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Your Guide to EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Panels

by Hunter Kissam February 18, 2022 3 min read

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Of all the great accessories you can purchase for your Delta Pro system, solar panels are the best investment to reduce your carbon footprint and soak up free energy for as long as you want! Once you have them, you can lower your electric bill, take it on the road, or get some power while off-grid.

However, do you really need solar panels for your EcoFlow Delta Pro? Let’s find out.

How Do Delta Pro Panels Work?

Without getting too far into the science end of it, solar panels work by absorbing sunlight light and converting it into usable electricity. Of course, there are ways to optimize this process with certain materials, wires, and technology.

Fortunately, EcoFlow has figured that out. Not only are the Delta Pro batteries the best on the market, but their solar panels work well in nearly any weather condition.

For this reason, many users will use the Delta Pro as their primary power source while camping, road tripping, or living off-grid during the warmer months, and then using it as a home backup during the winter for their main living space.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Panel Performance

So, how well does the Delta Pro charge in the sun? Well, the panels you can buy with your system will either offer 200W or 400W input, and the system can take up to 1600W at a time.

Consequently, on an average day, a Delta Pro should charge to completion using only solar panels in 2.8 to 5.6 hours. If you’re using the system throughout the day while it’s charging, average energy use won’t drain your battery, offering consistent power throughout the day.

Many consumers have claimed their solar panels will work at 40% efficiency even on the cloudiest days of the season, which is unprecedented in the industry. That means that for those who are living off-grid, you can count on a consistent stream of electricity, regardless of the climate in your area.

If you have a spare battery or two, the stored electricity on its own will power your refrigerator for multiple days. With a solar energy offset, even during a storm, you can expect to power your products far longer.

How to Install

To install your new solar panels, all you need is a solar charging cable and your Delta Pro system. From there, you simply need to connect the two and place your panels in the most advantageous location. Believe it or not, most of the world’s solar panels are facing the wrong way.

Assuming you live in North America, you’ll likely have the instinct to face your panels south, as that’s where the sun will be. However, scientists suggest that facing themwest will generate around 2% more electricity.

Beyond that, just ensure their unobstructed access to sunlight, connect your system to any outside batteries, sit back, and enjoy!

Let There Be Light

Now that you know the benefits of using your Delta Pro system with solar panels, get started today! If you’re using any heating system, ensure that your shelter is properly insulated to get the most out of your available energy!

Much like your new solar panels, take some time to absorb this information and continue reading about all of the great features of the EcoFlow Delta Pro!

Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

1 Response

Bob Deason
Bob Deason

October 16, 2023

Hi Guys,

I need to connect 2 solar panels to my 1 Ecoflow Delta Pro. What cable connector(2) do I need. Right now I have one solar panel connected but I need more power.

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