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Why Does My Nature's Generator Make Noise When Charging?

by Hunter Kissam December 01, 2022 2 min read

We all use technology on a daily basis, which is why a portable power station can come in handy. The state of California has already banned traditional generators, so a portable generator has to use clean energy in the form of solar panel input, wind energy, or AC charging.

Fortunately, the Nature's Generator power pod won't require a fuel tank, ventilation, or earplugs. Still, it can make a little noise, so let's talk about that!

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How Much Noise Does Nature's Generator Make?

Nature's Generator Elite plugged into circuit

Nature's Generator is much quieter than standard gas generators. You can't use a gas generator overnight if you have close neighbors, as the system is just too loud, and you can't use them indoors due to toxic fumes.

Fortunately, the Nature's Generator is not nearly as noisy. It only makes noise while charging, not while in operation. It's a neighbor-friendly unit that's whisper quiet. Still, some of us may not like the noise.

Why Does Nature's Generator Make Noise?

The system needs to remain cool whether you use solar power, wind power, or any other clean charge. Nature's Generator power pods are so affordable because they use a 100 ah sealed lead acid battery. This electrical energy can quickly overheat without proper care.

As a result, your unlimited clean energy supply needs to have a cooling system, including proper ventilation and a fan to cool the internal battery.

However, if you notice any loud noises, this is a reason for concern. Other than a very slight buzzing noise, you shouldn't hear anything from the system. If you do, you can remove the front panel on your Nature's power pod and see if you notice any issues. You can use our troubleshooting guide to learn more.

What Can I Do About It?

Nature's Generator with solar panel

If the noise bothers you, keep the system in another room or outside with the solar panels or your Nature's Generator wind turbine. Always keep your system stored at a moderate temperature, which will help preserve your battery and lower the noise from the fan.

However, if you hear noises other than the normal charging buzz, that may be a sign of malfunctioning. If it's a ticking sound, there's most likely an obstruction on the fan. If it's a loud buzzing or humming sound (while not plugged in), this could be an electrical malfunction. Unplug the system and allow it to fully discharge, and contact Nature's Generator right away.

Try a Nature's Generator Today

Whether you need a new generator in California or want to stay prepared on Hurricane Lane, Nature's Generator is one of the most affordable options. It offers a strong pure sine wave inverter and plenty of user-friendly features on the LCD display screen. In the right conditions, it won't even make any noise!

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and buy a Nature's Generator today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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