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Nature's Generator Powerhouse Gold System

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Powerhouse Gold System by Nature's Generator 

A generator that can single-handedly address and power all your required home appliances? Look no further. The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Gold System is here to answer all of your home power needs! The industry leader, Nature's Generator has done it again. Featuring a pure sine wave inverter that can offer you a watt split phase 240v/7200w or single phase 120/7200w, this solar generator will ensure that you are ready in case of a power outage.

Dubbed as the Next Innovation for a Home Eco-Power Solution, this Nature's Generator Powerhouse is something that you would like to have around whether for exploring the great outdoors or as a readily available power source in emergency situations. This high-capacity generator features new technology with excellent performance and a better aesthetic appearance that can power even your most sensitive devices! You will no longer worry if you have enough to power your water pump, air conditioner, garage door openers, and any other electrical device. With the help of the powerhouse power pods and power panels with the new solar cell technology, this system will be able to meet your home power requirements.

With a much Bigger Battery Capacity of 4800wH along with its maximum power output of 240V/7200Watt, the Nature's Generator Powerhouse Gold System deserves to join the most popular generators in the market. That can surely power almost anything! Whether you are using 120 Volts or 240 Volts, the Nature's Generator Powerhouse Gold System can definitely check the boxes in your list. It truly is a unit with Infinite Expandability!

Just like how you can easily expand the Nature's Generator and the Nature's Generator Elite, these new products from Natures Generator are no different. The Powerhouse is an effective alternative to your current power supply as it harvests the power of nature. Be part of the climate solution and take advantage of the renewable energy. You can upgrade this portable generator by adding solar panels via rooftop installation, wind turbines for wind power, powerhouse power pods, transfer switches, a security camera system, and so on. The power to customize our eco-system according to your needs is in your hands, making the Nature's Generator Powerhouse absolutely Your All-in-One Expandable Home Power Eco-System.

What's In The Box

Nature's Generator Powerhouse:
• 1 x Nature's Generator Powerhouse Generator
• 1 x Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Battery Storage
• 1 x AC Power Cord
• User Guide

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Power Panels:
• 2 x Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Power Panels
• 1 x 50ft Nature's Generator Power Panel Cable

Nature's Generator Powerhouse Photo

The Next Innovation in a line of Home Eco-Power Solutions. 240V/7200 Watt Max Output, Infinite Expandability, Solar and Wind Power Generator.

The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Systems

Picture of Nature's Generator Powerhouse

Powerhouse Only

2 x 3600W 120 Volt

1 x 7200W 240 Volt AC Output

4 x USB Type A

1 x 12 Volt DC Output

1 x USB Type C

1 x 48 Volt DC Output

1 x 12 DC Port

4800 Wh Expandable with Pod

2000W Expandable Solar Input

1000W Expandable Wind Input

Picture of the Nature's Generator Powerhouse with 1 Pod

  Powerhouse + 1 Pod

2 x 3600W 120 Volt

1 x 7200W 240 Volt AC Output

4 x USB Type A

2 x 12 Volt DC Output

1 x USB Type C

2 x 48 Volt DC Output

2 x 12 DC Port

9600 Wh Expandable with Pod

Up to 4000W Expandable Solar Input

Up to 2000W Expandable Wind Input

Picture of Nature's Generator Powerhouse with 2 Pods

 Powerhouse + 2 Pod

2 x 3600W 120 Volt

1 x 7200W 240 Volt AC Output

4 x USB Type A

3 x 12 Volt DC Output

1 x USB Type C

3 x 48 Volt DC Output

3 x 12 DC Port

14400 Wh Expandable with Pod

Up to 6000W Expandable Solar Input

Up to 3000W Expandable Wind Input

Picture of Nature's Generator Powerhouse with 3 Pods

  Powerhouse + 3 Pod

2 x 3600W 120 Volt

1 x 7200W 240 Volt AC Output

4 x USB Type A

4 x 12 Volt DC Output

1 x USB Type C

4 x 48 Volt DC Output

4 x 12 DC Port

19200 Wh Still Expandable with Pod

Up to 8000W Expandable Solar Input

Up to 4000W Expandable Wind Input

Nature's Generator Powerhouse Line Explanation
    What can the Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power? What can the Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power?

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