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Solar Generators Vs Fuel Generators

Titan Solar Generator Vs Fuel Generator

In the world of outdoor portable power generators, do solar battery generators or fuel generators reign supreme? It’s a debate that’s been raging since the beginning of time (well, over the last few decades, anyway). 

The increase in battery storage and expansion capacity of modern solar battery generators (like the EcoFlow Delta 1300 OR Titan Generators) has led to a recent surge in popularity, but do portable solar generators deserve the increased attention they’re getting? Are standard generators going the way of the dinosaurs? 

Both solar and fuel generators have their pros and cons, but which should you rely on for your power needs?

What Is A Portable Solar Generator?

A solar-powered generator is a portable power station that relies on energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels like gasoline, wood, and diesel in order to create electricity.

How does a solar generator work? To put it simply, the sun’s energy is captured by solar panels and stored in the unit’s built-in battery. This direct current (DC) energy is then converted to alternating current (AC) through an inverter, and ready to plug into and charge your devices. 

A Few Benefits Of Solar Generators

  • Solar generators are noiseless - The sweet sound of silence, can you hear it? With no moving parts to generate noises, one of the most important benefits of solar generators is that they run silently.
  • Solar generators require less maintenance - With no moving parts to wear and tear, they rarely break down or need to be taken in for servicing. 
  • Solar generators run for free - Solar power is free power. No worrying about short fuel supplies in case of emergencies or rising fuel prices. 
  • Solar generators are better for the environment - Solar doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gases, being better for the environment and safer for the air around you to breathe. 
  • Want to know more great benefits of solar generators? Check out our full list of solar generator pros and cons.

    Portable Fuel Generators

    A fuel-powered generator is an internal combustion engine that injects a mixture of air and fuels like gasoline and diesel into a combustion chamber where pistons compress them and spark plugs ignite the fuel.

    Benefits Of Fuel Generators

  • Fuel generators are compact - Fuel generators can put out a huge amount of power while being quite small and compact. 
  • Fuel generators are easy to operate - Just pour in fuel, pull the cord (or push start), and it runs itself. 
  • Fuel generators are cheaper and very common - Fuel generators have been around forever and as such there are dozens of different models and types, as well as being a bit cheaper than solar generators. 
  • Fuel generators are powerful - fuel generators put out considerably more power than a solar generator of the same size and can run forever as long as fuel is provided.
  • Fuel generators are reliable - fuel generators are not weather-dependent.
    • When To Use You A Solar Generator

      Solar generators are perfect for some smaller energy needs such as  camping & off-grid living or powering electronic devices. They are extremely portable and easy to transport, and are best used where weather conditions are sunny. As these generators are quiet, emission-free, and zero cost to operate, they are perfect for RV use and camping, or anywhere in the home.

        When To Use A Fuel Generator

        Due to their dependability and huge energy production, fuel generators are more suitable for larger energy needs such as backup power for your home or running during bad weather. 

        What Size Generator Do I Need?

        Choosing the right portable generator is not an easy task. You need to tally all running watts, surge watts, and then determine how long you need to run those devices.

        Other considerations include the runtime, outlet types and numbers, portability, and features.

        So Who Is The Winner?

        Both fuel and solar generators are capable of running for long periods. The type of generator you choose depends on what you need to power. Backup power for the entire house during a blackout may require a fuel generator. A camping or RV trip or powering smaller devices and appliances will benefit from the zero cost, emissions, and noise of a solar and battery-powered generator. 

        Remember that most solar generators have bundles and expansion capacity, so larger energy requirements can still be fulfilled by solar and battery generators. 

        Solar generators give you power without the risk of parts failing or fuel sources running out in an emergency. There are a few circumstances when full fuel generators are needed, but generally, most of your power needs can be taken care of with a good quality solar and battery generator. 

        Do you need help choosing your generator?

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