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Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-flow: Which One is the Best Solar Generator for you?

by Jefferson Ebasan August 02, 2021 8 min read

A generator is generally helpful for your house. Power outages come unexpectedly, especially when there are typhoons or hurricanes. Since we are asked to stay at home during this pandemic, power outages can significantly affect our daily activities. Going out to find places with a regular power supply will only expose you to the virus. Hence, there is greater importance in owning a generator.  

Today, we are going to check two of the well-known brands for portable generator products. We will compare Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-Flow by looking at some of their best-selling products. 


Why Having a Generator is Essential for Your Home

In this modern world, our electronic devices are essential in our everyday lives. We need our smartphones for communication and different appliances that will keep our house running. Before we compare the two brands mentioned earlier, let’s first understand why we need a generator.

Common Types of Generators and Its Uses

Generators come in different types for different purposes. However, they have the same goal: to provide a temporary source of electricity during power outages. Let’s have a quick look at the common types of generators and their respective purposes. 

  • Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are those that run through diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is one of the least explosive among all the fuel sources for generators. Diesel generators have a reputation of being durable and requiring less maintenance, which makes them last longer. 

However, since it requires fuel to operate, it releases emissions that threaten the environment. Although diesel generators work in cold climates, it may be challenging to use them in wet environments due to moisture. 

  • Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators use liquefied petroleum gas or propane. These generators are also highly durable and can be stored easily. Similar to diesel generators, refueling is not a problem. Natural gas is easy to find, and the cost is also lower than other fuels. 

Since it uses natural gas, these generators burn cleanly, posing a lesser threat to the environment. However, its lifespan may not be as long as the diesel generators, and installation costs may be higher due to the gas lines. 

  • Gasoline Generators

Gas generators are the most common among all the types of generators mentioned here. It’s because gasoline is accessible and affordable. The downside is that it produces high emissions, is noisier, and doesn't work well in cold environments. 

  • Standby Generators

Standby generators are also known as backup generators. It operates on diesel or gas and activates automatically. However, these generators can be costly as they require lots of maintenance. Lack of care can affect the engine’s performance, which can be a problem during power outages. 

  • Portable Generators

If you are looking for the cheapest option, you can consider portable generators. These generators can run lights, refrigerators, and other appliances in your house. However, you cannot use it inside your home due to safety issues. 

You will know more about portable generators later on. We’ll compare Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-Flow by checking their products. 

  • Solar Generators

Solar generators extract energy from the sun. These are more environmentally friendly than the generators mentioned, but they require lots of time to recharge. Solar power generators need around eight hours of direct sunlight. Unfortunately, solar generator are expensive compared to generators that use fuel. 

  • Inverter Generators

Inverter generators produce AC (alternating current) power converted to DC (direct current) energy. Some of its main advantages are that it’s durable, quieter, and produces low emissions. However, these generators are expensive and have limited power storage.


Benefits of Having a Portable Generator

Experiencing power outages is inconvenient, especially during our busy days. However, we can never be ready for sudden power loss, so we might as well have a backup source of electricity. Owning a portable generator has various benefits, and here are some of them.

  • It provides a speedy solution to power outages.

Whenever there is a power outage, we are not sure when the power will be restored. Some communities announce when the power will come back, but there are chances that it will last beyond the given time. 

Worry not because generators are here to provide quick solutions. Once activated, your generator will serve as an energy source for your house. Thanks to it, you don’t have to spend hours worrying about when the power will be restored.

  • Portable generators are handy.

Portability is one of the primary strengths of portable solar generator. You can bring it to places that do not have a sufficient power supply. Having portable generators are helpful for travelers who love camping. You can also use it for businesses such as construction sites since having enough lighting is essential.

Portable generators are also flexible. In case of power outages and you need to run a specific appliance, you can easily transport the generator near them. However, before you use the generator, make sure to check the wattage of the appliance. It should be lower than the rated running output of the generator. 

  • It provides safety for the whole household.

Safety is the highest priority in every household. It includes the safety of your loved ones and your home. Power outages are more challenging to deal with during the night. Navigating dark spaces can pose safety risks to you and your family members. 

If you have a security system such as CCTVs, it might only work correctly for a specific amount of time during a blackout. Generators can keep them running, assuring you that your household’s security is at the optimum.

  • Portable generators are more efficient and easier to use.

Thanks to modern technology, portable generators have become handier. Nowadays, portable generators are quieter, fuel-efficient, and lighter, which makes them easier to use.

The new designs also include simplicity, which means that it’s easier for us to understand how they operate. Recharging or refueling portable generators is now more manageable as well.

  • It protects your power lines from getting damaged.

Sudden interruptions in power lines can pose hazards. Power surges cause changes in the voltage or disturbances in the power waveform. 

With generators, you can protect your home from electric hazards. Now, you might wonder if it’s safe to activate a generator after a sudden power outage. Modern generators operate with smooth transitions. It will prevent damage to power lines and your appliances.


Nature’s Generator

Nature’s Generator’s mission is to provide unlimited clean energy. The company’s goal is to design portable generators powered by the wind and sun. They believe that having access to power should be a right, not a privilege. Hence, they keep their products affordable and flexible to meet the needs of their customers.

