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What Is the X-Boost/X-Stream Technology in EcoFlow Generators?

by Hunter Kissam November 28, 2022 3 min read

If you've heard of the incredible features of EcoFlow generators, then you may have come across the terms "X-Boost" or "X-Stream" technologies. Whether you realize it or not, this is why you can use maximum power for power tools and home appliances, and why direct sunlight works better than comparable solar generators using wall outlets. Here's what you need to know about EcoFlow's X-Stream and X-Boost technology.

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Which EcoFlow Generators Use X-Boost and X-Stream Technology?

EcoFlow Generators

EcoFlow has coined the terms for X-Boost and X-Stream technology, which are two of the key elements that set EcoFlow generators apart. Along with their long-lasting lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) and other lithium-ion batteries, this technology allows these solar generators to offer enough power for home backup during power outages and to recharge your system as quickly as possible.

X-Boost vs X-Stream Tech

EcoFlow's X-Boost tech allows for high outputs similar to a traditional gas generator. This allows you to charge home appliances like refrigerators or cooking ranges. This is what makes the EcoFlow Delta Pro one of the best portable power stations on the market, as it offers up to 3600W of continuous output or 7200-W surge.

Even the smaller EcoFlow River series offers an unprecedented 1800W of output, which is unparalleled for solar generators of its size and capacity. The pure sine wave inverter and X-Boost tech allow for this output among the generator's various USB ports, AC outlets, and other ports.

Conversely, the X-Stream technology allows you to get the most out of your portable solar panel or solar array.

Does My EcoFlow Generator Use X-Boost Tech?

If the output is higher than 600W of continuous power, then chances are that your EcoFlow generator uses X-Boost tech. Sometimes, the wattage is significantly higher than the watt-hour battery capacity, like the River, which has a 288Wh capacity but a 1800W output capacity. This is due to the X-Boost, allowing you to charge a wide array of small appliances like a coffee maker or microwave!

Also, you can also monitor this charging and output in real time using the EcoFlow app.

Does My EcoFlow Generator Use X-Stream Tech?

EcoFlow generator with solar panel

Some EcoFlow Generators charge faster than just about any other solar generator on the market by Wh capacity. The way to tell if your EcoFlow Smart Generator uses X-Stream tech is to see how quickly it charges. EcoFlow products that can charge at around 500W per hour come with X-Stream tech.

For example, the new EcoFlow Delta 2 uses the X-Stream technology, and it can charge in 2 hours using only solar power. That's right, a 1024Wh battery can use 500W at a time just from solar input.

Comparing EcoFlow Generator Charge Time

Whether you use solar charging or a wall outlet, your EcoFlow power station will charge much faster with X-Stream tech and can power much more with X-Boost. This is why EcoFlow is launching a new line of products from their Delta and River series, as they now include this technology as well as the advanced battery management system.

For example, the EcoFlow Delta Max charges faster than the original Delta, even though it has a higher battery capacity. This is due to the X-Stream tech.

If you plan to use extra batteries with your system, make sure they both use the same technology so that they can charge just as quickly. This way, you can have your system ready for power failures, a day at work, or for a longer trip!

Get an EcoFlow Generator Today

Now that you know the secret to EcoFlow generators' success, choose the best portable power generator on the market and see for yourself! They have comparable output to gas-powered generators, and they charge faster than any of their kind, even when using renewable energy.

Keep reading our latest tips on your favorite products, and buy an EcoFlow generator or extra battery pack today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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