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Lion Energy


Ambassadors for the Environment

To voice out the mission and vision of Lion Energy to help the environment, they released the Lion Coalition. The Lion Coalition is a group of ambassadors who aspire to make a difference in the world. They strive to make sustainability accessible to everyone, help heal and protect our ecosystem, and give aid during emergencies.

Aspiring ambassadors must have the passion to make the world a better place through their projects and experiences. They are carefully chosen by the company based on strict criteria, and they must align with the company’s core values.


Lion Energy products can power different appliances, such as a TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, power tools, and many more! They are the leading company that produces all portable power products with Lithium batteries and energy storage that efficiently gives you power for endless charging whenever you need it. All Lion Energy products have undergone rigorous testing, and with their portable design and smart storage control technologies paired with their innovative Lithium batteries, you can't go wrong.

Need to jumpstart your car? You can use the Lion Mini Spark to jump a dead battery! Want to install solar panels in your home? The Lion Safari LT portable power unit and Lion 100 solar panels should do the trick! Lion Energy provides video tutorials on how to get things done easily using their products and the power of the sun. You’ll be surprised that the path toward freedom and energy independence isn’t that hard!

Lion Energy has some of the best solar generator products on the market. They include portable power stations, other portable power products, portable handheld power banks, lithium batteries, lightweight foldable solar panels, EMP bag, etc. One of the bestsellers is the Lion Safari UT 1300.

UT 1300 is the latest Lithium battery technology made by the company. Like other Lion Energy’s lithium batteries, UT 1300 replaces the traditional deep-cycle lead-acid battery cells with Iron Phosphate, the safest Lithium, and is said to be reliable and super user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about replacing your battery frequently.

Love camping or hiking? The Off-Grid Camping Package is safe for everyone who wants to go on an adventure off-grid. It provides silent power and portable power for cooking, communication on social media, or just jamming the night away with family and friends. You'll really be able to unwind off the grid. If you also experience power outages at home, this is your best friend who can give you enough power for hours!

You can charge your phone or laptop with the heat of the sun. Start incorporating solar energy at home by using solar panels. Lion Energy’s ultra-efficient, rugged solar panels are easy to use because of their plug-and-play setup!

The best part of purchasing any Lion Energy product is the lifetime warranty. If you are unsatisfied or if there are any defects with your product, they’ll be more than glad to replace it with a new and functioning one.

The Lion Safari ME's Major Features





Renewable Solar Generator

Lion Safari ME can be fully charged in an hour and a half; you won’t worry about batteries running out of power at any time!

Side View Picture of the Lion Energy - Lion Safari

Picture of Lion Energy Safari ME battery pack stacked





Long-lasting Charge Retention

Lion Energy ME can hold power for a year or longer if maintained properly.


Extended Use

It can hold extended daily use of over 2500 cycles with its Depth of Discharge

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari - Run Times

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari Me charging ports





Fast Charging Capabilities

Lion Safari ME can recharge as fast as 83 minutes!



Expandable Energy Capacity

The expandable expansion pack gives you three times the amount of energy you've saved.

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari Me and Expansion Battery Pack

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari - Carry Handles





Transportation Convenience

Easy-to-carry handles and a compact weight



Environment Friendly

During use, there are no emissions and no carbon footprint.

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari Me charging with Solar

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari - Multiple Output Ports





Multiple Outputs

It accepts almost any computer with an AC, USB, or controlled 12V output.



Power to Spare

Lion Safari ME has a pass-through power mode and an initial 4000W surge for the additional power needed.

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari used to power power tools

Picture of Lion Energy - Lion Safari - Battery And Solar Expansion Kit





Solar Watt Input

You can use up to six solar panels to charge the Lion Energy Storage Systems ME and the ME-XP (expansion battery). You can also use other branded solar panels that are > 36V VMP and < 60V VOC.

Our Featured Lion Energy Solar Generator Products



Use the lion mini spark to jump a dead car battery


The process of installing the savannah IV kit from start to end


Install the Ling Safari LT power unit and the Lion 100 panel on a shed


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