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Whatever your passion is, may it be camping, off-grid living, disaster preparedness, Wild Oak Trail is here to absolutely support your lifestyle choices. With that being said, we offer a great variety of brands and products that can efficiently provide you with much needed outdoor living.

Wild Oak Trail would like you to enjoy being one with nature and be comfortable while doing so. Here, we showcase various shelters that you can fully rely on.


 Barebones Living is a purpose-driven organization that was founded from a desire to do good. They leverage their products, profits, expertise, and experience to do a whole lot of great things in meaningful and impactful ways. Buying from this company is like making an investment for a better world.


Since the company was originally situated on the banks of Catoma Creek, in Montgomery, Alabama, the name was then borrowed and so Catoma was born. The people behind Catoma were outdoor enthusiasts who are greatly equipped when it comes to various outdoor activities. Their hands-on experience and passion for the extreme highly impacted the thought process behind the design of the products.


The globally recognized Disc-O-Bed is highly popular due to its unique ability to design and deliver bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system. Starting as a family-owned business since 1988 with a strong urge to challenge conventional cot wisdom, Disc-O-Bed has been quite successful. Their entrepreneurial staff is hard working and service oriented, proudly backed by a unique and awesome product.
Through its patented disc system – hence the name – the company consistently meets and exceeds the extreme demands of Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment worldwide. Disc-offers offer a product that is robust, transportable; simple to assemble, is hygienic and offers a quick, effective and comfortable sleep solution.


Built with impressive aircraft-grade aluminum struts and hubs made from a heat, cold and UV resistant nylon polycarbonate, rest assured that these shelters by Harvest Right are built to last. They are not only strong but very durable and quite easy to assemble. The geodesic shape ultimately provides a spacious interior and this patented design makes it a "snap" to put up and take down.

These shelters are also very versatile as you can use them in glamping, emergency situations or even convert them into greenhouses. Harvest right also offers you a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.