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Mango Power E Premium Power Independence Kit

E Premium Power Independence Kit by Mango Power

The Mango Power E Premium Power Independence Kit levels up your overall Energy Independence experience by harnessing the power of the Sun. With two powerful Mango Power E paired with the Mango Power Solar Panels(4X), you get access to free, unlimited, clean, and renewable energy from the sun to make sure that you stay powered during any power outage or if you want to go off-grid.

Kit Inclusions:

• 2 Mango Power E

• 2 Solar Move 36V 200W

Mango Power E Home Backup and Portable Power Station 

Introducing the Mango Power E, your all-in-one solution for your power needs! The Mango Power E's features are a game changer in the Solar Industry, catering to the needs of families and individuals who are looking for a Solar Generator for backup power or off-grid living. 

The Mango Power E features a 3000W continuous power and 6000W Surge power output, this makes the Mango Power E Power your Appliances and Essentials with ease. Packing a massive 3533Wh, the Mango Power E makes sure you can run your essentials longer, and if that's not enough you have the option to expand the capacity up to 14kWh! The Mango Power E is also capable of Solar Charging with a max input of 2000W, giving you the option to go off-grid or stay powered even during extended power outages.

Mango Power E review

“This is hands-down the easiest, best built, most reliable, high capacity, expandable, set and forget, grid down backup system on the market.” - Paul Smith

Mango Power E Features

Mango Power E Features

Massive Battery Capacity and Expandability

Mango Power E Expansion Capacity

Mango Power E's technology offers the ability to expand the battery capacity in order to meet your power needs and make sure your essentials run longer to survive even extended power outages and support Off-Grid living. On top of that, an option to double the power output is available in order to power even the highest demanding appliances. For more information on appliance run times with Mango Power E, please refer below.

What can the Mango Power E run?

The Mango Power E can run can power most if not all of your Appliances and Essentials thanks to its high power output and battery capacity. To help you get a better picture, here is a comparison of what 1 Mango Power E(3.5kWh Battery) run times compared to the 7kWh and 14kWh max battery capacity options:

Mango Power E Standalone

• Smart Phone - 270 Charges

• Air Conditioner - 2 hours

• Laptop - 50 Charges

• Refrigerator - 48 hours

• Microwave - 2.6 Hours

• Circular Saw - 2 hours

Mango Power E 7kWh kits

• Smart Phone - 540 Charges

• Air Conditioner - 4 hours

• Laptop - 100 Charges

• Refrigerator - 96 hours

• Microwave - 5.2 Hours

• Circular Saw - 4 hours

Mango Power E 14kWh kit

• Smart Phone - 1080 Charges

• Air Conditioner - 8 hours

• Laptop - 200 Charges

• Refrigerator - 192 hours

• Microwave - 10.4 hours

• Circular Saw - 8 hours

*Please note that these runtimes are only running with the batteries and with no Solar Panels connected.

Heavy-Duty Appliances -240V Split-Phase compatible

Expand the Mango Power E to 240V!

The Mango Power E isn't just your traditional Power Station, it also focuses on adaptability and flexibility, making sure to cater to each individual's diverse power needs. Need 240V and more power output? Take advantage of Mango Power E's Ecosystem by utilizing the mSocket Pro accessory. This makes your E power stations a high-powered split-phase generator capable of delivering 240V output and a 6kWh continuous power output. This allows you to power and run large power-consuming appliances such as heaters, dryers, water pumps, and more with ease when you pair two Mango Power E's with the mSocket Pro accessory. With this feature, you are sure to optimize and maximize your Mango Power E for any power demand anytime and anywhere! 

*The mSocket Pro is sold separately.

Battery Tech and Chemistry

The Mango Power E Features LFP Batteries that are the same ultra-durable LFP battery cells as the world's best EVs. Compared to traditional NCA/NCM battery cells these cells charge faster, last longer, and are more reliable. 

Mango Power Battery information

A living testament to this would be Mango Power E's one-of-a-kind warranty which is a 5-year comprehensive Warranty and a 10-year warranty on the CATL Battery Cells.

