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Where to Use Your EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station

by Hunter Kissam March 03, 2022 4 min read

If you have the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station, then you have more options than you may realize. It’s the first solar generator to truly perform as well as its gas-powered counterparts without any of the same poisonous risks. You can use it in almost any setting foranyelectronic device! 

However, there are some activities that may need some extra help but, fortunately, there are bundle deals to help with that. Here’s where to use your EcoFlow Delta Pro and how to get the best results for each activity!


Whether you’re in an RV or roughing it in a dry tent spot, you’ll still needsomepower. Keeping your communication devices charged can save your life.

A standard EcoFlow Delta Pro battery can power a coffee maker for over a hundred brews and a car fridge for 57 hours, so you likely won’t need too much more than that.

Best Bundle: The 300W solar panel bundle is perfect for longer camping trips with a moderate amount of electronic devices. Even if you have an electric cooler, the battery capacity with the extra solar boost should be enough to keep it running as long as you need.

Road Trip

On a road trip, having extra power is important, and bringing your Delta Pro with you will prevent you from draining your car battery and fighting over who gets to use the car chargers.

No matter how much power you need on a road trip, one EcoFlow Delta Pro battery should be enough, as there are over 120,000 EV charging ports in the US, and that number is only growing.

This way, you can get a fast charge nearly anywhere you stop on your journey, and each charge will handle well over 300 smartphone charges.

Best bundle: The EcoFlow Delta Pro standard model.

Backyard Adventures

Whether you’re building a treehouse with your children or hanging out by a fire pit with some friends, some outdoor power will certainly help.

Rather than running various extension cords, wheeling your Delta Pro outside with you can help you power any electronics or lighting you need.

Best bundle: It depends on what you’re doing outside. To charge phones or to work on your laptop outside, the standard model is more than enough.

Conversely, if you’re using power tools for a project during the daytime, then you want maximum power. In which case, the1,600W panel bundle is best!

Home Away from Home

Do you have a cabin you like to visit with unreliable power? If not, we’re sure you want one someday!

Starting with one full charge, you’ll be able to charge your smartphone and laptop for weeks at a time. However, if you’re staying for a while and charging small appliances, you’ll need an extra boost.

Best bundle: 1,600W panel bundle is by far your best option for powering an off-grid cabin. Maximum power will allow you to operate with nearly the same output as your main home.

Home Backup

One full charge on a Delta Pro battery will power a 10W DC light for 337 hours (2 weeks) and still allow you to charge your phone every day.

However, when you need to backup a freezer full of meat or a large refrigerator, one charge will last around 24 hours. 

In most cases, that’s enough time for the power to come back on, but not during severe storms.

Best bundle: Once again, we’ll recommend the 1,600W bundle or the similar 1,200W, as both of them use 200W panels.

Believe it or not, EcoFlow’s 200W panels are some of the most efficient on the market. Even during a storm, these panels could still operate close to 100W each, which can dramatically increase your power during a blackout.

However, we will also recommend purchasing an additional Delta Pro Smart battery, as this will double your ability to backup your most important appliances.

Free Power

If you’re at home, you have solar panels, and you know that your EcoFlow Delta Pro battery will last for tens of thousands of life cycles, why not use it?

For charging your phone, laptop, and other smaller electronics, there’s no reason not to save on your utility bill.

This is especially true if you have any hobbies that require power tools, musical instruments, or more. You can get hours of free electricity in your garage or backyard without any interruptions or bills.

Best bundle:1200W solar panel bundle. You’ll want some decent solar input if you’re using power tools, but if you’re starting from a full charge, then 1200W should last you through any project!

Get the Most Out of Your System

Now that you know the best uses for the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station, and which bundles are right for which purposes, buy the one that fits your needs!

Stay up to date with our latest outdoor tips and check out our price guarantee if you’re considering shopping with us!

Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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