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Prepper Bundle Max

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Prepper Bundle Max by Wild Oak Trail

Discover Wild Oak Trail's Prepper Bundle Max, a premium selection crafted to elevate your preparedness to new heights. This extraordinary bundle merges three indispensable products from Wild Oak Trail, offering an exceptional combination of reliability and versatility. You'll have ultimate peace of mind knowing that you are fully equipped for any situation that may arise.

The Prepper Bundle Max by Wild Oak Trail will surely take care of your emergency needs for long-term survival and self-sufficiency.

What is included in the Prepper Bundle Max?

1. NuManna Mega Pack Food Storage


food-preparedness program. The NuManna Mega Pack Food Storage blends well with other products, or it can be utilized alone as a total food resource. You and your family can enjoy its delicious goodness right away or in 25 years from now!

This meticulously curated selection of long-lasting, high-quality meals provides you with the sustenance you need during extended emergencies. With a variety of nutritious options and an extended shelf life, Numanna Mega Pack offers peace of mind and reliable nourishment for you and your loved ones.


2. Big Berkey Water System with 4 Black Filters and 4 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements

The Big Berkey 2.25 Gallon Water Filtration System is truly an indispensable component of any prepper's arsenal. This robust and reliable filtration system ensures access to clean, purified water even in the most adverse conditions. Equipped with four black filter elements and four PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements, the Big Berkey can effectively remove contaminants, bacteria, and harmful substances, providing you with a safe and reliable water source for you and your loved ones for 12,000 gallons! These particular Berkey sets of filters would last you for 10-12 years before needing replacement.

3. EcoFlow DELTA Pro with 1600w 12v Solar Panels x 2


Completing the Prepper Bundle Max by Wild Oak Trail is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro with 1600w of 12v Solar Panels. Imagine having a powerhouse of a unit that can already power most of your devices and appliances, then imagine having two of these kits together! This powerful combination provides you with a comprehensive energy solution. The EcoFlow Delta Pro, with its robust capacity and multiple charging options, ensures an uninterrupted power supply for your essential devices.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro packs a massive punch at a whopping 3600Wh(Expandable - Supports up to two DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery) of energy storage capacity, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is one of the best generators on the market. Finally, a battery that can truly be a home generator. Stay powered for hours and hours with a wide range of devices and tools, anytime and anywhere. With an output of 3600W total (Surge 7200W), EcoFlow DELTA Pro meets any standard of any wall outlet so you’ll always feel right at home. Paired with the 5X 200W 12V solar panels, you harness the sun's energy to recharge your batteries, providing a sustainable and independent source of power during emergencies.

Start your journey to preparedness now!

Wild Oak Trail's Prepper Bundle Max is designed for those who demand the highest level of preparedness. With the Numanna Mega Pack Food Storage, Two EcoFlow Delta Pro with 1600w 12V Solar Panel Bundle, and Big Berkey Water Filtration System with the maximum number of filters, you have a comprehensive toolkit to face any crisis with utmost confidence. Trust in the quality and reliability of Wild Oak Trail's products and elevate your preparedness to the maximum level with the Prepper Bundle Max.

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