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Nature's Head Composting Toilets & Diarrhea: What You Need to Know!

Using your Nature's Head Composting Toilet with Excess Moisture

When it comes to answering the call of nature, Mother Earth has her own way of dealing with our waste. Thanks to modern plumbing and toilet paper, we now have the best and more comfortable options available. However, can you bring this comfort with you when you leave your homes? Absolutely!

Nature's Head Composting Toilets have gained popularity over the years. Mostly among the "Van Life" and mobile home communities. Nature's Head and its eco-friendly approach to human waste management has been favored by a lot of adventurers and gained them a lot of reviews. Despite Nature's Head having proven a lot, a question keeps on popping up every now and then. What happens when diarrhea strikes, and things get a bit more, well, liquid?

Let's dive into the less glamorous side of Van Life and RV Living and get dirty with the details. But before we head into the world of digestive challenges and the composting process, let's refresh our memory about why Nature's Head Composting Toilet is such a game-changer. The nifty Nature's Head Composting Toilet System relies on natural processes like decomposition and evaporation to transform solid waste into usable compost. It's perfect for eco-conscious adventurers living life on the road or in tiny homes and remote cabins.

Now, let's get down to business—literally. Usually, diarrhea or even vomiting, if not persistent, does not pose a concern when using the Nature's Head. If the increased wetness is starting to become an issue, you can simply add a significant amount of composting medium(like Coco Coir or Sphagnum peat moss) to absorb the moisture and make the contents of the toilet more solid. This would normally correct the problem. However, for prolonged diarrhea, this may become a challenge. Why? Well, it's because diarrhea is primarily liquid waste, and this composting champ is optimized for solid waste. So, how can you handle this liquid wastes situation? 

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

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Moisture Matters

Nature's Head knows that diarrhea brings excess moisture into the composting chamber. The Nature's Head Composting Toilet thrives on a balanced mix of moisture and solid waste for efficient composting. Too much liquid can disrupt this balance, so be mindful. Try adding the composting medium little by little until the moisture is controlled. You may not get the right balance in just a couple of tries. Another pro tip is to use a spray bottle instead of just pouring water in giving your peat moss, coco coir or compost medium a wet bath. The spray bottle will give you more control.

Odor Alert

We all know liquid waste can be a bit more aromatic. It may smell bad and we already know that toilet incurs flies. During diarrhea episodes, you might notice stronger odors that attract fruit flies and other flying bugs. But fret not, regular maintenance and proper ventilation can help keep things fresh. Also, do not forget to spray the interior sides of your Nature's Head toilet.

Tips forManaging Diarrhea In Composting Toilets

Here at Wild Oak Trail, we are all about solutions, so here are some tips for managing diarrhea:

Extra bulking material (like coconut coir, Sphagnum peat moss or any peat moss) can work wonders by absorbing excess moisture and aiding decomposition.

Ventilation is Key

Keep that ventilation fan humming away to disperse any odors and maintain composting toilet efficiency.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Make it a habit to empty the solid waste chamber periodically. Also ensure that the urine tank holder is emptied regularly. Cleaning the liquid tank does not take much. A little TLC goes a long way.

Watch Your Diet

If diarrhea is a recurring guest, consider tweaking your diet or seeking medical advice. Reducing the frequency of diarrhea can help keep your Nature's Generator Composting Toilet happy and healthy. However, if it happens, no need to worry since managing diarrhea with Nature's Head Composting Toilets is easy as long as you follow these tips.

While diarrhea might throw a bit of a curveball at your Nature's Head Composting Toilet, it's no match for your resourcefulness. With a few adjustments and some thoughtful care, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of responsible waste management, even in the stickiest of situations. Remember, the Nature's Head Composting Toilet is all about versatility and adaptability, making it your perfect partner in the world of eco-friendly sanitation. The Nature's Head Toilet is truly an example of how composting works! Enjoy your life on an adventure!

More Questions about a Nature's Head Composting Toilet? 

Feel free to call Wild Oak Trail with any composting toilet questions you have at 1-855-WILDOAK (1-844-945-3625), chat in, or email us at customersupport@wildoaktrail.com and our friendly customer service agents will be happy to help! 

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