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Nature's Head Composting Toilet

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Free 5-Pack Coco Coir(Good for 4 Months)!

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Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Looking for the perfect toilet solution? The Nature's Head Composting Toilet's got you covered! The Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is compact, lightweight, and free from odours, making it ideal for homes, cabins, tiny houses, RVs, workshops, boats, and emergency situations. Designed with sustainability in mind, this toilet boasts durable stainless steel components, sturdy construction, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring it can endure even the most challenging environments. 

Martin - Propane Direct Vent Thermostatic Heater 20,000 Btu Visor Manual Nature's Head Composting Toilet Installation and User Manual

Nature's Head Composting Toilet Features

Nature's Head Composting Toilet Dimensions

Easy Installation 

 Installing the Nature’s Head is straightforward. It is secured to the floor using two compact L-brackets. The setup includes a single ventilation hose that extends outdoors and a 12-volt connection for a modest computer-style fan. Alternatively, for a power-free operation, you can connect the vent hose to a solar-powered vent.

No Pump-Outs

The unique feature of the Nature's Head composting toilets is that the longer you let it sit, the fresher they smell upon emptying. Gone are the days of handling pump-outs or enduring the odor of portable potties after a long weekend. The more time a composting toilet has, the more effectively it works.

Nature's Head composting Toilet

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

 Economical and Hassle-Free 

When it's time to clear your toilet, just unlatch the two side clips and slightly raise the upper section. Seal the liquid bottle with its cap and remove it from its slot. For the main compartment, disconnect the 12-volt power and the ventilation hose before sliding the upper part off its hinge. Loosen the two thumbscrews at the base, and it's ready for emptying. The absence of liquids ensures the main tank remains light, even when full. Conveniently, the tank's size is compatible with standard kitchen garbage bags. Invert it, and the job's done. There's no need for a thorough clean after emptying; any residue jumpstarts the next composting cycle.

What's in the Box?

• Toilet - white granite color

• FREE Coco Coir

• FREE eBook Beginners Guide to Living Off the Grid

• Liquid bottle with cap

• Inside vent flange

• Foot Spider Agitator handle

• Allen wrench to install spider handle

• 2 mounting brackets with knobs and screws

• 18" single pin cable for 12-volt fan hookup 

• Fuse and fuse holder for the 12-volt application

• 5 feet of 1 ½” hose

• Installation and User Guide

• Warranty Card

Nature's Head Composting Toilet Specs:

• Electric Power Usage: The fan pulls 1.68 amps in 24 hours at 12 volts. 

• Total Height:21.5 inches

• Total Overall Width:  19 inches

• Gross Empty Weight: 28 lbs.

• Made in USA

• 5 Years Warranty

• Stainless Steel Components

• Handle Mounts 

• 500 lb Weight Capacity

Nature's Head Unboxing Video

How to Use The Nature's Head Toilet 

Nature's Head Composting Toilet FAQs

• Does the Nature's Head Composting Toilet Smell Bad? 

No, it does not. The Separation of Solids from Liquids is the key to achieving this. It will have a slight Earthly smell and that's how you know it is working properly. 

• When should I empty my Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

It's advisable to let the solids break down before clearing your toilet. The longer you delay the emptying process, the more pleasant the task becomes. However, it's recommended not to let liquid wastes linger for too long in the tank. Everyone's urine is different, but some can develop a strong odor if left standing for prolonged periods.

• Where do I empty my solid and liquid waste from my Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

Urine can be disposed of on Mature Trees or diluted for plants. The compost section can be emptied into a compost pile or bin. If traveling, it is ideal to be disposed of in a bag or buried.

• How does the Nature's Head Composting Toilet separate Liquids from Solids?

When the trap door is open and someone is seated, the urine will continue to flow to the front. When the trap door is shut, urine from any part of the bowl gets directed into the bottle. 

• Does the Nature's Head Composting Toilet need any sort of SUBSTRATE to process the waste?

Yes, organic sphagnum peat moss or organic coco coir works well for Nature's Head Composting Toilets. Composting requires aerobic bacteria to work and oxygen is the key ingredient that allows aerobic bacteria to break down waste quickly and without odor.

Why is the Nature's Head Composting Toilet seat integrated into the unit?

This makes Nature's Head Composting Toilets easier to clean. It is also designed for mobility and gives the toilets a sturdier design that won't crack or break. 

• Does the fan on the Nature's Head Composting Toilet need to be on all of the time?

If the toilet won't be used for 10 days or more, it is recommended to unplug the fun as this will cause the compost to be too dry and hard. If you are using the toilet full-time, it is recommended to turn on the fan to make the composting process faster. 

• Does Nature's Head Composting Toilet Fan use a lot of power?

No, it does not. The fan draws 1.7 amp hours in 24 hours which is about 4 cents per month.

• What is the weight of the Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

The gross weight is 28 pounds when empty

• What are the DIMENSIONS of the Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

Total Height: 21.5 inches, Total Overall Width:  19 inches, 17 3/4 inches front to rear, and 13 inches wide at the base. The toilet is 16 1/4 inches wide at the seat.

• Will freezing temperatures damage my Nature's Head?

No, the compost and toilet will be unharmed in freezing weather. However, please make sure to empty the urine bottle. 

• Does cold weather affect the composting process on my Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

Composting is ideal and faster in warmer conditions, ideally 55 degrees and warmer. During Freezing Temps, the compost will lie dormant until heat is introduced. 

• Is it okay to place Vegetable Scraps in my Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

No, doing this affects and slows the breaking down of the solids. Also, this will cause your Nature's Head Composting Toilet to fill up faster. 

• Can I use my Nature's Head Composting Toilet in the basement? 

Yes, you can. Any room or area that needs a toilet will be a perfect location for your Nature's Head Composting Toilet.

• Can the Nature's Head Composting Toilet be used on a boat or RV with a WET BATH? 

Yes, you just need to make sure that the mounting brackets are well-sealed to prevent water from entering. It is also recommended to drill a hole in the urine tank holder to drain any water from it. 

• Can I use any type of Toilet Paper for the Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

Yes, you can, however, it is recommended to use single-ply toilet paper since it breaks down easily. 

• Can you dispose Tampons in the Nature's Head Composting Toilet bin?

It is not recommended. Some brands have different materials used in them and may not decompose at all.  Even 100% organic tampons that will compost will still take a lot of time and will not be ideal. 

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