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by Hunter Kissam September 07, 2022 2 min read

With newer technologies popping up frequently, reducing our emissions has never been easier. Heating and cooling account for the majority of our home’s energy consumption, so let’s start there.

Here are the best solar air conditioners on the market, and see how HotSpot Energy compares!

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HotSpot Energy ACDC12C

HotSpot Energy came out with the original solar air conditioners, known as the ACDC12C and the ACDC18C. The numbers represent the BTUs they offer, as the ACDC12C offers 12,000BTUs, which is enough to heat or cool a small cabin or fairly large area in a home.

Compared to window air conditioners or central air, the term “energy efficient” is an understatement. The ACDC12C runs at an average of 544W when cooling, with a maximum of around 900W. Even small window air conditioners can run at 1400W or more.

If you use the recommended 3x270W solar panels with this system, you are likely to generate a surplus of electricity when you need cooling the most. This will save a small fortune on your electric bill, as it will only require upfront costs with little to no maintenance. 

HotSpot Energy ACDC18C

HotSpot Energy ACDC18C condenser

The ACDC18C is perfect for cooling larger cabins or multiple rooms within a home. One of these systems can heat or cool a smaller home by itself with 18,000BTUs.

On average, the system uses around 819W of electricity for cooling, with a maximum of 1360W. Comparable air conditioners can use between 2500W and 4100W at a time, demonstrating the remarkable efficiency of these systems.

With the recommended 3 290W to 375W solar panels, you can easily offset your electric bill for your heating and cooling needs, especially during peak hours when rates are the highest.

Compared to Competitors

These systems are clearly energy efficient, and they will save you money in the long run compared to a traditional air conditioner. Okay, but are they the best solar air conditioners? “First” doesn’t always mean “best.”

In this case, it does. The field of solar heat pumps is still small, with only a few competitors. Overall, the HotSpot Energy solar air conditioners are the most energy-efficient, affordable, durable, and quiet.

Partly, this is because other systems are solarair conditioners, whereas the HotSpot Energy models are solarheat pumps. This keeps the noise outside, the wattage low, and the system lasting for as long as possible. Even better, you can use it to heat your home during the winter, offering year-round savings and clean energy!

Stay Cool This Summer

Now that you know about the best solar air conditioners on the market, you can see why clean energy connoisseurs are flocking to HotSpot Energy. Both of their models are energy-efficient, clean, long-lasting, and affordable.

Stay up to date with our latest product recommendations, and buy a HotSpot Energy solar air conditioner today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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