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Is Nature's Generator Elite Worth the Extra Price?

by Hunter Kissam November 23, 2022 3 min read

If you're considering a portable power station over standard gas generators, you're on the right track. Nature's Generator's products don't have the same toxic fumes or safety concerns, and they don't require you to carry around flammable liquids.

However, you still have to choose the right portable solar generator for your needs. Two of the best are Nature's Generator and Nature's Generator Elite. So, is the Elite worth the extra price? Let's find out!

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Nature's Generator Elite Specs

Before we compare their performance, let's see how the numbers stack up between the two Nature's Generator power pods!


Nature's Generator Elite is a portable generator that uses a 100 Ah sealed lead acid battery, similar to the original power pod. However, the Elite model has a 1200 Wh battery capacity, compared to the 720Wh capacity of the original. The battery lasts for up to 800 life cycles, but don't worry, you can easily replace the internal battery for a fraction of the price of the original system, much like the original model.


The pure sine wave inverter allows for up to 3600W of continuous output. This is much higher than the 1800W offered by Nature's power pod!

Moreover, this high output wattage works across several USB ports and AC outlets, allowing you to charge a wide array of devices.

Charge Time

With solar input alone, it will likely take all day to charge either system. Lead acid batteries don't charge as quickly as lithium batteries, but they are much more affordable. With a 200-watt solar panel, you can charge the system in around 8-12 hours.

Conversely, using wind power will take much longer. Nature's Generator wind turbines offer unlimited clean energy, but they typically only offer around 27W per hour. We recommend using AC chargers or solar panels whenever possible, but wind energy can still help!


The Nature's Generator weighs 83 lbs (37.6 kg), whereas the Elite weighs 120 lbs (54.4 kg). While this is quite heavy, they both come on a custom heavy-duty cart for easy transport. While you can't transport this on electric bikes, it's still perfect for RV or home use.

Other Features

The Nature's Generator Elite has built-in charge controllers and an LCD display screen on the front panel that gives you insights into your output information, power draw, and more. This can tell you about the charging status, what kind of power it's using, and more.

What Can Nature's Generator Elite Power?

Compared to the original Nature's Generator power pod, the Elite can power a lot of important equipment. While 3600W of output will only last for 20 minutes with one charger, you can combine it with other power pods for expansion purposes, and fit up to 3 on the heavy-duty cart.

Overall, this means you can power certain appliances you couldn't with a standard Nature's Generator. This includes certain power tools, cooking appliances, and more!

Buy the Right Power Pod For Your Needs

While the price difference isn't too substantial, the capacity is. Overall, we'd say that either system is great for someone looking for a high capacity on a lower budget.

Stay up to date with our latest clean energy tips, and buy a Nature's Generator today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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