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Getting the Most Out of EcoFlow Delta Pro This Summer (Air Conditioning and More!)

Check Price ButtonAre you going on a trip in your RV, staying somewhere off the grid, or do you live in an area prone to outages? If so, the EcoFlow Delta Pro can help keep you cool for longer than you may think. 

We know cooling systems aren’t exactly the most energy-efficient items in the world, but you can still bring them with you on your next trip. Let’s talk about how long they’ll last you with the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station!

How Long Can the EcoFlow Delta Pro Power My AC?

Air conditioners are known to be one of the biggest energy guzzlers we use in our homes, with medium-sized window ACs drawing around 900W per hour on average. Well, with a 3,600Wh capacity, that means you can only run your AC for 4 hours, right? Wrong.

First of all, if you have a spare battery with your system, you’ll immediately double your capacity, allowing you to power an AC overnight. Second of all, when will you be using your AC the most? When the sun is out!

If you’re running a medium-sized air conditioner in the hot sun, use your EcoFlow solar panels to draw some extra energy. Remember that the EcoFlow Delta Pro can draw up to 1600W at a time from solar panels, allowing you to run your AC continuously throughout the day if you have enough panels!

Alternatively, consider using a more energy-efficient air conditioner. Some smaller ones will only require 500W per hour, allowing for overnight power on only one charge! Here’s our full coverage of using air conditioners with your system:

What About Fans?

Overnight, when your access to sunlight is limited, it will likely be much cooler without the hot summer sun. If you want to run fans instead of large AC units, you can get a lot more out of it. 

A decent-sized fan is likely to draw no more than 40W per hour, allowing for up to 4 full days or a full week of overnight power without solar energy. 

However, with 200W or more of solar power coming in, you can easily run two, three, or even more large fans for as long as you want! On a day with moderate heat, this is the way to go!

Since this is so negligible, you can also use the Delta Pro to power electronics, equipment, and even medical devices with you while on your trip!

How Long Can I Run a Dehumidifier?

Want to keep your basement free of mold or keep yourself dry this summer. If you live near the coast, chances are that humidity is a greater concern than the heat. In that case, running a dehumidifier will only cost around 250W to 300W per hour, allowing for over 12 hours of charging without access to sunlight!

However, if you use two 200W solar panels at a time, you should have enough power to run your dehumidifier indefinitely, as it will charge during the day and still run through the night! Add a fan and you should stay nice and cool while still conserving energy!

Stay Cool!

Now that you know your options for staying cool on the go this summer, you can enjoy your trip in luxury with the EcoFlow Delta Pro. No matter where you’re heading, you can stay cool for weeks at a time, as long as you have your Delta Pro system and a couple of solar panels.

Stay up to date with our latest off-grid living and adventure essentials, and feel free to shop with us for free shipping and our price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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