, including its output data and battery level. Its lead-acid battery carries 60Ah, giving you an estimated charge time of 10 to 15 hours.

For around $1500, you can use your 32" TV for more than 30 hours. This run time equates to over 100 recharges for your smartphone. Apart from these devices, you can also power your tablets, LED lights, laptops, kitchen appliances, and construction tools.

The Final Verdict

Whether you go on an overnight camping trip or an outdoor gathering with your friends and family, it's always better to have a backup power source. Not only will you keep your guests entertained with your lighting and music system, but you can also prevent accidents and injuries.

Besides supplying electricity to your devices and appliances indoors, portable generators can also enhance your outdoor experience. With that, Nature's Generator offers you affordable and versatile products for your outdoor recreation. 

Their bundles come with polycrystalline power panels to improve energy production and storage. They also have heavy-duty carts for easy transportation to the park, field, or even your yard. You can also get over 40 hours of run time for your appliances, as well as 100 recharges for your gadgets wherever you are.

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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