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How Long Can an EcoFlow Delta Pro Last While Camping?

One of the most common reasons for needing portable power is for people living off the grid or for longer camping trips. That’s one of the many reasons why the EcoFlow Delta Pro was so well-received by outdoor enthusiasts!

Well, since 2020, camping is on the rise across the US, and if you want to take your new portable power station with you on your trip, you may be wondering how long it will last you. Let’s talk about taking your EcoFlow Delta Pro camping and what to expect!

What Do You Need to Power

Quickly, let’s discuss the average power needs for someone on a camping trip. An RV with a full lighting system and a large TV will require more power than someone charging their phone in a tent. The EcoFlow Delta Pro allows for 3,600Wh on a full charge, so let’s see the wattage that some equipment will require.

Device Average Energy Consumption
iPhone 12 <11 watt-hours (per full charge)
Laptop (MacBook Pro or equivalent) 100 watt-hours (per full charge)
32-inch Television 28 running watts
Hair Dryer 975 to 1800 running watts
LED Lightbulb 10 running watts
CPAP Machine 30 to 60 running watts
Oxygen Compressor 600 running watts
Ventilator ~70 running watts
Electric Frying Pan 1200 running watts
Coffee Machine 1000 running watts
Speaker 10 to 100 watts
Camping refrigerator 60 running watts


Camping With an EcoFlow Delta Pro

Keep in mind that if you’re camping in an RV or other vehicle, you can charge your EcoFlow Delta Pro while the car is running. Of course, this will waste some gas and leave your engine idling for a while, but if you’re already driving, then it won’t make much of a difference.

However, if you’re tent camping or you don’t have access to any extra power, then you can still get a lot of power out of the Delta Pro, far more than any other system. Here’s how much.

Without Solar Panels

You don’t have to worry about energy loss while your battery sits, as the Delta Pro can hold a full charge for over a year. On one charge, you can charge all of your basic electronics for weeks with average use. That’s no exaggeration.

If you need to fully charge two iPhones twice a day, then your battery will last for more than 11 weeks. You could even charge an average laptop daily for over 8 weeks!

If you’re only charging electronics like these, simply charge your equipment overnight before your trip, or stop and plug it into an EV charger, which should fully charge your system in under two hours. However, if you’re charging life-saving medical equipment or you have a higher power demand, you may need some extra power for longer camping trips!

Overall, the system alone should be enough to power your needs for at least a week if you budget right. Use a gas stove instead of a coffee machine and cook over the fire, and you should have enough energy to last well over a week!

charging EcoFlow Delta Pro with EV charger

With Solar Panels

Nobody wants to carry 6 solar panels with them, so to keep this consistent, let’s say you take one 200W solar panel with you. In that case, you can charge much more than you would with the system on its own. If you need to power a few 10W LED lights, the system on its own will last for 3 full days, and more if you’re using them at night. 

With a 200W solar panel fueling your system during the day, you should be able to run your system for weeks to power a few LED light bulbs and charge small electronic devices. CPAP machines use very little energy relative to the storage of the Delta Pro. Even on a cloudy week, the Delta Pro should have no trouble keeping the system operating for weeks, even if you’re using it for other electronics.

Take Your EcoFlow Delta Pro Camping This Summer

Now that you know how long your Ecoflow Delta Pro will last while camping, take it with you on your next adventure and enjoy long-lasting power! If you’re worried about taking these systems on your trip, remember that it could save your life.

If you’re interested in shopping for a new power station yourself, we offer monthly payment plans for anybody in need, along with a price match guarantee! For more information, take a look at our EcoFlow Delta Pro review, and stay safe on your travels!


Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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