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How to Optimize Solar Charging With the EcoFlow Delta 2

by Hunter Kissam November 23, 2022 2 min read

The new standard of battery-powered generators is set. With up to 10 years of regular use, the LFP battery chemistry in the EcoFlow Delta 2 is one of the best of its kind.

Whether you're using it for home backup, to power an essential appliance, or to fuel your outdoor adventures, solar panels are the best way to keep it charged. However, a 1024 Wh capacity can go quickly if you aren't careful. Let's talk about how to optimize solar input for your EcoFlow Delta 2!

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Buy the Right Solar Panels

Optimizing your solar generator starts with choosing the right panels. The EcoFlow Delta 2 can handle up to 500W of input at a time, so you can divide that up however you want for portability or efficiency.

If you are using extra batteries (combines with Delta Max extra battery), then we recommend using the full 500W. Otherwise, the charging speed won't supply enough energy for a fast charge.

However, some panels are better than others. EcoFlow's solar panels tend to work very well with these solar generators, but if you already have panels you can use, don't let them go to waste!

Optimize Solar Input

EcoFlow Delta 2 connected to solar panel

With 500W of portable solar panels, you can bring your Delta 2 to a full charge in around 2 hours. The X-Boost technology allows for the fastest possible charge, which you can also supplement with wall outlets if you don't have enough solar panels.

For most users, we recommend the EcoFlow 250W solar panels. One panel will charge your system in around 4 hours in the right conditions, and 2 will charge it in 2 hours.

To optimize your panel placement, place them in direct sunlight and have them face true south. Ideally, you should position them about 45 degrees upward for optimal sunlight.

Also, just because it's the fastest charge doesn't mean it's the most optimal. Every battery lasts longer with slower charges, so you don't have to use 500W of solar panels every time. If a slow charge is right in a certain situation, low and slow is the way to go!

Optimizing in Bad Weather

If you need power on a cloudy or rainy day, you will need to adjust your charge times accordingly. With newer EcoFlow solar panels, you can expect them to charge at around half capacity. Still, face your panels south for the best results as you would on a sunny day!

Check your EcoFlow app periodically to monitor its AC input, AC output, and battery capacity. This will help you make adjustments as needed for a more efficient charge for your emergency power supply.

Achieve Power Security At Home

The EcoFlow Delta 2 is a great way to power a wide range of devices and lower energy costs. The high output can even help you power anything from a coffee maker to larger home appliances. However, a 1024 Wh battery can't last forever. Fortunately, you can keep it fast charging thanks to the X-Stream tech and high input capabilities!

Stay up to date with our latest clean energy tips, and buy an EcoFlow Delta 2 today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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