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How to Make the EcoFlow Generator More Portable

by Hunter Kissam November 09, 2022 3 min read

Portable solar generators aren't always the most portable. However, they are great options for backup power during emergency situations, or for portable power on the go. In an RV, this is no problem, but lugging around this extra weight to charge your power tools on the job every day can pose a challenge. Here's what you can do to make it easier!

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EcoFlow Solar Generator Size Comparisons

It's no secret that battery generators are quite heavy, even compared to a gas generator. It all starts with choosing the right system for your needs.

For example, if you have a 3600 Wh capacity like the EcoFlow Delta Pro, expect the system to be quite heavy. However, the Delta Pro comes with a wheeled cart for easier transportation, whereas some of the smaller models may not.

Still, the EcoFlow Delta Max weighs 22 kg or 48.5 pounds and the new Delta 2 weighs 12 kg or 27 pounds. Conversely, the Delta Pro weighs a whopping 38 kg or 84 pounds.

Skipping away from the EcoFlow Delta series, the EcoFlow River series has some of the best portable power stations on the market. They are much smaller and easier to manage while traveling. The River weighs 11 pounds, and the River Mini is only 6 pounds.

However, this does come at the expense of a lower AC output and capacity, as well as fewer AC outlets than the Delta series. While the River or River Mini can't power home appliances, it should be enough to charge a cell phone or small electronic device for a very long time.

Of course, if you're adding solar panels to these systems, it makes them even less portable.

Using Different Charging Methods

EcoFlow generator charging with solar panels

Solar input has the obvious benefits of being free and fast on sunny days, but starting your system with a full charge by using a wall outlet or car charger can make a big difference. This is especially true for larger systems like the EcoFlow Delta Pro, which is already heavy enough. Use solar power when possible, but if it's too heavy, use the power grid when you need it.

Store Your Solar Generator Properly

If your EcoFlow generator isn't far from where you need it, then portability matters less. Emergency power will last in your high-capacity battery for up to a year, depending on the model. If you're using it for home backup, keep it stored close to your medical devices or whatever you need backed up. As a side note, never store your system below 50% of the battery capacity!

Portability With Multiple Batteries

If you're carrying an extra battery with you, you should expect to double the weight. In that case, either choose a system that has a wheeled cart or compound smaller systems with each other.

Also, if you're planning on buying multiple batteries, consider diversifying for easier use! One EcoFlow Delta Pro is great for plugging into your home in case of a power outage, but having an EcoFlow Delta Max can make traveling or charging a mobile device much easier. Having a large generator is great for the capacity and ability to charge a wide range of devices, but a small generator can still come in handy! It will also be cheaper than another EcoFlow Delta Pro battery!

Buy an EcoFlow Generator Today

All of EcoFlow's newer solar generators come with LFP batteries that can run a full cycle every day for years without losing capacity. They are all compatible with solar energy, they offer plenty of recharge cycles, and they all come with an excellent battery management system.

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and buy an EcoFlow generator today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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