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How to Set Up Your EcoFlow Delta Pro

by Hunter Kissam March 03, 2022 5 min read

If you’ve recently purchased the new EcoFlow Delta Pro, or if you’re considering it, then you want to get the most out of your system! Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that.

Let’s talk about how to set up your new Delta Pro and run it for maximum efficiency.

Charge Your Delta Pro

When your EcoFlow Delta Pro arrives, it will likely have a decent charge already. However, you may want to charge your system fully before your first use.

Of course, you can use any of these in tandem for the fastest charging, but on their own, each of these should only take a few hours at most to fully charge your system.

AC Charging

On the back of the Delta Pro, you will see the AC charging input, along with the AC cord that came with it. Plug this into any standard AC wall outlet to charge your system.

For a Delta Pro without an external battery, AC charging should charge the system from empty to full in around 2.7 hours on its own, or under 2 hours for European wall outlets.

EV Charging

EV charging technology varies widely from station to station, but they are a very handy way to charge your system on the go. Whether you have an EV charging system at home or you’re using a public one, plug it into the EV port on the back of the Delta Pro and expect it to be fully charged in under 1.7 hours!

If you use a fast charging system, which are often available at EV charging stations, it’s likely to take between 45 minutes and just over an hour to charge to completion.

Solar Panels

If you purchased a solar panel kit with your EcoFlow Delta Pro, then you’ll be able to generatefreeelectricity whenever you want, which can help offset your electric bill or help you live off-grid!

Of course, times will vary depending on how much sun you are receiving. However, in average conditions, solar panels alone should be able to charge a Delta Pro to completion in as little as 5 hours.

While powering any appliances outdoors, it doesn’t hurt to keep your solar panels plugged in to offset the electricity, as it will only extend your battery life.

Attaching Batteries

If you purchased external batteries, then you’re in luck! It’s easy to set up and each one will offer you so much extra power.

Your Delta Pro will come with an “extra battery cable” stored in the top section of your system. Plug one end to the back of your Delta Pro and the other onto the other battery.

Moreover, you can use up to two additional batteries at a time and switch them out as you need. If they have access to solar panels, then even powering large appliances should take a long time before running out of power with the help of an additional battery.

From there, you can monitor the power usage through the EcoFlow app and see how well it’s performing. It’s as easy as that!

Using the EcoFlow Delta Pro (Output)

When using the portable power station to power your electronics, be mindful of your output options and their capacities. You can power nearly any appliance with the Delta Pro, as it even has an outlet for dryers. However, you need to keep the wattage under 3,600W.

What Are the Different Outlets For?

On the EcoFlow Delta Pro, you will find:

  • 5 AC outlets
  • 4 USB-A ports (2 normal, 2 fast charge)
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • 2 DC5521 ports
  • 1 car power output
  • 1 Anderson port

The AC units are your typical 3-prong wall outlets, which will power the majority of your appliances. Of course, the USB-A and C ports will charge more phones, tablets, and other personal devices.

Unlike most portable power stations, the EcoFlow Delta Pro even offers a 30A Anderson port, known as the “dryer outlet”, to allow you to power larger appliances.

Can You Use Adapters?

A common question is whether or not you can use adapters with extra output. For example, would an extension cord with 3 separate outlets be safe to use on the Delta Pro?

As long as you keep the ongoing output under 3,600W and peak output under 4,500W, then it is safe to use as many outlets or adapters as you like. You can calculate the wattage ahead of time or simply monitor it on the screen.

However, if you are running something like a drier or refrigerator, then it’s unlikely you will be able to use more than the available outlets.

If you’re looking to use an adapter for a certain appliance that won’t increase the wattage output, like a European to American converter, that won’t cause any problems at all!

Monitoring Usage

On the EcoFlow Delta Pro, you have two options for monitoring power usage; the monitor on the front, and the app.

The screen on your system will give you valuable insights while in use, but you will have to be right there to view it. If you want a more portable view, use the EcoFlow app to gain even more insight into how much power is used, how much battery life is left, which outlets are using the most energy, and more.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Bonus Tips

Solar generators have so many advantages over their gas-powered cousins. They’re quiet, they can be used indoors, and you can generate free energy consistently.

However, there are still some ways to get the most out of your system. Here are some examples!

Make Transportation Easy

With all of the great features of the EcoFlow Delta Pro, there is one downside; it’s heavy.

Consequently, we recommend storing it in or near a location where you’re most likely to use it. For example, keeping it in the basement is great if its purpose is home backup, but not if you need to carry it up the stairs regularly work.

Many satisfied customers prefer to store theirs in their trunks or on the porch for easy access. It is on wheels, making for easy transport on flat surfaces, so try to eliminate the need for stairs whenever possible. Remember, the system weighs 99 pounds!

Plan Ahead

One of the greatest features of this system is that it can hold a charge for over a year. For that reason, never put it into storage without charging it first. You never know when you could need backup power.

For example, if your power runs out and all the food in your freezer goes bad, it could cost hundreds of dollars to replace it. For that reason, you always have it ready for backup power when you need it.

Choose the Right Accessories

Lastly, depending on your needs, there are many EcoFlow Delta Pro accessories that will help you get the most out of your system. If there’s any specific use you want out of your system, or if you require higher efficiency, then we recommend getting them right away.

Backup Your Home

With the Delta Pro and the Smart Home Panel, you can plug your system into your meter for uninterrupted home backup. Believe it or not, the system offers a 20ms switchover time, faster than any gas generator on the market.

Plug It In And See For Yourself

Now that you know how to set up and use your EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station, choose the right accessories, plan ahead, and watch it work its magic.

Need more help? Check out our helpful instructional on YouTube!

Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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