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Is the Kodiak Canvas Tent Waterproof?

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Is the Kodiak Canvas Tent Waterproof?

Is the Kodiak Canvas Tent Waterproof? 

Rain, rain go away! If only it were that easy. Camping in the rain can be a real bummer, but with a Kodiak Canvas Tent, you can stay nice and dry. Kodiak's canvas is treated with a water repellant and water resistant finish, so you don't have to worry about getting wet.

Kodiak Canvas tents are made with a Hydra-Shield canvas, which is treated with a water repellant and water resistant finish. The tent also has sealed seams to prevent water from entering the tent. You can be sure that you and your gear will stay nice and dry in a Kodiak Canvas Tent, even in the worst rainstorms. So go ahead and book that camping trip, you won't have to worry about the rain anymore!

Kodiak Canvas tent in Snow

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Using the Kodiak Canvas Wing Vestibule to add to your usable space

Of course using a waterproof tent like the Kodiak Canvas will eliminate most of your problems if you end up with a rainy weekend, however you may still want to have a spot you can run your BBQ or read in the fresh air without getting soaked. The Wing Vestibule add on has you covered.

The Kodiak Canvas Tent Wing Vestibule easily attaches to the front of the awning. It installs in seconds with the quick-release fastener and has easy-to-install, slide-on brackets for the poles. The wing vestibule accessory is weather-resistant and features a heavy-duty water repellent finish so you can stay dry and still enjoy hanging out in the outdoors.

It's covered at the top so you can walk right out of your tent and still be protected, however it's open on the sides so you can have fresh air and easy access in and out of your tent and to your chairs under the vestibule.

Kodiak Canvas Wing Vestibule

Tips to staying dry on a rainy camping weekend

  • Use a waterproof tent like the Kodiak tents, or if using a different brand of tent, be sure to place a tarp on top, secured with ropes or bungie cords.
  • Have a tent with an attached vestibule or awning, or bring a tarp with rope that you can attach to nearby trees to create a covered outdoor area
  • Be sure to set up your tent on high ground, or angled that the water will run away from your tent and not pool around it or underneath.
  • Use your steel ground stakes to keep your tent secured incase the wind picks up during a storm
  • Make sure your tent has waterproof floor material (like the Kodiak tents), or bring a separate waterproof ground sheet
  • Dry bags are your friend. Keeping your belongings in a quality dry bag will keep your gear dry and ready when you need it.

Kodiak Canvas Ground Sheet

Waterproof tent VS using a Tarp

Certainly there are different options for staying dry, maybe you already have a tent that your parents gave you for a grad gift years ago, you just have to bring along a tarp to make sure you'll stay dry if it happens to rain. It really comes down to quality and convenience. Could you make due with an old pop up tent and a tarp? Sure you can, and you'd probably still have a great time. However if you are wanting an ultra secure, sturdy all season tent that you know will protect you in a storm and will last years to come? That is built specifically with sturdiness in mind, you'll probably want to invest in a more heavy duty tent like the Kodiak Canvas Tents.


Kodiak Canvas Wing Vestibule


Yes, using a Kodiak Canvas tent will absolutely keep you nice and dry in any season, rain or snow, you'll be covered!

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