Mango power warranty

Even with ten years of continuous use, charging, discharging, and recharging constantly, the Power E is sure to perform the same as it did when you got it brand new.

Complete with all the ports you need

Mango power E ports

Mango Power E Review

“The Mango Power E is equipped with all the ports needed to keep your essentials charged, be it in the home or out in the wild!” - Mike D

Mango Power E comes with 16 Ports and 6 different outlets to make sure all your essentials are powered one at a time or all at the same time. The different Outputs in the Mango Power E make sure that it is able to power a wide range of appliances and devices to cater to all your power needs.


• 1x Car Power Port

• 4x AC Output

• 1x AC TT-30P

• 2x DC 5221 12/5A Output

• 1x USB-C 65W Output

• 1x USB-C 100W Output

• 6x USB-A 24W Output


• 1x Grid AC Input

• 1x Solar Input

• 1x E-Link Port

• 1x E+ Port

Home Backup Solution

Mango Power E Home backup

Mangor Power's Ecosystem allows you to integrate the Power E into your home circuit. This feature will give you a sense of security and peace of mind in any emergency/blackout. Experience an uninterrupted flow of electricity for your devices and appliances with the Mango Power E.

Mango power E inclusions

Mango Power E Specs

• Capacity - 3533Wh

• Solar Charging Input - Max 2000W (60V-150V)

• AC Output - 4 x 20A, 3000W total

• EV Charging Spot - Adapter needed

• USB-A Output - 6 x QC 3.0 24W

• Generator - Support

• USB-C Output - 1 x PD 65W + 1 x PD 100W

• Battery Chemistry - LFP

• Car Power Output - 12V / 10A

• Cycle Span - 6000 cycles to 70% capacity (@25 °C +0.5C/-0.5C)

• DC5521 Output - 2x 12V / 5-A

• Connection - Wi-Fi. Bluetooth

• AC RV Port - 30A

• Net Weight - 100.1 lbs / 45.4kg

• AC Charging Input - Max 3000W

• Dimension - 17.8*13.6*19.4 in / 45.2*34.5*49.4 cm

Titan Solar Generator User ManualMango Power E User Manual

Titan Solar Generator User ManualMango Power E Quick Start Guide

Titan Solar Generator User ManualMango Power E Layout

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Mango Power For Any Situation

Mango Power E -  Power anywhere.

Solar Panel Solar Move 200W / 36V by Mango Power

Take advantage of the Sun and get unlimited and free renewable energy for your Mango Power power station. With this Solar Panel, you are ready to face even extended power outages or go off-grid!

What's in the box?

• Mango Power 200W Solar Panel,
• 200W Solar Panel Protective Case
• User Manual and Warranty Card

Mango Power Solar Panel Solar Move Features:

• High Conversion Rate(22%) - With 22% conversion rate, this Solar Panel features a higher conversion compared to other conventional panels, thanks to its ETFE Solar Cell Lamination.

 • Portability -   Built and designed with magnetic pads for easy folding, allowing for easy, hassle-free, and convenient transportation.

 • User-Friendly - Thanks to its firm 3 kickstands, the solar panel stands is easily set up within just seconds.

• IP67 Waterproof & Durable - the ETFE-laminated case of the Mango Power Solar Panel Solar Move 200W panel is designed to be durable and long-lasting, withstanding even harsh weather conditions.  IP67 Waterproof Rating, to ensure a worry-free experience for your panels even when it's raining.

Mango Power Solar Panel Solar Move Specs:

  • Output 200W
  • Short Circuit Current 9.92A
  • Open Circuit Voltage 24V
  • General
  • Dimensions (unfolded) 89.37 * 21.26 * 0.98 inch (2270*540*25 mm)
  • Dimension (folded) 23.74 * 21.26 * 1.50 inch (603*540*38 mm)
  • Weight 22.93 lbs
  • Net Weight (kg)16kg
  • Cell Efficiency 22%

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