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Hello, fellow sustainable living enthusiasts! Today, I'm delving into the world of Nature's Head Composting Toiletmaintenance. If you're like me, eager to embrace eco-friendly practices, understanding how to properly maintain this innovative toilet is crucial. Let's dive in!

Understanding Your Nature's Head Composting Toilet

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is an impressive feat of eco-engineering. It's waterless and separates urine, boasting a significant holding capacity for composting. Typically, the solids bin can accommodate 60 to 80 uses, which, for two full-time users, translates to about every three weeks for emptying. The urine bottle, holding 2.2 gallons, might need emptying every 3-4 days for the same usage​.

Preparing for Use

Before using your Nature's Head Composting Toilet, add two one-gallon bags of pre-moistened sphagnum peat moss or coconut fiber to the base. This material should be damp but not wet and should cover the agitator bar. Remember, no additional medium is needed after each use, and be cautious about the type of peat moss used – avoid those with additives​.

Proper Usage

It's important to educate everyone using the toilet on its proper operation. Ensure seated usage for optimal results, and during bowel movements, keep the trap door open. Regular toilet paper is fine, but avoid putting diapers, wipes, and tampons in the solids bin as they do not decompose effectively​.

Emptying the Toilet

The liquid waste container needs regular emptying and cleaning. To do this, unlatch the sides, lift the bowl, cap the bottle, and dispose of the contents appropriately. For the solid wastes, a simple method is to use a 13-gallon kitchen bag to cover the opening, invert the base, and empty the contents into the bag. This method is particularly handy for mobile use like boats​.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A spray bottle mixture of water and white vinegar is all you need to keep your Nature's Head Composting Toilet fresh. For more intensive cleaning, a paper towel with a vinegar-water solution works well. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia, as they can interfere with the composting process. The toilet's metal components are mostly stainless steel or brass, requiring minimal maintenance. Remember to clean the filters on each side of the base annually or during solids waste emptying​.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your Nature's Head is not just about cleanliness; it's about ensuring the longevity and efficiency of this eco-friendly system. By following these simple yet essential maintenance tips, you're contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle and ensuring that your Nature's Head Composting Toilet operates at its best.

Happy composting and remember, every small step towards sustainability is a leap for our planet!

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

We at Wild Oak Trail decided to get ourselves our own Nature's Head Composting Toilet to see what the fuss is all about! Check out our YouTube videos as we explore why the Nature's Head Composting Toilet is the favourite for preppers, adventure seekers and the RV living community!


Nature's Head Toilet Unboxing Video

How to Use The Nature's Head Toilet 

Of course, if you have any questions at all about setting up your Nature's Head Composting Toilet, or maintaining it, or checking to see if it's working correctly, give us a call, chat in or email us at Wild Oak Trail! 1-844-WILDOAK (1-844-954-3625), www.wildoaktrail.com or customersupport@wildoaktrail

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