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EcoFlow Delta 2 and EcoFlow Wave Portable AC

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EcoFlow Delta 2 with solar panel

Thinking of investing in a new Delta 2 emergency power supply or portable air conditioner? EcoFlow's mission, as a renewable energy solutions company, is to help you bring clean energy wherever you want for home backup, outdoor recreation, or to power an essential appliance.

Fortunately, the Delta 2 is the new standard of battery-powered generators. So, let's talk about how it can help keep you cool with the help of the EcoFlow Wave portable air conditioner!

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EcoFlow Wave Energy Consumption

The EcoFlow Wave is a portable air conditioner with a 4000 BTU capacity that's perfect for RVs, campers, tiny houses, or smaller cabins. Fortunately, it only uses up to 400W of energy at a time, making it one of the most efficient of its kind.

If you don't already know, the EcoFlow Wave already uses a battery pack to power itself, and you can purchase additional batteries as well. However, these batteries only offer around 3 to 8 hours of run time each with a 1008Wh battery capacity. For a longer trip, that isn't enough to stay cool.


Can the EcoFlow Delta 2 Power the Wave?

EcoFlow Wave

Yes, you can charge the EcoFlow Wave using your Delta 2, and they have nearly the same capacity. The Delta 2 battery has a 1024 Wh capacity, and thanks to the X-Boost technology, it can reach a full charge in 2 hours using only solar input. This way, you can keep your AC running indefinitely if you have enough solar panels.

The use of LFP batteries and a large inverter load in the new EcoFlow Delta allows for a wide variety of uses during a power outage or camping trip. With a variety of USB ports, USB-C ports, and AC wall outlets, it has a 1800W AC output capacity (3600W surge) This is more than enough to charge your EcoFlow Wave while running your coffee maker or charging your smartphone. The best part is that the LFP battery lasts for ten years of regular use or 3500 drain cycles before losing 20% of its original capacity.

However, one charge will only give you 3-6 hours of extra power for your Wave. You will need portable solar panels to keep your AC running indefinitely, and the Delta 2 can handle up to 500W of solar input (or AC input) at one time. Compare that to the original Delta and you'll see why the upgrade is worth it!

Keep It Cool With the Delta 2

EcoFlow Delta 2

With a more efficient charge and X-Stream tech for high output, the EcoFlow Delta 2 has enough energy to keep your space cool and offer peace of mind during the hot summer. You can power your everyday appliances and keep your system powered with remarkable charging speed, higher than nearly any solar generator on the market.

Keep reading our blog for our latest product tips, and buy an EcoFlow Delta 2 with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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