Nature’s Generator’s Products and Accessories

Nature’s Generator sells various portable generators. They offer bundles and individual products, which allows you to customize your system. Their bundles include the different systems or a combination of them. 

Nature’s Generator has four systems: Gold, PE, WE, Platinum. The Gold System consists of a portable generator and one or two solar panels. The PE System includes a portable generator, solar panels, and a power transfer kit. The WE System consists of a portable generator, solar panels, and a wind turbine. Lastly, the Platinum System includes two portable generators, three to four solar panels, a power transfer kit, or a wind turbine. 

Aside from the systems, they also offer accessories. They have replacement batteries, cables, branch connectors, solar panel stands, power lights, etc. Nature’s Generator’s products are available in Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Cabela’s, Camping World, etc.  



Eco-Flow creates eco-friendly power solutions. Their generators are known as the world’s fastest charging portable power station. The battery reaches 0% to 80% in under an hour and gets fully charged in around 1.6 hours. They also use renewable charging such as solar panels. 

Eco-Flow’s Products and Accessories

Eco-Flow’s products fall under six categories: RIVER, RIVER Max, RIVER Pro, DELTA, DELTA Max, and DELTA Pro. 

The RIVER generator can accommodate up to 10 devices simultaneously and is compatible with 80% of home appliances. The RIVER Max is solar-powered and has an extra large battery capa. The RIVER Pro has a high energy capacity and an extra battery. The DELTA generators are known for their fast charging. It recharges ten times faster than other portable generators. They are best used for home appliances since they require more energy.

Some of the products mentioned can be recharged through solar energy or by car. If you are into camping or traveling, they recommend using the RIVER Max and RIVER Pro.

Eco-Flow also offers 110W and 160W Solar Panels, and they offer bundles to make your shopping easier. Their bundles are the DELTA bundle, RIVER bundle, and Portable Bank bundle. As for the accessories, they have cases, cables, extra batteries, and more.

Before we compare Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-Flow by reviewing their products, it is essential to know that Eco-Flow’s products have limited availability. They only cater to customers from the US mainland states except for Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Nature’s Generator and Eco-Flow’s Portable Generators

Now, let’s start comparing Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-Flow by checking their portable generators. It will help you in choosing which portable generator is best for you.

Nature’s Generator

First up is Nature’s Generator. This generator does not require fuel to operate. It can power your smartphones and laptops as well as small appliances like lights and refrigerators. Its plugs include AC and USB outlets. Its output power is 1800W max, the output voltage is 120V, and the output frequency is 60Hz.

You can recharge this unit through any AC outline using the AC charging cord included. However, solar panels and wind turbines are sold separately.

Eco-Flow River Portable Power Station

The Eco-Flow River Generator has a battery capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh with an extra battery. It has a 3 x 600w capacity AC outlet that you can use for your home appliances. Examples of home appliances that can power our lights, refrigerators, blenders, television, hairdryer, coffee maker, etc. This unit is similar to Nature’s Generator, but this product is cheaper than the product mentioned earlier. 

Nature’s Generator Elite

Nature’s Generator Elite is a recently released product that has higher output wattages and longer battery capacity. It has a 3600W max output power, 120V output voltage, and 60Hz output frequency. It also has charging ports for solar panels, a 30 amp plug at the back and wind turbines, but the two products are sold separately. It can also supply power in small home appliances similar to Eco-Flow’s RIVER generator.

Eco-Flow DELTA 1300 Power Station

EcoFlow - EcoFlow DELTA Portable Battery Generator

The DELTA 1300 generator has an expandable capacity with dual charging that can power multiple devices, you also need to know that this have a 30 amp plug at the back. It is a solar-powered unit that can supply energy to 99% of your home appliances and devices. What’s nice about this product is that you can use the Eco-Flow app to control and monitor your generator. However, this generator is expensive compared to other portable generators.

Nature’s Generator Gold System

Nature’s Generation’s Gold System includes various product combinations. This unit is one of the bundles available under the Gold System. It consists of a solar panel that provides up to 100W of recharging power. However, based on its specs, there’s a higher wattage for the wind generator charge. 

Eco-Flow RIVER Max + 1X 160W Solar Panel 

The Eco-Flow RIVER Max with solar panel bundle is known for its durability and water resistance. The solar panel has protection from ultraviolet light, boosting its durability. This unit is excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.


Its solar charging feature also works in cold and cloudy environments. It means that you don’t have to worry about recharging your generator in gloomy weather.


As we compare Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-Flow by looking at their products, it is also essential to consider the price. Nature’s Generator’s products are generally cheaper than Eco-Flow’s. However, when it comes to the features, most products of Eco-Flow can do more.  


Final Thoughts

We have compared Nature’s Generator vs. Eco-Flow by looking at their products. Since there are differences between the specs and the price, I suggest you consider where you’ll use the generator before buying one. A backup generator for home appliances may need a higher generator capacity. You can choose a generator with lower power capacity for travelers since you only need it for small devices. 

Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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